[BSD-RP] Human World: Naruki City





Arriving from Central Seireitei.

Naruki. A town that was completely turned on its head within a single moment. Chaos floods the streets and Reiatsu fills the air. Hiroka’s exit from the Senkaimon gave him an immediate taste of the dismay that weighed heavy over the city. His gaze narrowed in the direction of the most prominent source. A being that was locked in battle with but one soul clothed in Shinigami attire. If this was Lieutenant Hyouzoku that his comrades were sent to meet, then he was truly the last to be standing. There was a faint spark that allowed him to know where Shoumetsu was but nothing but an echo existed of his Lieutenant. Had he been dispatched by the Hollow threat? If so, where did his body go?

Hiroka could not hang on any observations given the state that his Third Seat was in. For now, he simply had to get the teammate he could save out of the battle zone. If he joined the confrontation at this moment, it would be unlikely that Shoumetsu would make it out alive. He choked back any desire to provide aid in the battle and rushed for his fallen teammate. Upon arrival he immediately noted the severity of his friend’s wounds. Rather than having a look of concern or sorrow at the state he was in, his expression became something akin to irritation.


"You idiot…"

What Hiroka felt was not pity but instead a sense of agitated sympathy. Shoumetsu had clearly took on more than he could chew in this battle, which left him in shambles. This condition was something he himself was familiar with from a hundred years prior.


"Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Just try not to die."

And with that added remark, he scooped up the fragmented pieces of the Third Seat’s Zanpakuto and bound their open wounds with the remaining strands of his Reiryoku soaked bindings. He then took hold of the newly forged container of the broken spirit weapon and lifted the other male onto his shoulder. It was then that another surge of power ruptured the skies above and brought with it a flash of blue light. The ground beneath the pair shook violently from the blast, wreaking further havoc upon the surrounding buildings. Where they may have been outside the blast radius, such pressure spared no mercy on the structures even where they stood.

Hiroka noticed that the source of that power was similar to the Shinigami he had felt upon arrival, but it had become twisted even more akin to that of a Hollow’s. This was evident of a more potent stage of hollowfication. So now there was not only chaos occurring around the city and a high-level Arrancar at the epicenter but also a rampaging Vasto Lorde? This situation was becoming more and more apocalyptic by nature. At this rate, Naruki would be reduced to nothing more than a memory.

The Burst Prince swore beneath his breath, looking to the body that rested on his shoulder. He could only think of but one thing.

"Not yet."

He thought to himself before turning his attention to the open street behind him. Raising his Zanpakuto towards the open air, he twisted the blade like it was a key rotating a lock. The action sparked the formation of a Senkaimon gateway spawning in and opening promptly after its complete formation.


As the ingress opened entirely, he gave one last look towards the direction of the primary conflict prior to passing through the threshold. Hiroka fished out his Denreishinki from the confines of his damaged attire and prepared a set of messages he wished to send on his return to the Seireitei.

The first was aimed towards the Fourth Division:

"This is Fourth Seat Hiroka Ikari of Eleventh Division. I require immediate medical assistance near the Central Senkaimon. I have with me Third Seat Shoumetsu Takahiro who is in critical condition after a confrontation with an Arrancar in Naruki. I have bound his wounds to reduce the bleeding but I’m incapable of administering any further aid myself."

The second was for his Lieutenant, Nibui Ueki:

"Lieutenant Ueki. I have just retrieved Third Seat Takahiro from Naruki. He is in critical condition. I have reached out to Fourth to administer healing as soon as possible. I could not locate Lieutenant Ueku. I only found traces of his spiritual energy when recovering Shoumetsu but he was nowhere to be seen. I’m unsure if he has returned to the Soul Society or not. I’m going to wait for medics to arrive and then head back to the barracks. Shiro Kashitoji reported to me the situation in the World of the Living and I intend to see if there’s anything else he knows prior to my arrival."

Then there was the last. This was for the aforementioned Shiro Kashitoji:

"Shiro Kashitoji. Disregard the order to inform Captain Hageshi. I’d like to speak to you more on the situation in Naruki. Please meet me at the barracks as soon as you can."

