[BSD-RP] Human World: Naruki City


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Arriving from Southwest Seireitei to Naruki

A dimly lit interior of a rather cozy domain is flooded with blinding white as the doors of the Senkaimon open upon Naruki. Unfortunately the light is not that of a bright shining sun, but the rampaging lightning of a Shinigami turned Hollow. Naruki City stands but has gradually been battered, mostly by the Lieutenant of Tenth. First his bout with the God-king, he let his Reiatsu run rampant and his Bankai did no favours to the world of the Living. The same can be said for the Arrancar's actions but now Shizuka continues to damage the city he swore to protect. In his Vasto Lorde state, the creature continues to inflict suffering upon the city and it's inhabitants, it seems almost like an effort on Shizuka's part. How the tables have turned.

Stepping beyond the portal of the Senkaimon, Nibui can feel the Reiatsu that weighs and erodes at most things, but not it's effects. He can feel the pressure he fights against with his own spiritual pressure, a controlled and refined intensity that is localised solely around the Lieutenant of Eleventh.

"Remember what I said, if you feel that you're in a dire situation, leave me behind. If I seem to be struggling, leave me and worry about yourself and the situation at hand."

In the past his words might have seemed to wave about an air of cockiness, but now he mentions his possible struggles, his arrogance is simply his blunt nature and his honest thoughts. He hopes that Hiroka will take heed of his words and follow accordingly but in truth he expects the Fourth Seat to act on his own whims. This same man is the one who would have fought in a three way bout against his Captain and Lieutenant simply for his entertainment. There is very little that Nibui believes will bind him from his own actions.


When they stepped into the city, Nibui clocked the people that were present that very moment. A large number of well organised Tenth Division members and a number of Fourth Division members too. It seems that there was already a whole force dispatched, but still Nibui felt the need to answer as well. Then there is the Vasto, almost unrecognisable as Shizuka, and the Fullbringer who seems to be matching the beast beat for beat. For a split second, he contemplates his possible advance forward. This is a situation that needs to be taken seriously and unfortunately, he is not a man suited for capture missions. The Lieutenant leaves the Capture to the assembled force and Hiroka.

"I trust your judgments on what will bring us victory and I'll try to keep out of your way when necessary. Although I need to ask you to be as quick as possible. You'll be racing against the clock. It seems that I'm not the only one that is incapable of detaining this beast."

He speaks as his steps begin to move him out towards the Hollow, who is in the midst of doing, something. An unknown and aberrant conglomerate of focused Reiryoku building to greater and greater heights. Once he is done speaking, another step takes the Lieutenant far up into the skies above, about level with the two main combatants and a couple hundred meters out from them. Standing atop Reishi plates, his wooden Zanpakuto in both hands, the tip of the blade pointed upwards at an angle. A rather traditional stance for most swordsmen. Crimson continues to enshroud him, the Reiatsu lashing out wildly against the immediate surroundings in defiance, within there is an endless shearing whirlwind that encapsulates the Shinigami further. An uncharacteristic roar cuts through the thunderous battleground finding even the bloodlusted eye of the storm. The voice of Nibui Ueki aiming to call out to the beast.


"Lieutenant Hyouzoku!"

He had no more to say, he simply wanted the attention of the Hollow. Either the Vasto would respond and give Nibui the attention he desires, or Nibui would take hold of it for himself. Whatever the others wanted to do, they could go on ahead, Nibui had no intention of disrupting their plans and perhaps the split focus of the beast upon even more targets now would facilitate a smoother capture. Regardless, the goal was to put an end to this. Everyone is on the same boat, preferably a non-lethal approach comes first, unfortunately, taking the life of the Shinigami turned Hollow is simply a lot more effective.





