[BSD-RP] Human World: Naruki City


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The Vasto assumes that the Fullbringer lacks the strength to swipe him away. This is incorrect. Due to his Clad Armor, the second of his Dual-Fullbring, Watchman’s strength, indeed all of his physical attributes, are exponentially boosted. Shizuka had trained against the his former Captain in order to develop his strength, strength which is now boosted by the mask he dons. What if Justin had done the same? What if he had dedicated every moment of his existence towards developing his physical might? What if he had trained for every instance of his life and afterlife, to increase his Spiritual Power? Due to his fullbring, he would not have to. As his Clad Type bestows upon him the pinnacle of his achievement in every timeline, selecting for him the strength and power of his ultimate peak.

Additionally, the Vasto Lorde believes that due to his lightning-like speed, he is capable of moving faster than Watchman can comprehend, while he himself can comprehend the Hero's instantaneous movements. This too, is incorrect. Due to the instant transportation of his Armament Spear, the second of his Fullbring Abilities, Watchman is capable of slowing down his perception of time. This means that when he teleports, he observes the scene around him in nearly halted time. Though he cannot physically move at a speed that keeps up with this frozen time, he is able to perceive all that occurs upon his arrival. The vasto on the other hand, was not expecting the arrival of the hero, nor did he possess any knowledge of the hero's abilities. This means that the creature would not have time to both observe the arrival of his opponent and also react to grab his spear before the transportation. Instead, from the vasto’s perspective, he was moving to kick at a shinigami, and instead appeared in the skies. It is here that his reaction would allow him to try and wrap around the Hero. In turn, the Hero would watch in slow motion as the vasto curled his tail around the spear and arm of his armor, permitting the action to happen.

Having placed his vice grip around the Hero, the Vasto Lorde overestimates his own ability. He believes that the boost in power of his mask was superior to the Fullbring of the Hero, which he assumes is undeveloped and weak. It assumes that what he faces is a meager human, who cannot hope to match the spiritual power of this truly underdeveloped hollow. While Justin’s fullbring is indeed new, and not entirely under his control, it is by no means incomplete. That is the very nature of the armor which he dons. Shizuka trained to harness his spiritual power, but did he dedicate every moment of his life towards this pursuit? What if Justin had? What if he, as a soul, spent a hundred years doing nothing but training to increase his level of power? What if he did so for a thousand years? The hollowfied boost of Shizukas mask was indeed great, but what if Justin, in his death, would one day evolve to wield the same? What if he were to go beyond this fledgling Vasto form that Shizuka possesses, and actually obtain control of his power? That power, that boost, is what Watchman’s armor draws upon now. That is why, if Shizuka had not succumbed to the base instincts of his beastial form, and still maintained his sensory, he would see that the Reiatsu emitting from Justin is not that of a simple human.



Shizuka Hyouzoku, no matter how much power he had obtained due to his raw and underdeveloped hollowification. At the end of the day he was still just…. A Hollow. His level of power would never hope to reach something as dominant as the pinnacle form of the Hero. Who was in his own right, by every definition of the term, a complete body of work.

All happening in an instant, beyond the lightning reflexes of the beast, Justin Taimu watches from within the safety of his fullbring, as the Creature harmlessly claws and constricts against the unwavering ivory of his Clad Armor. Ignorant to the swift flow of reiryoku escaping the Vasto’s body, one of the flows releasing from near his mouth. A teal colored Cero would appear, its size in its orb shaped form dwarfing the entire torso of the fullbringer. There wouldn’t even be a slight hesitation for mercy, forgiveness, or lamentation. The Vasto only wanted to annihilate everything in its path.

When he releases the orb of teal which colors the sky, the Vasto would be unable to see its upward trajectory. From the ground, those observing, if they could even see from such a distance, would witness a Cero fired harmlessly upwards and away from the city. The vasto however, would have his entire vision rendered teal. The armor he feels gripped between his tail and the helmet he feels his claw squeezing, would be nowhere. Instead, the Vasto Lorde would find himself in the exact same position, only rather than being wrapped around the fullbringer, he is wrapped around his very own Cero.

