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“Let’s talk about that total loss Zanpakuto. Mukizu right?”

This was where it all went wrong before Kori’s baby blues. She wasn’t unfamiliar with striking deals but her impatient nature often led to the lady getting ahead of herself and In her fever to discover the inner workings of the miracle the drunk had claimed he’d worked on live television her approach had backfired and she’d ruined her long awaited reunion.

”How’d you do it huh? How’d you fix it!?”

The drunk didn’t trust shinigami. Not a single one and with good reason! After all, he’d had his arms taken from him by one and there was no telling what other atrocities he’d suffered at the hands of them in his days gone by. However, the girl couldn’t be faulted too harshly. Her tendency to gravitate to and obsess over the craftsmanship of Zanpakuto was so great that it overruled her sense of nostalgia. The fact remained that the story of his skill had not been the only thing that brought her to Suiyo in that bar.

“With my own hands.”

In that moment that she got a look at the drunk’s flushed face, scores of memories they may not have mutually shared reminded her that she’d initially tracked him down to share a friendly drink with him and genuinely enjoy his long lost company. In her haste she’d let it slip from her thoughts that the man sauntering away from her was not motivated by anything except alcoholic luxuries and a good time. Inwardly, she was cursing at herself for the obvious blunder she’d made and went into overdrive trying to correct it. As he stepped out of the tavern, Kori followed. At a dead sprint.

“HEY! Hang on! Wa- wa- wa- wait wait wait! Hold up a sec!”

In her struggle to push past the crowds of bar goers, Kori knocked a few patrons onto their asses once she burst into action. Whilst she did so, it seemed that the ample time for Musou’s reluctant arrival had come. The dejected, tired and suspicious fourth seat had intercepted Suiyo’s departure and when he did not see the Shiba lady anywhere near her aforementioned target he had become mildly concerned. Musou didn’t know the boozer but he was well aware of why Kori had made a beeline to him despite the trouble she risk ending up in to meet with him but she was nowhere to be found. He wanted to know why. In the most irritating way, that girl had a knack for getting herself into crazy situations and she always found a way to involve him in her shenanigans. Whether it be a bar crawl into the wee hours of the morning or her being hunted by some poor fool she’d duped and robbed, Musou ended up carrying Kori off into the sunset back to the eighth division where she belonged. Although, to his exasperation, she rarely if ever stayed put.


He was her big brother. He watched out for her when they were together and could usually get Kori to stop whatever she was doing before it transcended into disaster. Seeing that his little sister was missing in action but the assisted drunkard was present and accounted for didn’t sit right with him. Sometimes when things came to having to physically find her, she’d bounce from spot to spot so frequently that it wasn’t out of character for him to give up in favor of a nap back at their headquarters but he also knew that he wasn’t going to have to go to the strenuous effort of finding her she was still somewhere in the bar on the premises. Even so, here was her damsel in distress but where was his knight in shining armor? Whatever was going on, he knew the only person who had the answer to his question was right in front of him and until she made her debut no one was going anywhere.


“Where’s Kori?”




As if on cue, the saloon doors burst open with Kori exploding through them. Her legs were stretched open wide ahead of herself as she soared overtop the heads of Suiyo’s entourage which forced them to scatter like a brood of startled chickens until she crash landed directly onto the limbless letcher’s shoulders much-like a child might have. The velocity, accuracy and bewildering of her maneuver took the white-haired man stumbling to the ground on his back with a proud looking Kori grinning down through her legs and bosom at him. Without the use of his hands or arms, it’d have been unlikely that he could maintain his balance in the wake of the Shiba's pounce. Her weight was next to nothing, like a feather, but she wasn’t holding still that was for sure. He couldn’t leave yet! Not when she still had so much to talk about! It wasn’t until the cloud of dust kicked up by her ambush that she realized Musou was right next to her.

“Musoo! What took you so long?! I don’t think he remembers me at allllll.”