Arriving from Southwest Seireitei


The Hanged Man

Through the threshold and into the frey. The presences that are scattered around the battlefield were certainly more numerous than his last outage. The members of the corrupted Lieutenant’s own division are accompanied by the Fourth, all on a mission to save him from the monster he had become. There was also a veil of menacing spiritual presence weighing itself down upon the city, that of the man of the man of honor… or maybe dishonor. Not to mention an armor-clad human thrown into the mix. Hiroka wasted no time in invoking the activation of Ikarihime, though allowed the metal vessel to remain on his hip as it brought forth its boon to his frame.

His glance flicked towards Nibui, wondering if he had some shred of insight into how he’d like to proceed further. It honestly didn’t matter to him if there were any constructive last words, they’d be hardly necessary. With the Hollow from before nowhere in view, it just left the rampaging Lieutenant. Certainly they were well enough equipped to handle such a threat.

"Remember what I said, if you feel that you're in a dire situation, leave me behind. If I seem to be struggling, leave me and worry about yourself and the situation at hand."

A reminder that he made no response to. He already acknowledged the request. Even without an outward acknowledgement he’d still take in those words. There was enough death brought about today, both in and out of the Seireitei. It was time more than ever to keep as many of them alive. Preserve the Shinigami forces, mitigate very damage to the humans, and apprehend the hollowfied Soul.

"I trust your judgments on what will bring us victory and I'll try to keep out of your way when necessary. Although I need to ask you to be as quick as possible. You'll be racing against the clock. It seems that I'm not the only one that is incapable of detaining this beast."

The Eleventh’s Vice-Captain was right to press the matter of time. For every moment that this crisis was sustained, the more devastation that would be brought and the more likely they’d have to rob their target of life. Would they be able to be heroes? Or did this instead call for executioners?

The Shot Heard Around the World

Hiroka too pressed onwards, making his own path into the conflict. While his superior made his presence known and beckoned the beast, the Fourth Seat chose discretion. Well… for a short lived period. He made his way to a tall building that housed no humans at the time and planted his feet firmly on the rooftop. His left hand slipped within its respective sleeve, emerging again only after it had retrieved a small sphere from within. He tightened his grasp upon the object while swiping his unused appendage once through the air. The motion brought with it small blasts in the air above him, ones that had their residue stripped from the space just as quickly as it formed. This repeated rapidly three times and each cycle amped up the heat that embraced Hiroka’s body.

The Ikari lifted the limb equipped with one of his Tsuki no Kyū and aimed it so that it was aligned with Lieutenant Hyouzoku. He allowed for the sphere to rest within his grasp, pressing his thumb firmly against it, building the tension but not allowing it to leave his grip. A golden light formed upon the weaponized marble as the pent up thermal emissions were bound to it. With both the location and the mission at hand he could not fully let loose, but he could however, take the opportunity to potentially aid in the conflict's end with a precise strike.

Regardless of any visible obstructions, Hiroka was locked on to the Vasto. Free of any allies in the path for which he aimed. Lethality was for now out of the question, but it did not mean that the Lieutenant had to be returned in one piece. And with that knowledge he flicked his finger upward, releasing the tension that acted upon the sphere he held. Just as it left his hand the glow that possessed it intensified and left a streak behind it as it flew onward to its mark. The very air around its initial launch became super heated and expelled a shockwave that caused enough pressure to crack the very ground beneath the Fourth Seat’s feet. The buildings around even had their windows stripped from their confines as it took to the skies. Each inch it traveled, its speed and power increased. For every moment it pathed, the torrid infection placed upon it echoes its first detonation with new intensity. This ultimately made it something that would not stop until it pierced the very heavens above, robbing anything in its path of any chance of remaining intact.

Meter after meter it ripped through the air, growing its illumination. The sphere’s path remained visible until a point in which it moved too fast for the eye to keep track of. No further warning came before suddenly, it struck its intended target. Colliding with just beneath the Vasto’s shoulder, the Tsuki no Kyū tore away the very limb that occupied that side and stole from him a portion of his torso within proximity to the impact site. The heat from both the weapon itself and the friction of the contact made lingered in that now vacant space. While that precise dismemberment had been enacted, it did not halt the metallic orb. It continued outward into the star-filled void further above.