He maintained his grasp on Shoumetsu as he stepped into the courtyard of Central’s gateway. Unsure if continuing to move him in this condition would amount to the worsening of his injuries. At the very least, the most important response he could receive from those three independent messages was from the Fourth. Considering the severity of the conflict in Naruki, it was likely they were already attending to injuries from Shinigami that patrolled the zone, as well as those from the Games. It was in this moment that he wished he had taken more of an interest in Kidō, to maybe be able to aid in at the very least stabilizing his peer. Time would tell if the Third Seat could hold on long enough to receive the aid that he needed.

Naruki ———————————— traveling to ———————————— Central Senkaimon




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The Last Exchange

Time that is spent in a battle is precious, not even a second can be wasted. The luxury of time, during combat, is only afforded to the strong. Shizuka has gone through a series of peaks and valleys, the despair of defeat looming over him even after he activated Bankai, the peak of Hollowfying and now the low of becoming a Vasto. Any interest Max had in the warrior has now been lost. The power gifted to him was wasted, he could not handle it and now has become something Max has already seen plenty of. There is nothing new to learn here, nothing new to experience, all Max learned is that he can turn a Shinigami into a Hollow. The beast standing before him is not what he wanted to fight, he sought combat against a true hybrid, not one of his own kind.

He charges the Cero’s and for Shizuka it may feel like a fraction of a second but for Max it feels like an eternity, during this eternity the sky begins to literally crack. Staring past the glowing blue orbs and right into the Hollow eyes of the Vasto and maybe the Vasto can see it, the overwhelming disappointment in his eyes. The moment the God-King lets out a sigh the Cero’s are fired. He is engulfed in the beams of destruction in an instant. However, the devastating blast that would claim Max and his new comrades would trigger in not one but two separate locations far off in the distance. With the attack being split the devastation was not so calamitous as it was originally projected to be, but it was still troublesome regardless. After the Cero’s were let loose the Vasto Lorde should be able to see it now, the still standing, unharmed Maximiliano and the properties of the Fullbringers also unharmed.

Expansión de Hélice (Lit. Helix Expansion) a technique where Max can rapidly expand a spiral up to ten meters in radius. Had Shizuka still been fighting as Vizard he would have noticed the drifting spirals around Max, he would have taken his time, taken precautions and better assessed the situation before him. When those Cero’s were fired off Max needed only to expand a single one, just enough, to veer the two blasts off their mark.

End of The Walk

The Vasto will not have any further conflict with Max as the sky shatters like glass, two beams of light shining through like searchlights. One encapsulates Maximiliano and the other pierces the veil of darkness that surrounds Stephania’s tower. The God-King is then pulled up into the sky while the beam of light hitting the tower pulls up his Gigai.

”Amigo, you had potential but now you are just another dime-a-dozen Hollow. I have fought Vasto before and you are nothing special. If I wanted to fight another I would have just gone home to Hueco Mundo. If I had known this would be the outcome I would have never Hollowfied you.”

He speaks through the beam of Negaccion that is ascending him back to Hueco Mundo, disappointment written all over his face.

”It is rare for a Vasto to exist in the World of the Living, however, judging from the forces I fought I doubt the Shinigami can muster up anything that can kill you.”

He turns his back to the Vasto now, however, he extends an Invitation to him.

”Should you live, Amigo, you are more than welcome to join me in Hueco Mundo, as a Hollow it is your home after all. It was fun, while it lasted, adios.”

Through all this Max comes to a conclusion, something that was rooted only in faith but after today it leans closer towards fact, that Hollow’s truly are superior. They can evolve until they reach a humanoid state again, Vasto Lorde. If a large enough threat, or deemed unkillable they can be sealed away in Zanpakuto, Ikomikidomoe being one such example. Poisonous to Quincy, so much so that they are hunted down out of fear. They can remove their masks and gain the power of Shinigami, the ever present existence of Arrancar proves this. Then today, a Hollow claims the body of a Shinigami. As Max is thinking about how all these things are possible he looks over his shoulder towards the Vasto Lorde then looks up into the darkness of the Garganta.

”Then becoming the Soul King is most definitely possible.”