Kori recited the Kyoraku's name incorrectly and whined, a byproduct of the inebriated stupor she’d found herself in. In one fell swoop, the mystery of her location was put to rest but raised a cacophony of new concerns. Starting with the shamefully improper way the noble was hunched over the bum.

“No reason to go away so soon! Think we got off on the wrong foot here, We don’t even gotta talk about the Zan! …let’s all just chill out and eat and drink!"

In a blink, those electric eyes of hers were honed in on Suiyo and slowly she lifted a bottle of sake into the air, shaking it’s contents as if it could serve as some kind of incentive to get the white death’s attention in case her jumping him hadn’t.

"It’s been FOREVER you bastard! You used to let me ride on you all the time!”

Everything Kori said and did was in danger of being misconstrued as some kind of inappropriate innuendo or spicy facete of his past life when in actuality, the hopeless drunk had utterly forgotten that he had known the Shiba clan head at the most innocent of times since she was a child. When they were alive, he also knew and broke bread with her parents and was a frequently common house guest if he was in the area. Like everyone in the girl’s life he was not safe from her relentless insistence that he play all manner of games with her and at times she would become so elated that he had come to visit and hid in the rafters of the compound only to leap from those hazardously high ledges onto his unsuspecting frame wandering alone in mock search of her below. Now she was all grown up but prone to the same antics she was as a kid.

“I seriously missed you ya know! You didn’t really forget did you?! It’s me! Kori!!!”




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Great, now who was this? Another scorned lover? Was there something about this place? Wait, no, it must have been the broadcast. Surely not that many people had tuned in to watch Suiyo rob the Shinigami blind. Yet, they just don’t stop. The Drunk Old man was really getting his comeuppance today. A lifetime of lechery finds itself catching up to him.

He can hear the grip of flesh against cloth, as the stranger’s hand clutches tighter around the tsuka of his zanpakuto. A fine specimen, which seemed fluid and deceiving in its swing, yet real in the danger it presents, much like a mirage, or perhaps a vivid dream. Seeing the man’s knuckles grow white, he recognizes a sharpness to the eyes behind his tired and droopy gaze. When the man’s toothpick points skyward, Suiyo’s straw points downward. A true swordsman, this stranger would recognize that had these two oral fixations been blades, the drunk’s new position would be perfectly primed to counter a projectile assault. For a moment, time seems to freeze between the two, their eyes locking. While Suiyo’s face is amused, the stranger's is anything but.

“Where’s Kori?”

Oh, so he was the ex-lovers boyfriend. Ah great, here we go again. How many times was Suiyo going to have to go through this? Luckily it seems the overprotective boyfriend was not so envious that he would spring into violence. Hoping to slip out undisturbed, and avoid the Shinigami presence, Suiyo was once again forced to explain himself. This guy looks tired, maybe if Suiyo just gives him the info he wants, he’ll go away. Since he cannot point towards the entrance, he instead turns to face the bar himself, eyes closed, smiling genuinely.

“Probably she’s in the-”





The explosive woman barrels towards Suiyo once again, only this time she hurdles through the air, legs stretched out wide. Suiyo’s nose begins to bleed, his eye going wide as he sees her approach, his slack jaw dropping the straw to the floor. The bleeding only grows worse when she crashed into him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him beneath her. Without arms to wave around, the Drunken Bastard just wiggles and screams.


“Musoo! What took you so long?! I don’t think he remembers me at allllll.”

The nurses let out a scream, their faces flushing red with jealousy as the pout and look at each other, unsure what to do against this force of nature.

“No reason to go away so soon! Think we got off on the wrong foot here, We don’t even gotta talk about the Zan! …let’s all just chill out and eat and drink!"


The wiggling beneath the woman comes to a stop, his single red eye shooting open to peer at her from the ground, looking between the crevice of her thighs and breasts to raise an eyebrow at the blue-eyed woman. His focus shifts from the voluptuous form of this woman, to the object she holds in her hands, as she waves it in the air, his eye follows it like a dog anticipating a treat.