It did not matter how much Reiatsu the monster released, nor did it matter if it was struck by lightning, its course was absolute. Any attempt to stop it would just be met with a further enhancement of its speed and with Ikarihime’s innate ability to scale her power with further detonations, going further beyond the limits was never in question. Avoidance was the hollowfied opponent’s only option. Something that may not be an option with him locked in a state of occupation. Whether that blow to his figure was enough to do its job on, it wasn’t necessarily its sole intent. A crippling such as that just meant that the others could have an even easier time detaining him.

And even if they couldn't...

This was just his own declaration of his intent. It was a resolve that had only tested the waters thus far.




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Hansha’s eyes shifted towards Mikoto, he took note of how he was watching and listening to the conversations around him. To be honest, he did not like that, it made him wonder how well this man is at retaining the information he had heard but it would matter very little, there are ways to keep him silent. As Stephania began to give him his new marching orders Hansha approached the broken window, the broken glass crunching beneath his feet. Any misdirected attacks or debris that came their way would hit the shadows and sink in only to be expelled on the other side as if it passed through seemlessly. The Shadow’s these beings cast allowed Hansha to follow the fighting for the most part, for him it was a drawn out affair and he wished they would both drop dead already. He even goes as far as to look at his watch to check just how long they have been at it. He returns his hand to his pocket and closes the Shadow Veil he placed on Yayoi to return her back to her room safely, there was no reason for her to get needlessly harmed out there. Hansha had to make sure all of the Stephania Company assets were protected properly and remained healthy.

Chaos Crawls

As afternoon begins to fade to evening the shadows begin to lengthen across the decimated city, slowly but surely the city starts to become Hansha’s domain. He sinks into his shadow, taking the broken glass with him, leaving the floor spotless and glass free. The man reemerges to take a closer look at the destruction of the city. He had hoped to get eyes on the fight itself, however, it seemed like they were high above in the sky, he wasn’t that curious that he would follow them. He walks around though, using his Kurokabi (Black Mold, 黒カビ) ability to create shadow based containers to gather up every bit of lingering Reiatsu from each person who visited this place today. Taking the shape of black orbs as each one would sink into the ground and reappear in the room where Stephania and Mikoto remained. Courtesy of a random Fullbringer the man has no issues taking this casual stroll as there are no Hollow’s there to slow him down.

Soon enough this stroll comes to an end with multiple black orbs, the size of basketballs, floating in the room with Stephania. With Bringer Light he vanishes and reappears in the shadow of the company tower. He lingers there for a moment enjoying the chill in the air as the temperature slowly drops as the sun fades on the horizon. The shadows increase by the second, this is his space of comfort, the darkness. He sinks into the ground once more and steps out of a wall in the room he had previously left.

”A variety of Reiatsu flavors to choose from. Would you be able to manipulate any of these?”

It is clear Hansha is up to something, something that will allow them total control of this city and its so called “protectors”. Since establishing a foothold in this place Stephania and Hansha have slowly been tightening their grasp on the city and after the events of today, without lifting a finger, that grip will tighten even more. Does this mean Naruki will be placed in a dire situation if they take over or will it mean a more safe and secure place for humans? Only time will tell as the tower, encased in shadows looms over the city, declaring them as the only true victors of this day.


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As the Vasto Lorde punches away, it believes that the numerous cero which coat its arms would succeed in catching the Fullbringer off guard. That the force behind these blows would be far superior to the simple punches that the Watchman expected, and would serve to render the jabs of his spear inadequate. Only, there were no jabs. There is no thrusting motion, nor force to meet force. The armament spear, which acts independently of Watchman’s knowledge, appears right where it needs to be, at all times. With each Cero-clad punch, the spear simply appeared at exactly the point and angle that it needed to be. The tip of the spear would hold fast, not being blown back by force due to its spatial ability keeping it suspended, which means the entire momentum of Shizuka’s punches would collide against the singular point of the spear tip. Much like how paper can be crumpled in hand, and yet cut when given the right angle; how a sheet of metal might deflect a cut, and yet be pierced by a bullet; the concentration of force onto a singular point would succeed in penetrating the Vasto's hierro. Which renders the creature's actions akin to punching a knife over and over again, shredding the thing’s arms.