Caught within the dead center of his blast, he would be forced to take its entirety at point blank range. Literally wrapped around the explosive projectile, he would not be able to release it, or escape, the transition happening instantaneously. This means that one moment he is firing the cero at Justin, the next he is wrapped around the Cero just as it detonates. Even at his Beyond-lightning speed, he had intended this blast to consume an opponent faster than him, meaning that even if he had the inclination to run, he would not out-pace it. Further, he would not be able to observe the threat in the first place to determine that he should run, lacking not only the intelligence, but the visual cue to flee. His entire vision was consumed by teal light, and remained that way. His instant transportation would be discombobulating, unable to predict where he was, he would be forced to try and observe his new surroundings instead. At this moment, the Cero would already be mid-detonation. A cero, which he fired with the intended power to utterly obliterate the Fullbringer, a power which would easily do the same to the premature Vasto Lorde.

How had this occurred? The very same way they had ended up in this situation. The vasto had wrapped himself around Watchman and the Armament Spear, subjecting himself to the power of the Fullbring. Watchman had permitted the Vasto Lorde to wrap around himself for this very reason. While the Vasto was building up the Cero, though the Watchman could not observe the flow of Reiatsu, he does not need to consciously control his spear's ability. The power of the spear is fully developed, it is the control over it that is a handicap to this new fullbringer. Fortunately, the spear will act to place Justin Taimu in exactly the place in space that he needs to be, at exactly the right time. As such, while the Vasto was focused on blasting the Fullbringer, the armament spear simply inverted their positions, causing the Vasto to fire upwards rather than down, without providing any tells towards the new trajectory.

Following this, once the Cero was fired, The spear would teleport the two of them to the center, then teleport Watchman away, leaving the Vasto Lorde in his same position, only pinned around the Cero rather than Watchman. Indeed, the Vasto’s strength was great, but Watchman’s was perfect. Correct, the Vasto’s speed was fast, beyond lightning, but was it beyond time? Watchman’s was.

Three teleportations, happening with literally no time between them. Literally no time to react, literally no time to observe. Even to Watchman, who can slow time to a near-halt, there would be no gaps for which he could note the movements of his own spear. Instead, the Hero was forced to observe the outcome at the same time as the Vasto Lorde. Watching from a new position in the skies as the Hollow is engulfed in his own cero.

The hero does not even squint at the blinding light, which falls upon the lenses of his Clad Armor harmlessly. Instead, he observes clearly as the Hollow is consumed by his own power. Yet, Watchman does not seem to relax, nor remove his eyes from the creature, anticipating that somehow the Hollow would be able to endure for itself a blast that it thought could disintegrate the Hero. Clutching his ebony spear in his ivory hand, the Watchman stands above Naruki City as its defender, protecting it from the invasive force of this Monster, for all to see. A fullbringer, who was meant to be eradicated, facing against a Shinigami that was meant to protect this city. How the tables have turned, that a protector is rendered opposition, while an opposition is rendered the sole protector.