--------->To Hueco Mundo


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In this uncontrollable state, the Vasto Lordes only had one thing on it’s mind. One goal. It was to destroy the most powerful being that stood in it’s path. By this simple thought, this simple instinctive drive. The hollow had no other choice, but to erase Maximiliano from this realm as he deemed right. Whether there were other casualties in this process, didn’t bother him one bit. All he needed to see was his foe vaporized from his sight. As the Ceros were released from his fingertips, a deep bass was let loose as the sounds from the beams collided into the air waves. The God-King of Hueco Mundo, engulfed in this spectacle took the entire brunt of these Ceros together. Or so it had looked from the outside. All without knowing, Maximiliano had put in minimal effort to combat this blast. His minimal effort, being the best resort for most spiritual beings, he diffused the combined blast of the two Ceros into two separate explosions. Both of them triggering off into the far distance, eradicating a mass amount of large buildings in the distance. The Vasto was just getting started though, this attack was nothing but an appetizer, a starter if you must. The well of overflowing power inside of him was going to be satiated by something very soon. Sadly though for this beast, Maximiliano had seen enough and became unimpressed. As the Vasto stared into the eyes of the unfazed and unharmed God-King, he noticed a Garganta cracking open into the skies above them. From that Garganta a ray of light shined onto the God-King, slowly lifting him up into the heavens. The Vasto feeling a reminiscent vibe from the Hollow abilities used, knew deep down in it’s simplistic mind.

This was a retreat.

Thrown into absolute rage and fury, the Vasto would not even recognize that the Fullbringers off into the far distance were subject to the same fate. All you would hear is the terrifying scream that erupted from the creature, as his prey opted to escaping.

”Amigo, you had potential but now you are just another dime-a-dozen Hollow. I have fought Vasto before and you are nothing special. If I wanted to fight another I would have just gone home to Hueco Mundo. If I had known this would be the outcome I would have never Hollowfied you.”

The Hollow wouldn’t understand one word coming from Maximiliano’s mouth. The only thing he could hear was his own irritable war-cry.

”It is rare for a Vasto to exist in the World of the Living, however, judging from the forces I fought I doubt the Shinigami can muster up anything that can kill you. Should you live, Amigo, you are more than welcome to join me in Hueco Mundo, as a Hollow it is your home after all. It was fun, while it lasted, adios.”

And just like that, the God-King and the Fullbringers had escaped Naruki City. Returning to Hueco Mundo with his goal now accomplished. Though once again, this revelation would not be recognized by the Vasto Lordes. No….. it only made it more agonizing. The amount of spiritual pressures within Naruki had dwindled down to a speck on his radar. This retreat was unfathomable, the beast couldn’t comprehend nothing being worthy to destroy. This caused his rage to intensify, and now the heavens which were now starting to clear up from the shining light of the sun being on the cusp of arrival. Became clouded once again. The rays from the sun had once again been curtained by the cumilation of storm clouds forming at the whim of the Vasto Lordes. Still carrying Shizuka’s aptitude and properties of his weather altering reiatsu coursing through his veins, even without the need for Zanpakuto. All the left over inhabitants of Naruki City would see is the unrealistic spectacle of the Vasto’s reiatsu flooding the city one more unhindered. A caustic display of blackened reiatsu, with a cyan outline. Corrupted lightning sparking from it’s very core became a dazzling spectacle, as this same lightning strikes from above from the clouds as well. Destroying the already fragmented streets of Naruki.

Something was going to be subjugated to his wrath very soon.

While this destructive display was going on in the outside world, there was another display similar going on once more in Shizuka’s inner world. The Lieutenant had been on the receiving end of a one-sided beatdown from his inner demon. With no means of circumvention. Shizuka laid within the waters of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s inner world, charred to a crisp.

“Damn, so this is all i’m getting from the mighty Shizuka Hyouzoku?? Protector of Naruki City? 10th Division’s best?”


The inner hollow had broken off into a sadistic laugh. Obviously he held a grudge against his weaker self, it was terribly apparent. Nothing was going to satiate his perverted mindset.

“You’re actually washed, that shit is sad. Guess Blume is bouta be disappointed once more. First she already got REAL desperate and settled with a 3rd Seat! Secondly she had to deal with one that constantly loses EVERY battle he’s been in. Thirdly, now your future child ain’t gone have a daddy. Cuz this body is mine now!

The words coming out of this demon’s mouth struck a nerve within Shizuka. He couldn’t just sit there and let these thoughts corrode him. It was apparent that not only was this person overpowering his inner world, but now his thoughts as well. If it kept going this route it would only be a matter of time before everything is completely subjugated to this fiend. Within this moment Shizuka felt a small spark of vitality overcome him, even with his body charred beyond belief. From laying in the cascading ocean, he disappeared from sight completely. Speed still being on his side, fragments of lightning following his trail. His appeared in front of his inner hollow, with a right haymaker targeted for his face. Mustering all the strength he could possibly imagine in his weakened body, he knew it would send this invader flying through the edge of the dimension.