The cero that encompasses these arms would not be of much benefit. The outward pressure of the cero does not dull the momentum of Shizuka’s punch, because it is unable to move the spear from its transfixed point in space. There is no counter-thrust from Watchman, he simply stays still, appearing where he needs to be, unwavering, as he lets Shizuka do the work for him. Just as the spear appears in the right place, so too does it appear at the right angle. Already penetrating the Cero’s origin point, each blast launched would be severed in two by the Armament spear, splitting along the blade to be launched off in two new trajectories. The Ceros split away from Watchman, flying harmlessly through the air until they eventually phase out, none of which on a flight path towards the city. As they pass the armor, their spiritual power would once again prove unhindering to the Clad Armor, just as Shizukas shikai lightning had been, just as his superior cero had been. What’s more, the blurred flurry and speed of each punch meant that Watchman was teleporting to new locations at equally blurred and flurried speeds, meaning there was never something tangible for the Cero to collide with beyond the moment that the spear had arrived, disappearing just as quickly as it had appeared.

The result would be as described, the mindless savage is free to release all of its rage, striking away relentlessly with no interruption or impending action. It moves with such furious speed that the distinction between fists becomes unclear, simply a wall of white meeting a wall of red. The Creature cannot be satisfied, having thrown such numerous attacks that after each one lands, it should blow a hole into every part of the hero’s body. With each punch thrown, crimson ichor erupts from the targeted area, until soon the two become separated by a wall of blood. No longer suspended by the onslaught, the curtain of blood finally falls to the ground, revealing that the fullbringer has disappeared, along with the Vasto Lorde’s arms. Yes, where once pillars of white moved at blinding speeds, encased in black lightning, now only bleeding nubs remain.

A black arc forms within the center of the creature’s vision, forming a circle which starts at the front of his head and ends at the back. The Creature, confident in its ability to manipulate Reiryoku, is seemingly able to sense this incoming attack, and yet only reinforces the Reishi plates beneath itself, refusing to budge an inch. This would prove to be its downfall. Was it not curious, that after fighting exclusively with the power of his Armament Spear, the Watchman would suddenly throw only a kick? After all, how had he even teleported to his new position? No, the kick was the encore, the black arc the prelude. Above the motionless Vasto Lorde, Watchman swings his spear, perpetuated by the immense physical strength of his Clad Type, as well as the leverage afforded by a full range of motion. The ignorant Vasto, who seemingly fails to perceive the spear as well as the arc of its after-image, does nothing to defend itself except manipulate its reiryoku to brace for impact from a kick, which lags far behind in comparison to the strike.

The proceeding cut is so clean, so swift and precise, that the Vasto is incapable of feeling it physically. However, there is something to be said about primal instinct. Though the Vasto’s lagging perception of time means that it still awaits the incoming kick, it would be able to feel in its gut that it had just been killed. That a spear had just sliced cleanly through the middle of its head. In this moment, suspended in time not to think, but only to feel, the Vasto’s head would surely soon split in two, and fall to the city below.

Yet, Shizuka’s does not.

Self Reflection



Hero would be distinguished from villain, just as the Armament spear seems to have done. Rather than slice cleanly through Shizuka’s head, it would seem that the obsidian spear had cut only into the bone of his mask. Before coming into contact with the flesh of his head, the armament spear simply teleported to the other side, continuing the momentum of its swing. In this moment, the strength, speed, momentum, and spatial abilities of the spear, as well as the Vasto’s arrogance creating a lack of response, would all come together. The bone-mask that clads Shizuka’s skull, is served in two. The Lion-visage cut cleanly from Shizuka’s head. Now, the features of the Hollow’s host become exposed, revealing the black-sclera of his yellow eyes.