"It’s been FOREVER you bastard! You used to let me ride on you all the time!”


The muffled yelling has turned into a muffled conversation, as he begins to speak casually, though still pinned beneath her. She talks about their lude history, but from this angle Suiyo is absolutely SURE he has never seen this woman before. This is after all a view that he could never forget.

At this point the nurses have gathered the courage to save their crippled patient from the clutches of this vile woman. All five of them rush her, grabbing her by the shoulders to tear her off of him. They pay no mind to the dangerous man who has come to protect her, he was a man after all, and so not a threat to them, not like her!

“I seriously missed you ya know! You didn’t really forget did you?! It’s me! Kori!!!”

As she is lifted off of her, Suiyo lays in a pool of his own blood, seemingly unmoving. His current state makes the armless man look worse off than he did fighting against the Captains. Had she defeated him with this ludicrous reintroduction? No. Instead, Suiyo reaches into the lexicon of his memory to attempt to recall this strange yet delightful woman. Ignoring her figure, and knowing now that they were not lovers after all. The Drunk tries to think of his assaulter in a different context. Baby blue eyes that peered into the soul and demanded something from it. Where had he seen a look like that before?


Three hundred something years ago he had been offered a tour of the Shiba compound. Having saved the son of the Clan Lord at the time, Kori’s father, from bandits, he was offered anything. Since their exile however, the Shiba have never had much to give. However, seeing their magic first hand, and hearing rumors of their powerful cannon, Suiyo requested a tour. Captivated by the structure, he didn’t pay much attention to the people he met within. However, he did recall the man’s daughter constantly bugging him. She demanded they play a game, to which the Drunkard was told he should never entertain her strange passion. It seemed, at the time, that the family had allowed this girl to take over their household, never winning a game to the young toddler. Trying to appease her with different games such as piggy back rides and mock sword fights never seemed to be enough. With each subsequent visit she demanded they play something more competitive, something with real stakes, until finally Suiyo agreed. The Shiba clan encouraged Suiyo to take it easy on the girl, but the Drunkard thought it would be better to give her a taste of the real world. In a single move, he won the game, taking from her every cent she had saved in her piggy bank for her entire toddler life. Kori and the Shiba had never seen anything like it, and even in her life of gambling, the Shiba woman has never seen that move since.

That is because Suiyo made it up.


“Shiba?! See, you turned out fine!

After some effort, the memory of this event finally floods back to Suiyo’s consciousness, now that it seems to have some relevance to his life. If the festivities had not reminded him of the Shiba Clan’s cannon, or his fight of their specialized Kido, its doubtful they would have ever came to mind, let alone this Kori girl. Fate indeed had a lot in store today.

The five nurses swoop in. One raises Suiyo to his feet, one of them bringing a bottle of wine to his lips as though feeding an injured baby bird. Another goes about dusting him off, removing the filthy dirt of the street from his clothing. Yet another removes her handkerchief from her bosom, its silk already stained with the man’s blood, and uses it to wipe the nosebleed from his face. Soon, he is in tip top shape, as the final nurse returns the conductor’s straw to the armless prisoner’s lips.

“He’s uh, he seems alright too.”

Suiyo says from the corner of his mouth, looking at Kori but nodding towards Musou. It is a begrudging nod of approval, He smiles back towards the man and tries to wink, but with only one eye it becomes an overly friendly blink. Then immediately, he hones in on the bottle that she had offered to share.

“Eating, drinking, you’re my kind of people. This place blows though, let's gonna walk.”