The Vice-Captain felt the hit connect, the waves of the ocean parted temporarily just from the pure force of the strike. To Shizuka’s dismay though, as he looked up. He saw the unimpressed glare from the inverted version of himself. His hand clenched over Shizuka’s hand, catching the punch from him without an single ounce of struggle.

“Dumbass must’ve forgot, I’m just him but better.”

As the words escaped from his inner hollow’s lips, corrupted electricity begins generating from his pale skinned hand. Shizuka would feel the bones in his hand cracking under duress, as the hollow’s strength increased dramatically. So much to the point where it would cause the Lieutenant to grimace in pain as he was forced to his knees in mid-air. The inner hollow using his other hand, lifted Shizuka’s head up by his chin. Wanting attention from his inferior host.

“Look at me, look at me”

Using his two fingers he pointed to his own eye’s and then back at Shizuka's eyes. Repeating the process a few times until he felt his point got across.

“I am de captain now.”

Crushing his hand once more, he lets go. Only to initiate a roundhouse kick directed into Shizuka’s skull. Sending him flying across his own inner world, near the same direction he launched his Zanpakuto spirit. The inner hollow smirks to himself, as he watches his prey fly into the distance.

“Go right back to your bitch ass Zanpakuto. Maybe ya’ll can formulate a plan on how to not be absolute garbage.”

Panning back into the World of the Living, the shell of Shizuka still rampaged. Without Max’s reiatsu being the only contender within the realm, the Vasto had lost it’s only capable adversary. So now, for the God-King’s transgressions against the monster he created, the Vasto decided. He would take out his insatiable wrath on anyone with an ounce of impressive spiritual pressure. With the Fullbringers gone as well, along with the two 11th Division members who disappeared. The beast only had one target…….10th Division.

While there were many soldiers of his own division deployed, now dealing with the recovery effort of Naruki City. Only one truly stood out. Only one had enough reiatsu to even show up on the radar of the Vasto


Tosu still torn in his heart that his Lieutenant had been corrupted. Wouldn’t be prepared for the silent realization the Vasto made. From causing a unprecedented disaster with his reiatsu one second, it would all cease instantly. Within that second, Tosu would be able to perceive the overwhelming reiatsu that once emanated in the sky, appear right behind him. Accompanied with the bass of a static sound.


Tosu would be interrupted with the foot of the Vasto drilled straight into his back with a unimaginable amount of force. Blood that was already coming out from his sickly body, would be generating porously now. As a spew of blood would erupt from his mouth as he felt extreme amounts of pain from this kick. Tosu would feel the effects of the black lightning streaking from the Vasto’s foot invade his body. Feeling completely paralyzed as the energy shocked his insides. The force so resounding he would be rocketed through several building bases, before shattering through the glass of a convenience store. The alarm bell ringing as if someone had broken into it. To Tosu it would be reminiscent to the ringing sound in his head, as he struggled to maintain consciousness.
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Naruki City, Echoing Tree City, the gemstone of the Human world, remains deprived of all Hollow threat, except one.

Within the Chōbara district, the home of Xaltation Tower. The God King faces off against the forces of the Gotei Thirteen. During this battle, the Shinigami, and their World of the Living Task Force, were spared the trouble of sacrificing their lives to protect those of civilians. While the Fullbringer group known as Xaltation was also spared of the choice between defending themselves or fleeing. Both sides were able to observe in earnest as their chosen champions faced off in the streets below. While the fight against the God King went on unimpeded. All of this, due to the watchful eye of the Watchman himself.

“That’s the leader isn’t it?! It’s got to be! We have to stop him!”

For the past five minutes, all Justin Taimu has seen is death. Even moving at the speed of time, the past Three Hundred Seconds have only been filled with the images of his blackened spear taking the lives of these monster invaders. Yet despite the number of transportations, each time he arrived he was quickly able to place himself. This was due to the overwhelming force of power emanating from the location of the fight. Feeling it at his back from all times, Justin was able to sense his location circling around the radius of their fight. When the God King’s Reiatsu was released in its natural state, it became clear what the monsters were worshiping in that tower.