It is now, that the summersault connects. The force of the kick was delivered with the intent of shattering the reinforced-bone of the fully hollowfied Vasto Lorde’s Mask. Instead, it lands directly upon Shizuka’s exposed and vulnerable head. The force of this kick would have been enough to incapacitate the hollow, but now, it would completely shatter Shizuka’s skull, pulsing through his brain to let the vital organ rattle around what remains of the pieces. After this, Shizuka would have been sent hurtling through the air, but instead, he had proven his ability to manipulate reiryoku by reinforcing the plates beneath him, not intending to budge an inch or otherwise deflect the blow. This means that there is nowhere for the downward force to be directed or dispersed but through Shizuka himself. The strength of this kick would be comparable to what Shizuka has experienced fighting Higen, the Clad-armor possessing a strengthening ability beyond Watchman’s physical build. The impact of this is then increased by the positioning of the kick, sending the full force downward from the vulnerable top of Shizuka’s skull. The shockwave of the kick creates a gust of air that blows back everything from Shizuka’s exposed head. It then moves through the shattered skull, concussing the brain and rendering Shizuka unconscious, before it is sent downward through the organs and spine. Where Once Shizuka might have been sent flying, by reinforcing his position, he has now essentially driven his car directly into a wall.

During the course of these events, the two had been moving at such top speeds, with such strong intent of ending each other, that even with his time-altering sensing capabilities, Watchman had not perceived the arrival of three new cosplayers. Not even a second passes following his knock-out kick, but Watchman is finally able to take his focus off of his poor opponent. Just who were these guys? They clearly possessed powers, able to stand in the air like the creature and himself. The way they had rushed in like a squadron reminded Justin of his experience as an Ace pilot. Even the greatest pilots needed wingmen, and it seems the green-haired guy’s had just arrived.

"Lieutenant Hyouzoku!"

Once more, a stranger clad in black samurai attire arrives in the sky. Having been shunpoing for the brunt of this altercation it would seem, he finally arrives at the worst possible moment. Shouting out, he at least reveals the Green Haired man’s name, Lieutenant Hyouzoku. By the rank, Captain Taimu now understands that they’re a military, and they don’t seem to be on the side of these Hollow aliens. Could they be allies? There is no time to tell, as a blue and black orb suddenly begins to spread out from the unconscious vasto. Looking at them however, the Hero had not been observing the unconscious form of the creature still beneath him. Unable to sense Spiritual power, or at least ignorant to the sensation, Watchman did not perceive the black and blue energy which creeps in to consume the Vasto’s complete form. No, it was the sudden darkening of the skies, the flashing of lightning brought on by the heavy reiatsu that Watchman could not feel. Looking down, foot still connected to the indent in Shizuka’s head, Watchman observes as the creature is suddenly engulfed in some new type of attack. It seems that the hollow that possesses Shizuka is not done fighting yet, even unconscious, in the midst of defeat, it uses the culmination of its energy in a last ditch effort to defeat the Watchman.

Self Destruction


It was hard to understand, hard to comprehend as well. Though the four skilled Shinigami who inhabited Naruki would be able to tell exactly what it is. The expansive jet black orb that sprouted corrupted lightning, would only expand further and further outwards. Completely synonymous with the dastardly effects of the Vasto Lordes reiatsu. It was no doubt that this was a spiritual attack of some sort. It’s nature unknown, but luckily, something had been done already.

Before, Watchman and Shizuka had been so high up in the human world’s atmosphere that the air had thinned, and their bodies began to ice over. This was the distance they fought from Naruki city. The purpose of this initial transportation, it seemed, was to protect the city from this attack specifically. Once again, Justin’s fullbring succeeded in placing down the most favorable path in space and time. Only now, the creature’s comrades had arrived, comrades whose lives may very well be taken by the inescapable spreading mass of this deadly attack. As such, foot still planted upon Shizuka’s head, spear still grasped firmly in hand, time resumes for Watchman. From the perspective of the onlookers, one second Shizuka has been kicked, the next his body begins to turn black, and the next it is gone. Instead, above the trio, a new cosmic body has joined the night sky.