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This beast of pure destruction, mayhem-incarnate, and desolation in it’s primal form. Never reacted based on knowledge…. No. Being a entity that was created merely moments ago, knowledge was not a luxury the beast had in his arsenal. Instead it was nothing but the primal instinct of a Hollow, and the unparalleled battle instinct of the Shinigami that he had under his shell. Using this Shinigami’s body as nothing but the engine running the operation, fully unhindered by emotional and mental restraints. The Vasto didn’t need knowledge of the Watchman’s existence upon his kick, in that mere millisecond of him making contact with the Hero himself. The instinct was turned on, there was something else to kill, a wall he needed to break, a being he needed to destroy. A change of scenery would be nothing to elaborate or deliberate on for the Vasto Lordes. All he wanted to do was kill the strongest available, and the Watchman stepping up to the plate couldn’t have been more perfect.​
The Hollow felt the Watchman’s immense strength from the way he slightly resisted the constriction of his tail, which of course didn’t deter his tail from coiling around the arm and spear of the Watchman. As he latched onto the Hero even further, he charged up a Cero easily dwarfing human by a long shot. Firing it instantly not allowing for the Watchman to react to it at all…. Or so he thought. In that same instance the destructive Cero he fired point-blank at the Watchman, was redirected upwards even further into the atmosphere. All happening within literal milliseconds, not giving time to analyze anything, the scenery was changed once again. The Vasto now lifted higher into the sky, was once again subject to the mysterious abilities of the Fullbringer. The Vasto instinctively felt the Hero’s clad armor disappear from his tail’s clutch, nothing but a void in between the shell of his tail. Normally this would be a cause for concern for a traditional combatant. Instantly being displaced to a different location, your foe slipping through your clean grip clearly, and you being spawned within the center of an attack you fired merely moments ago. These chain of events would disorient an array of skilled fighters. Sadly, what the Watchman still failed to understand was, he wasn’t fighting a normal Vasto Lordes. His reiatsu may be similar to or maybe greater than a normal Vasto Lordes. But what makes this situation different, along with the other Vizards in the Soul Society. These Vasto Lordes are not extremely strong Hollows. These are Hollows with the powers and partial reiatsu of a Shinigami. A different realm, than the natural-born evolving Vasto Lordes who can become Arrancar. If it weren’t for the God-King shattering it’s Zanpakuto, the Watchman would be lucky if this fight went on any longer than it has already gone. Paltry strategies and techniques would pale in comparison to the fiend he was facing now. The Hero Justin Taimu would watch from afar, as his prey was subjected to the massive cero from it’s own creation. With no way to dodge this oncoming blast he was displaced in, the Vasto simply faced towards the Cero. His reiryoku still flowing throughout his body, it would only take a millisecond to adjust his power to defend himself. Simply throwing his hand outwards in the epicenter of the blast​
Justin was ignorant to the flow of reiryoku that welled through the Vasto’s body. All it would take was a simple molding of it’s defensive capabilities, combined with the new found Hierro of the this Vasto, in order to not only complete negate this Cero, but toss it further into the sky like it was child’s play. Did the Watchman think that an attack of that caliber was dangerous to the Vasto? Did he think that the Vasto only held so much power as the basic Cero he produced. Granted this Cero was much larger in size and power, it could’ve gave off the impression that this was the pinnacle of the Vasto’s strength. Which only proved that the uncontrolled Fullbring of the Watchman, deemed that attack to be dangerous to it’s future.​
As time itself has been moving at a slowed down pace for the Fullbringer, all of this has been fast-paced action to the Vasto Lordes. Only being granted literal seconds of reprieve while the Watchman was given ample times to absorb information, didn’t disturb of bother the Hollow. More so because the beast was built to adapt in any situation, all to further it’s goal to completely destroy anything in sight. As the hero Justin Taimu watched the Vasto completely shrug off the Cero. He wouldn’t be given even a millisecond to blink, as the show had moved on. In the Hero’s peripheral he would see the blurred out vision of the white-scaled creature directly under his view. Crouched and lined up with to his abdomen already in a punching motion, as if his fist had already been launched. The deafening bass of the creature’s Sonido coming in late to his own appearance. Justin didn’t have to see this phenomenon, but only feel. The black lightning that once scraped off his armor ever so gently, would be raging violently spiralling around the fist of the Vasto. More focused, more condensed, it’s immense pressure would cause his body to spiral this black lightning wildly from all over. As soon as this fist made contact with the Fullbringer, Justin would feel the sheer raw strength of the Vasto dent the nigh-impenetrable clad armor of the Watchman. The strength he displayed before only being a fragment of what the beast was capable, and he would exhibit this multiple times over. Strikes coming in from different spots and accurately pinpointed to points in Hero’s body. He unleashed a deadly volley of punches towards the clad fullbringer, each strike capable of denting his solid armor, both of his fist glowing and brimming with power. The Fullbring of Justin Taimu would be reduced to a steaming pile of trash, dented and mutilated beyond belief. Just the punches themselves would be enough to garner this effect, Justin Taimu’s body would be bleeding profusely, crunched up and squished within the confines of his own armor. All the way to the point where the Hero would find himself delirious, almost as if the Vasto had punched holes into every part of his body. Something he could think about as he made his deadly descent back onto the Naruki unconscious.​

