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Awkward Heals

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"How irritating."

Two words were spoken slowly. Flat. Devoid of any emotion but disgust.

Barren land stretched out, devoid of any notable scenery.

"I'm leaving."

Turning her back, bright orbs observed the direction from which they had traveled. She supposed she might turn back, return to where she had been before. That place at least looked somewhat interesting. Or perhaps she would find herself in the Menos Forest once again. Agitation clawed its way deeper into her belly. Having only traveled to this place due to the strong presences she had felt there, all to discover they lived in such disgusting conditions. Her disappointment was palpable. So fascinated by the multiple creatures whose reiatsu she had kept feeling. All of them in fairly close quarters to each other, yet they remained alive and well for the most part. Curious as to exactly what was occurring she had taken the chance to see it with her own eyes. And now, thanks to the awful aesthetic of the land, she had lost her chance.

Guttural clicking and grinding sounds manifested behind her. This only prompted the woman's ire, having whipped her head around to stare the two creatures down. Her glaring eyes seemed to pierce through them, yet it bothered them none at all. Accustomed to such treatment, they were well aware of their arrangement. Though they depended on Iulia greatly, she also depended upon them. If their requests were kept simple or logical by Iulia's standards, they could usually convince the woman to listen. The strange noises resumed, emitted from the two hollows that followed Iulia's every step. The many years spent together had led to the female being able to understand them completely, though they themselves had never attempted a different language.


Their logic was simple: Iulia had not paid enough attention. Before their words could draw more of her rage, they continued. Near them, beyond a slight hill, The Twins had sighted a small pool of water. Having arrived before her as she took a more leisurely pace to take in her surroundings, they had the opportunity to spot another hollow disappearing into said water.

Iulia's eyes instantly moved to the area the elder twin had pointed to. Able to spot it quickly, she also noted the creature they had seen was already quite a distance away. Uncertain of how deep the pool went, as well as exactly how long it went on for and whether or not there was even an exit or simply underwater channels for such a being to call home. Iulia would not follow. She would not risk her safety for such a being. The Twins offered they instead follow along above ground. It would be a more simple matter to breach the female hollow's home from above, wherever she decided to nestle in. Supposing this was true enough, Iulia agreed.

With a quicker pace than before, Iulia set off, following after her new target. Although she appeared strong enough to challenge Iulia, perhaps she would have useful information. If the other lowered her guard enough, then that would be Iulia's chance to strike. Otherwise, she would simply leave. Despite being so truly surprised, such emotion didn't show on her face. Spawling out before her now, beyond a hill that from a distance had appeared smaller than it truly was. Beyond this lie a massive construction, a building that appeared so elegantly constructed. This was so much more than she had even hoped.

Once again, Iulia was elated. Was it a palace that lie before her? Some sort of community? She cared little about the ideas of friends. Comrades, on the other hand, were essential. Perhaps such was the reasoning behind so many strong and consistent presences. However much delight she may have felt, reality and self-preservation nagged her. She could not allow herself to be brought into more peril than she could escape. I want to see it. Pausing as she focused, Iulia concealed her Reiryoku quickly and with ease.

Pushing onward, the Twins close behind, Iulia honed in on the locations of those within as well as her initial target. It might be a bit of a struggle, but the tunnel that connected the inside of the building and the pool without was her best chance at an escape plan. She had to focus first on this point. At the entrance nearest to where the female now remained, Iulia could feel others in the area. Some seeming to be in the heat of battle, her concealed self would be all the more difficult to sniff out. Slipping into the building easily, she immediately moved into sonido. Rapidly creating distance between herself and the majority of those inside, she frowned to realize that her prey was no longer alone. Two accompanied her, but it would seem as though they were at odds. Remaining at a distance, yet staying near enough that she was able to observe closely.

The woman was inside that room. Yet Iulia could not see inside. Her fingers twitched in anger. She could now only assume the pool was also there, though the entrance was blocked by a man and another woman, this one with magenta hair, fighting in what she guessed was to the death. She supposed she had a little more time to watch the events that unfolded and learn what she could about the strange place. Then she could return the way she had entered. If she did so soon enough, she increased her chances of remaining unnoticed. For now, her eyes could not look away from the dueling pair.

How beautiful

It had not escaped her attention how equisettely made their clothing was. Iulia had spent many years searching for a being that could craft clothing to her standards, yet despite all that, she had still resorted to a quality that she would typically spit upon. Yet no matter how well made they were, neither of the two seemed to mind at all if they were soiling and destroying them. Was it such a simple item for them to acquire? Interest piqued all the more, Iulia remained where she was.