Just outside of the planets atmosphere, a massive black orb eclipses the stars from the sky like a new moon of destruction. Detonating harmlessly in the safety of vacuum space, the size and scope of the blast would not matter, beyond a visual spectacle for the spiritually sensitive to observe. Once the detonation had reached its end, Shizuka had been placed close enough to still be pulled back to the Human World through gravity, allowing his unconscious form to descend from the night sky like a fallen angel. But what of the Watchman?

“Can he still be saved?”


Standing in the middle of the trio, Watchman’s voice announces his arrival before his presence can be felt. How long had he been standing there, looking up at the sky along with Tosu, Sango, and Kaisou? Equally as transfixed on the situation, the hero takes this moment to contemplate along with them, watching as the black orb detonates like one would watch a comet pass by. His boisterous and heroic voice, which echoes from his mask not unlike a vizard, carries with it a somber tone. The Watchman appears to be taking the recovery of Shizuka just as seriously and personally as his comrades. This is because the Hero feels guilty for the man’s current state. Though he had spent the night being dragged along by the machinations of his spear, he still had been given a chance to interact with this Lieutenant Shizuka. There was a reason the two had come together before all this, and perhaps if Justin had only tried harder, and not dismissed the man, perhaps his life could have been spared, perhaps it wasn’t too late.

Though he stands between the three assembled, as they prepare themselves and their shikais, Watchman seems to address Kaisou specifically. Though he knows nothing of the man, the spear had teleported Watchman to him immediately after teleporting Lieutenant Hyouzoku away. This means that like his initial meeting with Hyouzoku, there is a reason the spear took Watchman to this spot specifically. What Watchman did not know was that Kaisou is a healer. Ignorant to what a Zanpakuto even is, he has no concept that Kaisou’s grants him the ability to separate impurities. With this knowledge, he might surmise that there is a chance of both restoring the broken Lieutenant, and slowing the corruption of his current state, at least until his squadron can get him back to some real help.

Three super heated marbles fly by, one after the other, finally catching up to this height from their launch on the ground. With their original target long gone, they fly harmlessly into the night sky, and seemingly will be launched off planet indefinitely, offering no threat and being paid no mind. However, witnessing the lagging attack catch up, seeing the white-haired man standing aimlessly there where he had called out, and observing the three of these guys prepare for a suicide mission, made it clear that these guys needed some assistance. There is no doubt that the Hero stands where he does now because this is where he is needed most. Resolving himself to atone for his past mistake, Watchman’s conviction only strengthens. He refuses to give up on Hyouzoku, and is committed, like a true Hero, to helping those in need.




Akin to a hawk perched in the highest branch of a tree, looking down to the ground in search of its next prey, Sango hops in place as her hand grips the top golden sphere, and one ankle wraps around the length of her shikai, while the other applies downward pressure with her geta, balancing on the single golden ball at the other end of her staff. Having made the air beneath her bounceable, she utilizes these instead of reishi plates, which allowe her to move faster, by catapulting herself from these unique platforms.

Now with this moment to think, she is able to properly process the events around her, primarily, the release of Kaisou's shikai, which never fails to astound the woman with it's iridescent beauty as the rays of moonlight cause the bubbles to glisten in the night. Despite this moment of danger urgency, the young 9th seat can't help herself in admiring the bubbles as they float and spread across the entire city, helping everyone they come in contact with, even as she herself becomes bestowed with one of her own which wraps around her shoulder, she is neither hindered of inconvenienced by the attachment.


"Sango, here!"

She snaps out of her entranced state and hops off the elastic air platform, allowing herself to descend before changing direction with a jab of her staff against the air, now catapulting herself towards the crumbling barrier that housed a mildly injured Tosu.

"I see you both finally made it...ugh..."