The nurses all exchange nervous glances, soon to be forced back into their intense routine. As their patient starts to walk down the street, no care in the world, they yelp and spring into action. One reaches into her bag to produce three bottles of liquor, which she hands to Suiyo’s new compatriots, while holding it for him to drink through the straw. Another seems tasked with procuring food, as she runs to a stall and purchases three sticks of fried pork, which she places in their remaining hands, before feeding it to Suiyo from the other side. While two do this, another one lines up at remaining stalls, preparing for the next course, while the fourth purchases bottles of booze to fill the bag. The final nurse in turn drags the bag of bottles behind the duo.

Stumbling while walks towards the sunset, his head swings side to side limply as he bites from the pork here, and sips from the straw there.

“So, whatchya wanna know?”




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No sooner had Jatiri stepped out of the tent than someone bumped into him. He turned to look briefly at them. His glance then lowered to the cup of ramen in their hands. He made his way to the area with food carts, his mind on various foods, such as noodles, meats, rice balls, cakes, and other foods he saw while passing. The noodles looked good, but there was something about the sushi. He bought some, and because he always ate his food slowly to make it last and savor it, the sushi was certainly being savored, and with the savoring came thirst. Rather than quench his thirst with water, he opted for a tea, Genmaicha. It wasn’t bad. A couple of sips had him considering getting more. By the time he considered getting more, he was away from the cart selling the tea; still, he turned back. As he did that, he was bumped into for the second time today. How annoying! Couldn’t people watch where they were going?

Not those whose well-being was being threatened. Nevertheless, Jatiri was not threatened by what began unfolding in front of him. But how would it end? Did he care? Sipping his tea, he remained close by, watching and assessing the sudden chain of events: people shouting, fists flying, a person being flung into the air. The person landed with a thud. They were flat on their back, slowly attempting to stand again but failing. They had a delusion that they could still fight, that the fight hadn’t already been over. They were too prideful to stay down, but all they could do was visualize defeating while being defeated. They were kicking, kneeing, and elbowing, only they weren’t. These things were being done to them. Ouch! The elbowing was brutal. It occurred a few times before being interrupted, as the “fight” was finally broken up. The person who had taken the beating still had the will to go on, but their body wouldn’t allow them.

While they lacked the skills of a fighter, they had the spirit. Jatiri recognized that and was reminded of his younger self, having gotten into fights in Rukongai and having sometimes bitten off more than he could chew. He had possessed a different set of goals and beliefs then. It had been when he had been more prone to violence, the kind without rules. That sort of violence, in many cases, was fatal. Even so, he had never been against the violence. Whenever, in the past, he had encountered the violence, he had embraced it. But with time, he had started to question what it had been for, what purpose it had served, whether there had been a purpose to him having bloodied others or others having bloodied him. If there had been a purpose, he couldn’t find it. He had instead found he had been aimless. But in that aimlessness, he would find direction through the Gotei 13 since joining the military organization had given him what he had longed for.






It would appear that the party would end as the Rukongai man had been the first to walk off. Shame, looks like there were more drinks to go around for himself at least. Yet a woman would go and begin to talk of dealings of a past, to the man. Elk himself would pour some of the Sake into the cup in front of himself and the one that was meant for Signy.

"Not at all..."

Both eyes shifted up towards the Oki woman, catching a smile one that had him screaming internally, a slight twitch of hand as he held his cup of sake. Yet he himself would appear calm, if not friendly, before they would switch over to Signy’s as she stood beside him, her hair had still been that blond with blue tips. That distraught and anger had him worried on what she might do.

"...we're actually on our way out, Hoshi. You'll have to forgive us, but duty calls."

“Ahh so soon, ahh well It was nice seeing again Oki.”

“You are in 3rd division are you not? Could you please deliver that to Asahi Kajiyashiki. I hear he is quite fond of sweets.”

“I will deliver these to him.”

A small chuckle came across him as he finally began to drink his sake, gulping it down as fast as he could before the sting of alcohol finally hit him to which he would place the cup down on the table, though his fist clenched as his eyes closed. Before he leaned back into the chair he sat upon. By the time he had finished his drink it would appear the bar had finally started to empty itself out say for the ones in front.