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For a majority of his incredibly long life, Helliodoro has done little more than laud himself over others, be it with taunts or with unnecessary violence. It is not that he is only confident in himself, Helliodoro is certain, one hundred percent certain of his superiority over a majority of life. Among those he has met and remembers, there is but one who he respects as an equal, the God King himself. It might be asked, what of the Primera, Marcos, he holds a higher rank than Helliodoro, but this means nothing to the star, the two met a stalemate and it was soon concluded at that, an insufficient end. What of the Kassius who made a snack out of a portion of Helliodoro’s brain? Who? In the defunct and damage brain of the star, their encounter never happened and Kassius is but a name for something he has never seen. Even now before even trying to display his superiority, he does exactly that.

Confident and calculated Elliseo, he adapts to the situation at hand rapidly, the cumulative efforts of his wonderfully developed sensory abilities giving him the closest thing to future sight. Before Helliodoro's hand can fully take hold and remove a majority of his arm, while staring a brilliant death in the face, Elliseo lets loose a crippling wail, his Vagido reaching down to the sands below, the screech violently tearing at the deserts. A valiant attempt at briefly hindering the Star before pulling away with his own might and yet another swift Sonido, relocating himself several meters away from Helliodoro.

It isn't until after Elliseo comes to a stop that the realization and agonising pain strikes him. Left behind, bubbling, sizzling and steaming in the sands is a large majority of Elliseo's right arm. Within a few more seconds, the limb is gone as skin, muscle, flesh and bone all wither away and join the sands as just another dust. The scream that the Orcas Arrancar released quaked the expanses of Hueco Mundo, Elliseo expected it to briefly hinder his opposition, giving him just enough time to escape unharmed. In the end, all it is to the Celestial Arrancar, is a loud scream. The Reiryoku that empowers this roar is erased before it ever manages to reach Helliodoro himself. That moment that Elliseo wished for was robbed from him.


Now the Sun rises once more on Hueco Mundo, a single word ushering forth the light. Within the palm of Helliodoro’s right hand, a star is birthed to deliver light upon the shaded lands and shadowy figures of Hueco Mundo. Whether Elliseo wants to believe it or not, he has made a grave mistake and now he faces the consequences. Temperatures all throughout the alabaster desert spike rapidly to a dreadfully uncomfortable heat as the miniature star shines. Elliseo however is treated to an especially cruel fate as the heat is not simply uncomfortable, it is burning. Hierro, skin, flesh, it all begins to sear away slowly under this presence.


"Lemme show you a real Cero!"

The warning was given, and not a moment afterwards, the Cero is unleashed. If miraculously the Arrancar decided to try and resist having his eyes burned from his head, he would very briefly see nothing but white as the fury of a raging star surges towards him. The minimal distance Elliseo had put between the two only hinders him as the Cero closes those several meters almost instantly. The wannabe Espada is left with very few options in this moment. Either he attempts to match the Cero in his weakened state, or perhaps he tries his luck at evading the storming beam. Or perhaps, he will choose to accept fate, the Cero enveloping him. There is no time to feel pain, Elliseo is gifted a swift release from life as everything he is made of is eradicated under the burning rage of a star. Nothing is left of the Orca’s Arrancar, not even a spec of blood. From there the Cero continues, never ceasing to gravity but eventually meeting the end of its lifespan with a climactic and gargantuan explosion in the night sky. For a few seconds, the form taken by this otherworldly explosion mimics the display of its creator as the intensity of the light and heat that floods Hueco Mundo multiplies. If those at a distance had decided not to take a hint and continued to look on, they too would be left blinded by the birth and death of this imitating star.

"Beautiful ain't it? Kinda like me, but not as good."


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His eyes still spoke more words than he had verbalized in the past few minutes. He entered the dwelling of the arrancar looking for blood, thirsting for it even. Every single slice made to disembody her found its mark through steel skin, flesh and finally the swirling sea of blood opening from every slit crevice and gash. Abraam was unfazed with his work, because he knew he still had yet to be finished, there was something troubling him however. Through his speed alone he seemed to have overwhelmed her sense of sight enough to trick her into believing in his afterimage, what unsettled him was the speed and power in which his sword was swung, the trajectory once lacing into flesh became mildly skewed. Any master armsman could feel the subtleties and differences in his own stroke as well as his opponents. First, the energy that was exuded off his blade he felt being drained at a slow rate, it wasn't until he nearly finished his combination that he realized what she was capable of. Utilizing her powers of adaptation, Emilia not only sought to siphon his own reiryoku from his sword, but to also take advantage of the metal existing on the blade itself. “This bitch is full of surprises….”.