The situation was still grim within the Inner World of Shizuka Hyouzoku. From an outsider’s view, the only thing visible would be powerful thunderstorm cloud, large enough to encapsulate the entire inner world. Funneling streaks of lightning around it’s base, each streak alternating from radiant blue to obsidian black. The sound of thunder shaking the entire realm to it’s core, each strike deafening to the ear itself. Inside the storm, you could see the three combatants that resided in there. Shizuka, Hirameku-Hitouchi, and the inner hollow of Shizuka. In a two vs one deadlock, the duo of the shinigami amd zanpakuto struggling to keep up.​


The Inner Hollow immediately follows up this taunt, using “his” natural speed to blitz Shizuka. The Lieutenant still rattled from earlier was almost subjected to another assault from Hollow. Until he was protected by his Zanpakuto Spirit, crunching down on the fist of the Inner Hollow mid punch.​
“Oh?…… You’d protect this weakl-“

The Hollow would be met with a dynamic punch straight to his face from Shizuka. The reiatsu from the vice-captain flaring dramatically as his fist made contact. Sending the devil straight into the raging oceans. Shizuka would let out a small sigh of relief, being constantly taunted, the ridicule became more and more frustrating. Before being quickly humbled.​

“I ate that shit”

Shizuka’s shoulder would be met with the leg of the doppelgänger, Shizuka could only brace for impact to not to be sent miles away once again.​

“Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted! You’re protecting this dude? After you lied to him for all these years”
Hirameku-Hitouchi roared viciously, growling at the intruder with fierce anger. His face scowling with as he stared directly in the hollow’s eyes.​

“You know absolutely nothing!”
“Oh but I know everything!! About both of you!”

The fighting stopped momentarily, now Inner Hollow’s intent were not to destroy them physically. He had proved it was too easy to accomplish that.​

“I know the true extent of your power Hirameku-Hitouchi, I know everything you bring and even what’s beyond that.”

He took a small pause to switch his attention to his lacking host.​

“Shizuka, so have you ever wondered why in Bankai you grow up a bit? Hair get a lil L A W N G. Muscles start to protrude a lil? You also get a little taller if you ain’t noticed! Have you ever wondered why you have a whole Thunder Stance but one technique for it after so long? Why does Saishu no Toppa’s drawback exist if he’s “helping you” maintain your Bankai. Really why does the technique exist at all! Your Bankai is supposed to be pinnacle of power, yet it’s true power is locked behind you giving your life away? Hmmmmmmm…. Sounds awfully suspicious.”

Shizuka clouded his mind and his thoughts to this notion that his own Zanpakuto could be withholding and lying about certain information. He knew this was the Hollow’s goal, demoralization. Destroy the confidence to allow access into his soul. Still though to Shizuka it begged the question, if he knew everything about Shizuka’s life…. why wouldn’t he know about his Zanpakuto's as well? The two were intertwined, and he took control over the inner realm with relative ease. This could only mean…..​
“Hirameku-Hitouchi….. what the hell?”



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Indeed, Watchman failed to understand that he wasn’t fighting a normal Vasto Lorde. Because he doesn’t know what a Vasto Lorde is. Nor a cero, nor Reiatsu. While the beast struggles to find its bearings against the Fullbringer, desperately wishing to establish a hierarchy of strength, the Fullbringer in turn tries to process what exactly is going on. The strength of the creature, the power of its lightning, the weight of its reiatsu, the destructive force of the Cero, none of this felt by Justin Taimu. Therefore, the Hero is unable to tell the difference between this special case shinigami-hollow, and the regular little creatures he’s been killing all night.