The girl is quick to assist him to his feet, she doesn't worry about this minor damage, due to having trust in Kaisou's ability to heal them, and instead listens intently to his debrief and his instructions. She follow shis movements, as he continues talking, she notes him reaching for his candied necklace, to which she immediately begins her protest.

"Tōsu, wai—"

Despite all her speed, she was not fast enough to stop him from devouring the candy, that while it boosts his ability, due to the man's ailment, he would later on come to regret his actions. She was there to be the shield to both of them, and the spear. To defend them from harm while they figured a way to help the lieutenant. But is the danger so grand that it forces Tōsu to take such a drastic measure.

"Sango, our best bet will be to try and stick close to one another..."

The amazon nods, understanding and beginning to strategize. She was exactly what they needed against him, a shikai that could deflect the bolts of lightning, and the unhuman strength to strike and hopefully beat some sense into the rampaging Shizuka. Her oversized hand clenches tightly around the violet shaft of her shikai. Ease up girl, I know you worry for your superior, but what good am I to you broken? A booming voice within her own mindscape urges her to still her heart. While it is impossible for her to break her own zanpakuto with her ungodly grip, Kinyubiwa knows of her turmoil due to this situation and jokes lightly to calm her, to keep her concentrated, and alert to her surroundings, all in an effort to be able to react and counter-attack anything that may come their way.
"Lets move."

With that, Tōsu transports the group further up in the sky, putting more distance between the city and them, in hopes the clashes of energy and weapons no longer damage the city. Once the white bandages dissipate and reveal their location, high above the clouds, giving chase to the clashing fullbringer and hollowfied lieutenant.


The vasto's shrills fill the night sky, sending chills down the spines of anyone hearing these nightmarish wails. Was it angry that this caped crusader seems to be able to survive everything thrown at it? Who was this? How are they able to toe to to toe with Lieutenant Hyouzoku under these circumstances? If they ever got the chance, someone would have to ask about him and his abilities.

"Tosu! Sango! Kaisou! I’m here."

Kanojo-san join the group in the sky, and with this, she bolsters their defensive capabilities, as she will be able to assist the 6th seat with any bakudo he may have in mind, while she keeps them safe and the vasto distracted. Now with everyone in nearby proximity, she lifts her staff, immediately alerted to a crackling sound of volatile energy surging in the sky, spinning it furiously as she strikes the air surrounding them, creating countless sections of bounceable air, capable of deflecting incoming attacks, a makeshift barrier of her own acting as an protective layer to prevent being caught off guard from any possible blind spot. Done in an effort to give the the expert barrier casters more time to speak their incantations or whatever they needed to do in preparation to restrain and seal Shizuka.

"Be cautious! These can ricochet things away to protect you, but you'll have to shoot around them!"


"Lieutenant Hyouzoku!"

Ueki-sama and Ikari-san join the scene, making this situation more dire by the moment, would they assist, or simply seek to kill the uncontrollable hollow. Nibui is quick to seek Shizuka's attention, while the other member of 11th aims to incapacitate him with a miniscule object launched at high speeds, nearly untraceable by the naked eye.

Sango's circulating reiryoku within her focuses to cast spells of her own, as she does this, her azure eyes witness the amalgamation of the energy being coalesced into a single point as it grows bigger and bigger in size, something that could potentially obliterate the rest of the city if something is not done to prevent this catastrophic attack from landing successfully.


"Can he still be saved?"

The trail of his movement are lost as he does not use any sort of traditional method of speeding, as that would have been something Sango can easily track with her naked eye, instead the voice appears suddenly behind her, after teleporting time and time again in an attempt to relocate the lieutenant and the gargantuan attack of crackling energy, set to detonate any second.

"Of course! Do not fret! It is what we are here to do! You have my gratitude for defending the city until we were able to arrive!"

Sango exclaims loudly, ignorant to whom the man is directly addressing, as she is always one to speak her mind with little thought. There is no wavering tone in her voice as the group has a clear plan in mind to capture Shizuka. A task far easier said than done, as they would have to outmaneuver him and strategize while avoiding his barrage of attacks.