Abraam wasn’t one for surprises but he most certainly did not assume this battle to be of attrition when he engaged her initially. Regardless of these newfound facts, he continued in his assault, allowing the Adapter to siphon off whatever she needed to "survive" his attacks. It would have been no consequence to him as she would only be absorbing not only the reiryoku that allowed her to heal, but the lingering effects that he not only would bestow upon the room around him, but now would be repackaged and gifted to her. The reiryoku on his sword did exhibit qualities of a destructive Bala and displayed those same qualities of destruction within the onslaught he delivered towards the magenta haired arrancar. But what it also possessed was the overall effects produced by the lizard-like Arrancar such as the petrification of the space around them and the feeling of lethargy that would soon follow once his energy was repurposed by Emilia. Her body would heal as planned but not without the detriment of being poisoned by his own powers, she would quickly feel not only disoriented, but paralyzed from the neck down as her entire body would begin to shut down with every passing second she chose to continue siphoning off his power from his zanpakuto. Once the combination was completed, the blade would be lodged in her neck as she attempted to steal his powers, but she would find it next to impossible to move her limbs and other adjoining extremities as she would have now at this point been turned into a living statue, trapped within her own body unable to move. The Lizard removed his blade from her neck, nearly forcing him to apply certain strength to remove it from her body. The blade itself hadn't been dulled, but had his reiryoku been any less flared then the possibility would have been great. Along with the sudden freeze in her movements, this feeling would also extend to her invisible body part, her reiryoku and other inner energies would also feel stiffened and conjuration of those same energies would also be impossible.

Her eyes would have been able to move, and she might have had some feeling in her neck to rotate it some small degrees to the left or right, but her body itself would serve as a prison, left at the mercy of her Lizard-tongue warden. His prehensile tongue slipped from his mouth, slithering down towards her, starting at the shoulder and slowly making its way up to her face, caressing her cheek with his saliva and bloodlust. The tongue would slowly wrap itself around the neck of Emilia, finally halting whatever form of movement she was left with. Standing behind his prey now, his sword resting on his right shoulder as he pondered what was left to do with the broad. Many options were considered, especially the one involving a standing execution and the removal of her brightly colored head. He could continue in his attempt to dismember her, as the lack of bodily movement and control over her own energies would leave her vulnerable to a severe injury, or even death. Lowering his longsword down to her right shoulder, with the bladed edge resting ever so slightly on her shoulder. Did the Lizard find his mercy?

"Even with the job nearly complete, I still remain a fence sitter…Emilia Kastile. Surrender yourself and admit defeat. Your life isn't what I'm after, it's my seat. Should you choose to continue this annoying display of resistance, I will paint your domain in blood."

He said calmly and completely flat. His demands were simple and clear, he wished to reclaim his seat as the Fifth strongest Arrancar in Maximiliano's reformed army. Nothing less, and nothing more. He then would be interrupted from hearing Emilia's answer, Izeel, or what Abraam was to understand was the Arrancar appeared randomly in front of the two warring entities. Unfazed and unsurprised of the most intelligible Arrancar within Hueco Mundo's presence, he also never feared his arrival either, as his uncanny bloodlust could extend to him as well if he wasn't careful. Abraam silently steeled his approach, his grip on his blade ever so much tighter now as one wrong move from either party within the space could very well mean the end of someone's life.

"There are more pressing matters to be concerned about, but if you two wish to continue this pointless display of power then I will be happy to put an end to this quicker."

Abraam's face did not once change at that statement. He was confused as to why he was being threatened when this level of violence was all that was known to hollows and the arrancar that dwelled in the Las Noches castle. Violence was what spurred the hollows for centuries and even generations, who was Izeel to tell Abraam to stop his will of carrying out long held traditions? A sarcastic grin began being formed in the corner of the Lizards mouth as he lifted his free hand and began charging a bright green cero within his palm, aimed at no one particular person, but he held it, and ever so slightly shifted his foot. While looking directly at Izeel, he decided to humor him by asking him what they all were wondering in the first place.

"Izeel. What the fuck are you doing here? What pressing matters concern me enough for you to pause the fun? We were just getting to know one another. That's all."

He lied as easily as it was taking a breath. The sarcastic tone in his voice was telling enough.The truth was, if Emilia surrendered his life to him then they would have no further issues. But if she didn't submit herself to the Lizard then the overarching problem would soon extend to Izeel's doorstep. Curiosity was the only thing keeping Abraam from acting on his prior statements to the Sixth Espada, and only Izeel could sway the way he behaves in this particular predicament.






Familiar presences make themselves known, while one gets drastically close enough to almost engage with her and Yandiel, he is intercepted by one much more familiar to her. The scent and sound of his voice. She momentarily freezes on The Mantis' shoulders as she turns her gaze towards the sky in the direction of the fired cero. She releases his cranium from her tiny pointed maw, and rests her arms on his head, like a child sitting on a father's shoulders, while her attention is on the distant fight. She can feel the explosions of power burst far in the expanse of Hueco Mundo, the minute shifts in wind, the words exchanged in the air.