Incapable of perceiving his surroundings, given the instantaneous speed of his transportation, the Vasto Lorde finds his lightning-fast reflexes failing him. It scoffs while encapsulated in the entirety of his own cero, one which it believed held enough power to completely disintegrate the Hero. As though insulted, it wonders why the Fullbringer would think such a thing could in turn damage the Vasto. Simultaneously, it believes that the Hero avoided the Cero, thus admitting that its power was a threat. Once more the hierarchy of power it perceives fails the Vasto Lorde, who by this point should not trust his perception at all.

Just as the Vasto Lorde was able to survive the point-blank brunt of the cero unscathed, so too was the Hero. Outpacing the black-lightning clad beast, its no surprise that the Vasto Lorde was unable to see that the Hero had teleported them both into the center of the cero, before teleporting himself out. Yet upon re-arrival, the Hero was as unphased as the Monster. So why had the Armament Spear teleported the Vasto Lorde into its own attack, if it knew the attack would be useless?

Simple: to piss it off.

Distracted by the affront to the savage creature’s ego, the Vasto Lorde cared not for its change in position. It didn’t matter to the hollow that his cero was now moving upwards, because it was so mad that it had been teleported into the Cero in the first place. In its anger, swiping the blast away, it had even aided the Hero in redirecting the blast harmlessly upwards. Though the opponent was left unharmed, so too was the city, and so, the spear performed its function well.

Yet with the Creature’s anger came its full attention. Mindless like a beast, it failed to learn its lesson from before, and once again tried to outpace the Hero. Appearing at the Hero’s side, his fist seemingly already delivering a blow, the Vasto would feel his strike land true. The obsidian energy of his lightning seemingly passes over the insulated suit, struggling to find anything to connect to, burn, or spread through. Additionally the raw destructive power of the lightning, brought on not through an ability, but rather as a manifestation of the creature’s reiatsu, possesses even less destructive power than the Cero, a concentration of power, they had both shrugged off prior.

A splattering of blood erupts between the Vasto Lorde and his target, as his initial punch completes its movement. Following this, a flurry of blows blurs into existence, each strike feeling the resistance of connection as the hollow pounds like a jackhammer towards key points of the Hero’s side. The mindless savage is free to release all of its rage, striking away relentlessly with no interruption or impending action. It moves with such furious speed that the distinction between fists becomes unclear, simply a wall of white meeting a wall of red. The Creature cannot be satisfied, having thrown such numerous attacks that after each one lands, it should blow a hole into every part of the hero’s body. With each punch thrown, crimson ichor erupts from the targeted area, until soon the two become separated by a wall of blood.

No longer suspended by the onslaught, the curtain of blood finally falls to the ground, revealing that the fullbringer has disappeared, along with the Vasto Lorde’s arms. Yes, where once pillars of white moved at blinding speeds, encased in black lightning, now only bleeding nubs remain. How could this have been, if he had felt each punch connect? It took no effort from the Fullbringer to counterattack, nor did he even need to perceive the hollow or his arrival. Instead, the moment that the Vasto Lorde’s punch reaches the pinnacle of its velocity and full extension of its length, it would meet not with the Hero’s Clad Armor, but the tip of his Armament Spear. With each each punch thrown in this blinding flurry of blows, the Armament Spear simply teleported the minor distance required to adjust its position. This ensured that at peak of the strike, where the full force propels the fist forward, the Vasto’s hand would hit the concentrated tip of the spear. The strength of the punch would be useless to try and destroy the spear, as it would be positioned so the entirety of Vasto's strength becomes concentrated on a single puncturing point. Ultimately this means that each strike he felt connected, and the physical resistance he felt from Watchman, was in truth his fist propelling itself straight down the spear like a deli-slicer, a cut so precise that the Vasto could not physically feel the pain in this span of time.