“That went better than expected, Though I have to ask, how did you find out he was from 3rd div- You know what never mind.”

A stupid question on his part, his hand again reached for the bottle of Sake, yet instead of pouring it into his glass he would begin to drink it straight from the bottle, once again chugging the sake down till it was completely gone. His cheeks began to flush red as his head leaned back against the chair once more, pushing himself till he was balancing himself on the two back legs of his chair, ever so carefully adjusting himself to keep the balance. A small chuckle came out from him as his head turned towards his wife, smiling at her to say everything was going to be okay.

“With all that out of the way, should we go? Or would you like to stay?”

His hand reached into his Shihakusho, pulling out the Kan envelope he had, before tossing it onto the table for the payment of the drinks he had just ordered.



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The Commander was not granted the liberty of having his own conversation with those who had—while facing defeat—still bravely participated in the Kenpachi Games. He was interested in knowing Honoka’s state of health and mind, understanding who the man was that Captain Oda had subdued, and even wanted to know the reasoning behind the Mad Buddha’s eventual departure from the games as a whole. He is robbed of all potential answers, his attention taken away by the gnawing voices of his subordinates at the base of his ear. He held no actual ill feelings towards them as individuals but began to experience fear in his own decision to conduct this tournament today of all days. As he was robbed of answers continuously, those around him seemed to present him with a great deal more questions and problems, without the slightest of solutions. He remains arisen, stoically—his sapphire gaze drifting away from those that now surround him, off into the distant crowd as he consumes all of the troublesome reports.
“I'd hope you'd be enjoying the festivities, but it seems as though some information has plagued your day. I regret to inform you of more if Head Lieutenant Kasumi hasn't already.”

It continued. He huffs lightly under his breath, the tuft of his beard slipping into a wayward breeze, fluttering majestically to somewhat mask his worrisome nature.
“It's been reported that both Lieutenants Ueku and Toshiyuki have passed. Ueku's is currently preserved in Tenth Division. Toshiyuki's body status is unknown. Three seated officers have also suffered critical damage and are currently going under treatment. The status of Third Seat Kiyoshi, Third Seat Takahiro, and FIfth Seat Nokoribi are unknown as of this current time. Additional reinforcements have been sent to Naruki City, but..."

"Forgive me if I am overstepping my boundaries, but... what exactly is going on, Commander?"

Captain Yugure had every right to speak freely and to express concern where it should most definitely be present—But again the question remains, what solutions did the Commander, or any of his compatriots have? He is informed of the situation but it seemed very few were naturally, responding without the directive from the big man himself. Was this what they had become? A barren and lazy conglomerate of civilians with swords and those that could only be described as a warrior by name? The self-sufficient utopia the Commander had strived to build, the strength that he had attempted to ingrain seamlessly into the very culture of the Gotei 13, seemed to once again fall short in the face of true adversity and chaos. His orbs of blue are hidden from view briefly as his fists clench, resting against the large podium obviously only fit for a man of his size. The young captain looks towards him, still—her eyes heavy, burdening, knowing that it was his words and his words only that can quell the doubt and fear that would soon begin to fester among the ranks as the news was spread. The once lackadaisical and brutish Higen had been condemned to a life of responsibility and purpose. The Shining Knight had the cracks in his armor exposed long ago, yet what lay beneath it was a beacon, one that all had been drawn to. A luminous light, far-casting, hope within the darkness; This is what he had become.
”Yet another lieutenant has fallen Commander. The situation is getting more and more out of hand..”

”I knew from the messages I got that Toshiyuki was dead but no body was found and still hasn’t been found. We did not know about Ueku and the others who were injured and brought back. There is much work to be done, I won't take up any more of your time Commander. Yasu..it..it’s good to see you. ”

” Then I will take my leave, please do enjoy the rest of the games.”
”Understood. I will see to it.”