Finally, after five minutes, the hollow threat begins to dwindle. Not due to a lack of potency coming from the bait, but rather through the frivolous gossip of cowardly creatures. In Hueco Mundo, word began to spread of a haunted aroma. If an Adjuchas was foolish enough to open a garganta in pursuit of this aroma, they would die the moment they stepped through. This rumor, or urban legend, begins spreading throughout the sand, pitting the alluring effect of the hollow Bait against their self-preservation instincts.

As such, the hollow influx into Naruki City comes to an end. Justin, or rather, the Watchman, stands in the night sky beneath a storm cloud. The heavy torrent of rain lands upon his armor, washing it of the blood and splatter of the hollows he has killed.

“He killed them all? Why didn’t we help them?!”


Lightning flashes behind him, revealing the pristine-white condition of his armor, the ebony-black glass of his spear untarnished by bloodshed.

Watchman’s glowing yellow eyes peer down upon the city like a night owl, glaring at the form of the self-proclaimed God, that alien invader. To his shock however, he also observes a green-haired man running full speed towards the gray-figure.

“Where have I seen that guy before? Wait..”

His vision increases, zooming in to see the figure of that strange LARPer he met on the rooftop earlier. Now though, he seems to be wearing some sort of prop mask.

“That’s that cosplayer! Ha-HA He was being serious!”

Watchman exclaims in joy, watching as the man he dismissed to be a citizen instead proves to be a hero. He collides against the invader, and sends him nearly flying through a building.

“No. Something’s not right.”

The very moment that the Hero lets relief wash over him, tragedy strikes next. The green-haired guy down below keels over, throwing up, as he transforms into another one of these monsters. Justin realizes now for the first time, on some primitive level, what a hollow is. He now understands that the things he has killed have been former humans, somehow converted into this. Anger boils within him for a second, but the properties of his suit counterbalance this emotion with determination. His resolve strengthens, the Watchman won’t allow anyone else to die tonight.

Two Ceros are fired off and deflected into new paths. Their original trajectory would send them crashing through the city on both ends, causing untold amounts of cataclysmic destruction. As Max deflects the two Cero’s, the preoccupied combatants would fail to note that their trajectory sudden takes a 90 degree turn. Both Ceros, in opposite directions, simultaneously shoot straight up into the air, as though swatted by a baseball bat. Rather than tumble through and explode within the city, their detonation instead occurs harmlessly in the night sky. Two fireballs of blue light go off in the night sky like fireworks above Naruki city.

Within the enshrouded walls of the Xaltation tower, Stephania and her brood observe the destruction in terrible glee at the prospect of their future. Suddenly a golden light pierces through the shadows that coat the tower, enshrouding the conscienceless form of the God King’s human body. They watch as the corpse is lifted angel like, by the light, slowly carried towards the heavens. Then just as suddenly, it disappears.

Justin finds himself in a ray of light, some sort of tractor beam, standing next to an unconscious man. In his short time to assess this situation, literally a fraction of a moment, he reaches a solid conclusion. It is obvious that these aliens were abducting this man to turn him into one of them. As such, Watchman placed his hand upon the poor unconscious man's shoulder, and tears him from this horrible abduction.

Watchman re-appears on the outskirts of the district, standing in a street covered in rubble and debris.

“I’m sorry about that citizen. Rest easy noWOAH”

It is only now that Watchman realizes the body he is holding is that of the man from earlier. His face and build were exactly the same as the leader of these creatures. Not to mention, he had been with the famous Stephania, so no wonder things broke out around her tower.

Releasing his grip, he lets the mindless-gigai fall to the floor with a thud, before grabbing his spear and disappearing once again.

Not even a moment after he disappears, and a group of Shinigmai would bend the corner, seeing the unconscious man on the floor. Whether they could tell that the thing was in truth an abandoned gigai, would of course be up to their experience and training as members of the Living Task Force.

Leaping into the raining skies above, Tōsu rushes to search for his superior, not able to believe what he is sensing.


The sound of the world's largest gong vibrates through the city, releasing a cacophonous explosion of thunder that shatters the glass of the buildings below. If Tōsu can survive the heart attack of this blast’s sudden appearance, he would be able to place its origin as directly behind him.