Try Again

His own actions had once again been used against him. Moving at the speed he intended, the Vasto Lorde prevented himself from possibly healing until this moment, given that is something that he is even capable of doing. However, having to process the loss of his arms, if he should notice their absence, he will have lost his opportunity in time to process his surroundings, let alone locate the presence of his opponent. As such, a black arc forms within the center of the creature’s vision, forming a circle which starts at the front of his head and ends at the back. Directly above him, cape twirling in the air, Watchman follows this trajectory, performing an over-the-head somersault kick directly to the creature’s masked skull. The force of the white-clad heel against the ivory-clad skull would crack the top of Vasto-lorde's head, and deliver enough power to send him hurtling through the sky like a comet.

Deprived of arms which at this point may begin healing, the Vasto has no way to counter the incoming strike, his tail’s length not extending enough to defend the top of his head. Dodging would equally be as useless, as even the sound-breaking lightning-surpassing speed of the hollow was inferior to the instantaneous transportation of the hero. This means that the creature would be left to take the brunt of the blow. Unlike Watchman, whose spear could transport waves of force to different locations, the Vasto Lorde would not be able to take this kick without budging. No, even if its body were capable of such a feat, in this state it lacked the mental fortitude to control reiryoku, at least to the degree that it could reinforce the reishi plates beneath him. As such, the Hollow is sent flying, its reishi platform shattering beneath it, its body igniting in flame as it breaches the human world’s atmosphere.

What the Vasto Lorde failed to understand was that he was not fighting a normal fullbringer. Acknowledged by the leader of the Fullbringers, as well as the God King who just defeated Shizuka, Justin Taimu’s fullbring was a dangerous tool. It seemed to be specifically designed to fight the caliber of opponent that Shizuka has become. To be teleported through space to the exact instance he needs to be, in exactly the right time. To be suspended through time at the pinnacle of his power both spiritual and physical, never to deviate from this state. What the dual-type power of Justin’s Armament Spear and Clad Armor provided, was the inability to be defeated by speed or strength. In turn, through the power Shizuka has obtained, the soul instincts he has are to try and out-speed the hero, or to try and out-strength him. No, speed and strength were not enough, to defeat Watchman his opponent would have to be clever.

Fortunately, Shizuka is not.








A minutes long journey is cut short to fractions of a second thanks to the blinding speed of the giantess of a woman as she flash steps through the dimensional passageway, leaving her subordinates in the dust. She trusts them to rendezvous with those currently in the world of the living and assist them with all their tasks, freeing her of any worrisome delegation. With the third seat medic cluing to her back, pointing the way like a general to his army, his inspirational words reinvigorate Sango's resolve, ensuring she will not have to worry about her partner's safety, nor her own. How true this will come to be is yet to be determined, as the blinding light of their resurgence wanes and reveals the desolate wasteland being pelted by the heavy rainfall, illuminated only by the stray rays of moonlight and flashes of lightning emanating from the clouds and the monstrous reiatsu signature in the sky, wantonly releasing blasts of energy.


Coming to a screeching halt, Sango finally releases her unlucky victim as she looks up to the sky, watching the exchange between the hollow and another being clad in white armor and a red cape. Normally, something like this would be imperceptible to a lower seated shinigami, but her abilities to discern high speed travel are uncanny, thanks to the rigorous beatings from her own zanpakuto spirit, forcing her to hone her capabilities to perceive such high level movements. She witnesses these clashes between the white knight and the lion vasto, squinting as bright nearly blinding lights illuminate the ruins of the city, minus the single towering building clad in shadows. The peculiarity of this catches her attention briefly, but the obliteration of Naruki, the countless souls undergoing Konso, the midair fight demand immediate attention, and they would eventually return to investigate the strangeness of the tower and its' ability to survive everything no other part of the city was able to.

"Unbelievable... Unforgivable!"