”I too will be on my way.”

The Head lieutenant's words were contributions to that which was already known and understood, but it isn’t until hearing her repeat the same words of Captain Yugure that it begins to set in. While both Katsuo and Jinnosuke were lieutenants, Ueku was in a class of his own; some would even consider him to be a war power. For him to be dispatched and then disposed of, the type of enemy they were forced to face had to be something otherwordly. He was undoubtedly one of the Seireitei’s strongest fighters and most adamant protectors yet somehow, he had become a mere corpse. The time to mourn would come later, as of right now, there was only one thing that could be valuable to them in a situation such as this. As both Munehisa and Fuyuko depart, the Commander reflects on moments of a distant past—during the Thousand Year Blood War, countless lives were lost, and wasted, in the face of ignorance. The pride-stricken Gotei-13 of this era hastily discovered the error in their ways, as both Lieutenants and Captains alike were slain, and Shinigami were robbed of their Bankai effortlessly by the enemy. Thousands of years later we would have not learned from our mistakes, evident in the many Captains lost in their expedition to hell, never to return. Without the proper information to gauge and understand the enemy, to genuinely know the degree of problem they had begun to face, there would only be more casualties. As tightly as his fists were clenched, and as angry as the Knight had become, he would not make the same mistakes as his predecessors.

“Captain Yugure.”

Sternly, with just the two of them remaining in close proximity, the Commander allows his voice to travel so that only she can hear it. His eyes open, a fierceness present as his brows furrow and stiffly overlap his eyelids. The tight-wound fabric in the softer portion of his gauntlet seems to be stretched and strained, derailed from its seams just from the strength of the Commander’s fingers digging into his palm.

“With Captain Hageshi and Captain Nakamoto beginning their bout, the two Captains of our primary reinforcement and relief divisions are indisposed. I don’t know what’s going on, but we must maintain the guise of normalcy at all costs. For this, I rely on you. I need to know everything, as soon as it happens; no—before it happens. You said we’ve already sent reinforcements; send more. No one too high profile. Grunt work, eyes, ears. We need to re-establish control by any means necessary. All reports are to be forwarded to me directly. Keep the circle small so we can avoid panic, the continuation of the festival is necessary to be successful in this. See if it’s possible to also get in contact with the 12th Division, I want the live vitals of every individual present in the World of The Living. I need first-hand accounts of what has transpired. As soon as able, Lieutenant Izumi is to spearhead medical relief to any and everyone that may need it in both Karakura and Naruki city. Now that Captain Oda is free, it must be made possible to send members of the Kido Corps to help stabilize the scene in both cities. I want barriers erected, buildings repaired, and people protected. Those there who have chosen to fight, need to focus on fighting and fighting only. If their attention is diverted, more casualties are a guarantee!”

His words are emboldened by a fire that had been erected within the giant man. Behind the glassy surface of his eyes, ribbons of emerald green can be seen dancing in a verdant light. He had been exerting his thoughts, his dominance, trusting one of the younger captains with something beyond important. To say she had been sheltered, pulled away from the normal burdens he bestowed upon the more tenured captains would no longer be a true statement. He relied on her aptitude and her discretion. Her time under the Phantom should make this second nature, and he was sure the Gremlin would rise from her adolescent shadow, and assume the mold of a true Captain. After all, she had stared him down, felt the base of the Commander’s foot against her ribs and spine, and had lived to tell the tale. She was sharpened, by the Commander himself, for One-Hundred years; the odds of her having to challenge anything remotely within the scope of that was a near impossibility. Her courage was needed, even as it became glaringly more obvious that before the day had ended, she could lose a friend or two to the looming cloud of death.

The stage, which had once been used to celebrate and host the games in full, had become a home base of sorts. The Commander’s mind cannot help but pander to his former division, the state of its members as Naruki City is being ravaged by an unknown enemy. How did Shizuka fare? How could he have let things get this out of control?