The Vasto Shizuka’s foot drills straight into the black metal of the Watchman’s Armament Spear. The force behind the kick would be dispersed by the impact, as the Superhero does not even flinch. Instead, it is as if the Vasto had kicked a wall, meeting a hard step to the end of his momentum in the air. The black lightning that streaks from the creature's foot would cascade through the black-metal of the spear, and harmlessly pass over the white surface of his Clad Armor. With nothing to conduct to, the Black Lightning washes over Watchman like rain, and uses its force to lash about randomly into the sky and towards the various conductors of nearby buildings.

The two share a moment, as the rain seems to freeze in the air. Behind them, Tōsu would struggle to maintain consciousness from the sonic blast he endured, yet even he may have heard these parting words. The yellow glow of Watchman’s eyes looks into the black Abyss of Shizuka’s. Where some would see a monster, Watchman sees only a victim.

“I should have saved you.”

The final detonation of the black lighting occurs higher into the night sky. The Vasto Lorde, having his foot planted against the Armament Spear, would be teleported along with Justin. Maintaining their positions, but now in this new setting, the two would find themselves high within the atmosphere. Far above the lightning clouds below, far above any clouds at all, ice particles form upon the bone-mask of the Vasto Lorde, which are quickly melted away by the sudden appearance of flame, forming from his newfound velocity. A simple swing of the Armament Spear would propel the creature away, hurdling it like a comet through the night sky.




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Nothing was going to deter this beast from achieving it’s goals. Under the clouded veil of the rainy night sky in Naruki, the transformed Vice-Captain of 10th’s reiatsu flailed wildly about. Searching and provoking anyone who would dare challenge his might. Luckily for this Vasto Lordes, he’d meet the perfect challenger.

With the mindless creature’s goal initially being to assault the 6th Seat Tosu, upon his reappearance with Sonido. His kick destined to drill into the back of the Shinigami’s was met with a solid resistance. Akin to a steel wall, all the primal being saw was a suit of a shining clad armor. Thrusting out a spear built of the same material he clad himself in, negating the surprise attack of the Vasto. The streams of black lightning escaped the hollow’s foot and danced onto the spear only to be dispersed outwards. Defending the 6th Seat from it’s wrath, but striking multiple buildings behind the two. Destroying them completely in the process. The Hollow, bearing zero emotion, was nonchalant to this phenomenon. It didn’t matter to the creature. Whoever was next in line was going to be subject to the same aggression. No matter who it was.

In the mere instance of the kick landing, not even a second later. The scenery changed completely, the two who were once down onto the streets of Naruki City, were now high into the mesosphere of earth’s atmosphere. Completely away from the remnants of the doomed city. These two being the Vasto Lordes transformed Shizuka Hyouzoku, and the Heroic Watchman Fullbringer, Justin Taimu. The newly equipped Fullbringer used this confusion to launch the Vasto off of his spear, swiping away to fling the foul beast away. But this would ultimately fail, for he could not muster up the strength in order to perform this action. Although it would be impossible to even check what was going on due to the speed that the hollow was moving at, the Vasto unfazed by the change of scenery was slowly creeping his tail around to coil around the arm of the fullbringer while he was holding the spear. Attempting this before they even took to the skies. The Vasto Lordes luckily had inherited a well established body, a shinigami whose strength was near the pinnacles of physical power. Now this same strength was enhanced to an unrealistic degree due to this transformation. Strength great enough to affect the almighty God-King of Hueco Mundo. The tail being simply an extension the Vasto’s body, he used this to wrap around the pole and Justin’s arm with a criminally strong grip, restricting the Fullbringer’s movement to a complete halt. All the while, simultaneously as this is happening. Reaching with his left hand to grasp the entire mask of the fullbringer, and using his right arm to grip his right forearm. Justin Taimu, no matter how much power he had obtained due to his raw and underdeveloped Fullbring. At the end of the day he was still just…. A Human. His level of power would never hope to reach something as a dominant as the pinnacle form of the Lieutenant. Who was in his own right, a complete body of work.