She and Kaisou are immediately approached by a shinigami of the LTF, rapidly updating them on the situation at hand and the severity of it, how those lower seats and unseated members unable to assist in battle are helping the souls pass on to the Soul Society through the konso ritual, while others are erecting a barrier to protect what little remains of the city, and everything that lay beyond. How several high level seats were not only incapacitated and crippled, but how one amongst the lieutenants was robbed of his life. The finer details escape the knuckleheaded woman as she becomes further enraged by the words she hears. Her eyes dart around, in search of someone, someone who had arrived much earlier than she and Kaisou, unable to spot him in the sky, the unruly woman stills herself and begins to sense throughout the city, thinking perhaps he was far off in the distance, maybe on the other side of the destroyed city.


In her mind, she can see the the endless spirit ribbons of the souls scattered about, how they dwindle one by one as they are guided to the afterlife, the ribbons of the shinigami moving throughout purifying the souls, and those about her, but she focuses further, realizing that the knight in white is at its core.. a human. The search for her partner, and her lieutenant, who had effectively been missing from any sort of report does not cease. As it dawned upon Tosu, it so dawns on her as well, that within the monster a flicker— a spark of a familiar spiritual energy burrowed deep within the uncontrollable energy spewed by this vasto lordes, hidden far beneath the surface.

"F-Fukutaichō-sama!— Tōsu, this is not the time to hide from me!"

The ninth seat tightly clutches the hilt of her unsheathed spear, as though she is bracing herself, mentally preparing herself for the ordeal she and her comrades are about to face. Was this the same ordeal that the Kiyoshi in their midst had faced? The same one the fallen co-lieutenant and the Takahiro of 11th had faced? As she stands, she becomes drenched in the rain that showers the entirety of the city, turning the already depressing visage of the destroyed city, to a heart-wrenching scene as the remaining strongest of 10th gather to face against the monstrosity of a hollow-turned-lieutenant. Luckily for the lower seated shinigami, gentei rein was not an issue for her when passing through the dangai, as it is a seal normally placed upon those of captain class to prevent catastrophic damage such as what they currently stand on.

Between the already destroyed city and the barriers erected to prevent further damage, Sango has no worries on destruction of the city. Now she must fight for her friends, her comrades, the thousands of innocent lives slaughtered without a care, and even the very fullbringers she has never met. She is not one to discriminate on who to save and who to damn, in her eyes, everyone is worth saving, and Shizuka is no exception.

"Bounce, Kinyubiwa!"

A golden ball slams on the ground, launching Sango into the air, far away from the field medic and the entrance to the Dangai.​



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The doors of the Senkaimon close behind the duo, causing the cascading light that beamed from the seemingly infinite Dangai to momentarily shine like a beacon in Naruki City before hiding behind the shutters of the sliding doors. What was probably once a beautiful day has shifted to a dark and murky night, moonlight hardly peering through the thickened clouds of gray and black. The crackling of thunder is only further amplified by the flashes of localized lightning beaming about the ravaged city block. Kaisou almost immediately attributes this to the dense rainfall that had assisted in putting out small fires here and there from an overturned vehicle, or an exposed gas line. The weather seemed to coincide with what he was seeing and hearing, but he soon discovered that there was more than meets the eye.

Upon their immediate arrival, what could be seen at least on a local level was pure devastation. The city block, and perhaps even more beyond what he could see were ravaged by the apparent battles that had taken place, the battles that left a Lieutenant dead and multiple seated officers injured. An LTF member is seemingly already prepared for their arrival the moment both Kaisou and Sango step foot. Kaisou is released from his straddling position on the woman’s shoulders and now stands at the massive woman’s side with his zanpakuto unveiled from within his Obi sash but still resting hidden within its scabbard. He grips the weapon tightly, one of his loose bangs being flipped from in front of his visage.

"Unbelievable... Unforgivable!"

Kaisou was of course, emotionally invested in their endeavor to some degree as well, but as Sango’s designated stomping grounds, seeing Naruki City in such a state whilst her division members struggled to maintain control and Tosu himself was nowhere to be found as of yet—it was clear that this had become increasingly more personal for the stallion. To Kaisou, it was Sango’s own anger that fueled him more than the purpose of the mission itself. He had no interest in seeing those he actively chose to care about succumb to even the slightest bit of despair.