"Hm. Mira." She gently pats Yandiel's forehead, pointing up to the duo far in the distance. "They are having fun."

Whether he turned to look at them or not didn't matter to her, it was clear he was more preoccupied with having his own questions answered. She accepts his answer quite easily and is no longer phased by his unusual form of communication.

"I simply had some questions. Aren’t you curious about things?"

Hm? Curious about things? What things? She never thought to question the current state of events. Mostly accepting things as they are, such as her current form. It didn't strike her as odd having a new, even shorter perspective on the world. As a matter of fact, she hadn't even realized the mask on her head had a large crack on it and is now missing a horn, evidence of her interaction with the new Zero Espada. She begins climbing down from Yandiel's shoulders, while reaching up to her mask with her left hand, but as she does this, her shoeless foot slips, and she falls. Startled by the suddenness of this, she fails to catch herself with the wind and falls into the sand. Not on the sand, as one would have expected, but in, as if it were a pool of water. This startles her as she has never known such a sensation in her life, and frantically flails her arms.


"H-hey! Pftftfttrfft!! What do?!"

Like a poison bird, Elliora's unusual and innate ability to assimilate a single aspect of her victim's upon her digestion of them is taking place. First, it was the iridescent tint to her reiatsu from the morsels of the previous godking, then the flames acquired from the fire breathing Aragon, now, upon devouring Galia, she unknowingly became able to permeate through any surface. All that was needed was a little time to digest her large meal. Luckily her metabolism is as fast as she, and did not take hours to process her meal. But now she panics as her mouth becomes filled with sand with all her flailing and kicking, the winds around her do nothing but send more sand flying everywhere.

After a few minutes, a sort of recollection pops into her head. She had seen something to this effect somewhere before. Back in the world of the living, not in sand, but close to it, in the water. Was it in the ocean? A river? A pool? What was it the creature was doing? Smoke appears to come out of hear ears with how hard she is thinking in her attempt to force the memory from the deepest parts of her mind. Elliora ceases her flailing and slowly sinks beneath the surface of the sand. She blinks, somehow able to both see and breathe despite being underground, it was as if she was in the water itself, seeing Yandiel up above her, bewilderment in his face at the display from her. It is finally here that she recalls the distinct flailing motions of the creature from her memory. She repositions herself face down, as if she is on all fours, and begins to... doggy paddle. Slowly, but surely, she finally emerges, peeking her head out from the sand and looks up at the mute man.

"Ptew. Ptew. Elli's okay now. Uh... You say curious about things." She thinks for a moment. "Hmm. Yes, your name, what is it?"


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It was only a matter of time before this fight would be over. Helliodoro’s power was truly an anomaly of it’s own. The extreme and scorching vehemence of the sun was nothing to play with, and Elliseo’s arm suffered the consequences. After breaking lose by using Vagido, Elliseo glanced at his arm. Being locked in combat he couldn’t afford to pay much attention to it. Sadly though, this was the downfall of the Arrancar. As Helliodoro began charging his Cero, the heat around his reiatsu was unbearable. Scorching the entire atmosphere of Hueco Mundo as a whole. Elliseo would feel the arm that the former Vasto touched, and immediately recognize that even through his ridiculous Hierro. His arm was falling off.


Elliseo was for sure the beast had only touched his arm just for a second. Was his heat so ridiculous that just a single touch was a death sentence. No matter. Elliseo couldn’t ponder over it for much longer. The prominence was already becoming a pain, Elliseo having to close his one working eye, to not have it subject to complete incineration. Helliodoro’s Cero was on the verge of eliminating Elliseo from existence, and with one arm gone. The Orcas Arrancar only had one option in his arsenal.


The entire foundation of Hueco Mundo was reeling at the explosion the Cero caused. In the past, individual like Helliodoro would be banned from using abilities this destructive. His Cero being comparable to a normal Espada’s Gran Rey Cero. Helliodoro would be too enamored in his display, too absorbed in his own awesome power to recognize that the Orcas Arrancar was behind him.

“Beautiful ain't it? Kinda like me, but not-“

The blazing sun Arrancar, would be interrupted by the sound of Elliseo’s Sonido blasting his eardrums on his arrival. If Helliodoro took a small glance before his downfall. He’d see the Orcas Arrancar with one arm seared off completely into a stub, clothes singed beyond belief. Elliseo didn’t attempt to take a direct hit or even counter the Arrancar, he knew he stood no chance in his current state. Now he was forced to actually use his Zanpakuto, and as he appeared behind Helliodoro his blade would already be at his back. Slicing down across diagonally on Helliodoro’s skin. Blood would splatter out violently from the slash, almost crippling the Arrancar just from the sheer force of the slash. Although he was a reluctant user of his Zanpakuto, he only brought it out when he felt like he needed to. Facing this absurd beast, he knew….

This was one of those times.