All happening in an instant with the beyond-lightning reflexes of the beast, Justin Taimu would struggle to escape from the hollow’s unparalleled strength. Only to be ignorant to the swift flow of reiryoku escaping the Vasto’s body, one of the flows releasing from near his mouth. A teal colored Cero would appear, it’s size in it’s orb shaped form dwarfing the entire torso of the fullbringer. There wouldn’t even be a slight hesitation for mercy, forgiveness, or lamentation. The Vasto only wanted to annihilate everything in it’s path. The Watchmen would only have to think about if he could’ve worried about saving himself as the Cero launched. It’s force would be felt by all members residing in Naruki City, those on the ground only seeing a vibrant teal light within the sky, coloring their entire view of this same color. Near the point of impact though, the only thing to witness after the explosion settled would be the Vasto Lordes, standing aimlessly as his tail held onto a charcoal colored clad armor piece, the last remaining fragment of Justin Taimu.


Panning back into the corrupted inner world of Hirameku-Hitouchi, Shizuka had finally landed back into the water after being launched away relentlessly by his inner self. He immediately raised his head back above water, gasping heavily. Looking around relentlessly for his Zanpakuto spirit. Only to find the panther-esque creature floating in water meters away from him, cascading unconsciously in the water.


Shizuka yelled out wildly as he began to swim in the raging waves. He was desperate to save his Zanpakuto spirit, he was the key in order to surpass this invader. Shizuka knew the only way to get by this threat was to combine their powers together once more. Praying that their combined strength would be enough, to outlast.

He reached the beast floating in ocean after a while, shaking and patting his back in order to wake the spirit back up.


He didn’t let up his attempt, even as he was constantly being bombarded by the ocean. He knew he couldn’t give up, if they wanted to regain control.

“……. Hmrgh….. I’m he- ….. I’m here you welp”


Shizuka showed a desperate grin on his face, just relieved his Zanpakuto spirit remained conscious. His mind pandering back to when the God-King destroyed his Bankai in the real world. The Vice-Captain correlating that to why the inverted version of himself took control so easily.

“How can you still call me a welp and I’m saving you.”

“That matters not, you’re still a child in my eyes no matter what.”

“… whatever… We need to find a way to stop that. Stop that corrupted version of me.”

The Zanpakuto spirit, while his face was showing no emotion. He looked at his owner deep into his eyes, giving off the impression of concern.

“That “corrupted” version of you is…. Is now the makeup of your body currently. Whatever that Arrancar did to you… he invaded and transformed the structure of your reiryoku as a whole.”

“What do you mean?”

“The so called God you faced, corroded your pre-existing Shinigami power with Hollow power. You are now essentially a hybrid, what does your former master call them again…… Yes… Vizards.”

Shizuka’s heart dropped slightly. He didn’t want to admit it but…. He knew deep down inside. It was easy to sense the Hollow power seeping from that corrupted version of himself, but it felt like a dream, something truly hard to accept. While Arashi, his fellow Vice-Captain never elaborated on the specifics of his Hollow transformation. He did express the terrible corrupted feelings that arose due to the phenomenon, and all of those things were present within his own inner hollow. Now Shizuka’s resolve began to shatter a little, only thinking about two things. Potentially disappointing his mentor Higen, who he knows has a strong distaste for Hollows in general and….. how will he able to be involved with the mother of his child Blume. With it being common knowledge, Hollows are essentially poison to Quincies, the complete antithesis to these beings.

“Shizuka! Snap out of it! We can focus on your pathetic life later. As of now you can’t see but, you are actually rampaging in the outside world right now. A mindless Vasto Lordes trying to kill everything in sight. We need fight back and regain control over the realm and subdue your inner Hollow, or all will be lost”

Shizuka’s blanked out eyes, were reinvigorated back with life. He didn’t need to dwell on the negative during this time. What he needed to do was save himself now and regain consciousness.

“Yea… let’s do it.”

A pillar of lightning formed around the two, signifying their strengths combining. The Shinigami and Zanpakuto, working together once more, their vitality reaching all new heights. They lifted themselves from the ocean both disappearing from sight completely.



🎶She sent me a text, won’t answer ha calls. She love when I flex and-🎶

The inner hollow’s interest peaked again as he witnessed his inferior owner and his lousy Zanpakuto stepped into the fray once more. Charging towards him in a caustic stream of lightning.

“Let’s see if you can put up a challenge this time Shitzuka!”

The inner hollow began to release his own pillar of lightning, as dark as the endless void of midnight. Sparks of this lightning expanding outwards in a volatile display, as he charged head first into the duo.


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