The LTF member speaks, addressing the two accordingly before going into detail about the situation at hand. While he used their proper titles, he didn’t seem to care about ranks or anything specific. This man, clad in scars, regardless of what his status or rank had been, was clearly respected, and indiscriminately viewed everyone present as a valuable asset to contain this situation and accomplish their apparent goal.

“The destruction has been kept to a minimum, although it doesn’t look that way. We have sent squadrons here, here, and here to develop a perimeter.”

He holds a map-like object in his hand, pointing to specific affected areas of the couple-block perimeter.

“We’ve initiated the safe passage of several souls and are continuing to identify those that need to pass on. Most of us would just get in the way if we decided to head into the thick of things. Tōsu has went on ahead and Lieutenant Hyouzoku, well..—”

It is at this stage of the report that Kaisou’s attention somewhat drifts back toward the sky, the distinction he initially made that assumed Naruki City was simply overtaken by a storm had been false. The Lover-Boy, flamboyant and vibrant in all he does is not exempt from this same rule when it comes to his own perception. His ability to distinguish and discern between separate signatures is present only in a spew of colors. High, above the clouds, hidden behind the veil of Cumulonimbus’ and the night sky, Two entities clashed at speeds unbound. While most he identified took shape in a singular color, the two clashing in the sky coalesced into a kaleidoscope of pigments. The energy of a hollow, of a spiritually aware human, of a shinigami, all of which had spiraled together to create the storm they brewed above the city. Just what had happened to the 10th Division Lieutenant? He was obviously alive, but could it even be called that? Even at this distance while they could easily perceive his existence and exact location, his vitals were a mystery, his physical appearance a blur in the distant sky.

"F-Fukutaichō-sama!— Tōsu, this is not the time to hide from me!"

Sango seemed to notice it too, as it became painstakingly clear that the Lieutenant they had known was now consumed by a hollow, and had been one of if not the sole existing dangers to Naruki City. What they had come to save, and to aid, they would have to subdue and control.

"Bounce, Kinyubiwa!"


“Scrub, En-Yo Souji!”

Just as Sango unveils her shikai, Kaisou does not hesitate to release his. A pale blue aura envelops his person, causing him to stand out in the dark rain. His blade is drawn just as his words are spoken and placed in front of his person. Its blade begins to shift, growing in length and developing a curvature unique to a cutlass or scimitar. The base of its Kashira warps and forms a circular void that seems to become consumed by a liquid-like iridescence. The Tsuba vanishes as a whole, as the cleaver-like weapon is slung over the 3rd Seated Officer’s shoulders. Bubble-like orbs of an assortment of sizes begin to surround the area as a whole. As they float, unperturbed by the torrential downpour, light from the flashing lightning refracts upon them, creating a dazzling and magnanimous display. The many LTF shinigami scattered about will begin to look up in awe as they stretch throughout the battlefield. As they float, some begin to warp in shape; creatures—akin to jellyfish—begin to form and flutter about. Wherever a shinigami stands, a bubble will soon be echoing in an azure light somewhere close, a sign that help is here.


As Sango bounces off, Kaisou follows in tandem, effortlessly forming reishi plates beneath his feet to traverse the sky as she had done with her Zanpakuto. As they travel, he simply hones his focus, attempting to do what Sango had perhaps been too flustered to do, which was to locate exactly where Tōsu had been in all this mess. With a jellyfish of his own fluttering not too far from his shoulder as they press on, he begins to once more discern between the vibrant colors around him, until a singular, bright green entity stands out about the rest.

“Sango, here!”

Kaisou gestures, steering off their designated path to a singular spot in the center of the devastation. Beneath the clouds where the titans were seemingly clashing above, lay Tōsu, amidst a ruined city street. The two of them began to approach from behind him, their presences not remotely concealed. He’d see them coming, as the most battle-savy of the trio, perhaps he’d have a plan and more details on what exactly had transpired.