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The soft fluttering of eyes. Lashes filtered the orange glow that filled the tent. A hand reaches out, stopping to hover above where the woman lies. Before she could rise. Teal-hued reiatsu pooling at her fingertips, appearing almost to drip down as a steady stream, coating the prone patient. It was her last gift to the woman.

A typical head injury, especially one that resulted in unconsciousness, would leave the afflicted in a daze upon waking. Honoka would not suffer such effects. Accompanied by the sensation of an embrace from one she cared about most in the world, Junko left her with this parting favor.

Stepping to the other side of the cloth barrier they had erected, Junko's searching eyes landed instead upon the man from Third. There was no true reason to be surprised, the two sharing a squad. It was logical he would show concern for the woman. A twinge of pain was visible for a fleeting moment in her eyes. The sensation she had received from him in their last encounter had remained with her. What a deep sadness. Buried inside and underneath everything this man seemed to boast as strength, he had, if just for a second, revealed his hidden suffering.


A bow was given, a soft smile greeting the man. As was the case for Honoka, he too would feel such a firm grip on his body. A silent acknowledgment of his pain. A hurt a simple medic was powerless to treat.

"I appreciated your help with the students," A sincere thought, one she had wished to express but had not the time for.

Her steps resumed, and nods were given to the staff around her. Aware of their roles, Junko would entrust them with their tasks. It was only steps outside of the tent. A bright grin for each face she passed as she left the tent. Faced suddenly with two souls. One holding the camera, the other a microphone. The blue-haired girl seemed uncomfortable as if forced to be where she was, yet received Junko's ire all the same. Glaring eyes upon them, wordlessly she insisted upon the suffering that would follow should they cause her patient more pain.

Then she simply walked past them.

Three simple paces. The small woman launched into shunpo. Navigating easily through the crowds, Junko was barreling her way toward Fourth Divisions. For a medic, for a higher-ranked officer, revealing her concerns to those around her was unacceptable behavior. Showing weakness. Fear. Hurt. She had accepted this role the last time she allowed herself to behave in such a manner. With the new Captain of Eleventh. Stepping into that woman's shoes was a monumental task.

Such a person could not let it be known. Those she was leaving behind. Those she was rushing toward. A dark reality. Weaving its way through her other problems and worries. Cleverly floating about her mind before crashing down in the front lines of her thoughts.

"This is Fourth Seat Hiroka Ikari of Eleventh Division. I require immediate medical assistance near the Central Senkaimon. I have with me Third Seat Shoumetsu Takahiro who is in critical condition after a confrontation with an Arrancar in Naruki. I have bound his wounds to reduce the bleeding but I’m incapable of administering any further aid myself."

What exactly awaited her upon her arrival?

Rukongai >>>>> Travelling to >>>>>> Northeast




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Both of her feet had planted themselves on the rooftop of a fine establishment that provided spirits to spirits. Perched high above the ground, she'd watched Suiyo disappear inside along with a handful of others and decided that it was finally time to make her move. The place was one of her familiar haunts and it was always full of people who recognized her the moment that she dropped down onto the ground and entered. The most prominent thing about the navy-haired woman was the undeniable fact that she was absolutely sloshed.

“MaaaAAn! There’s the LooooOOOOooosEr! RIiight there! Look at ‘er. Weak I tell ya! I am SOoooO glad that I ain’t wager on that broad!”

“Hey, not so loud, she’s right over there!”


With the festival at it's peak, the building was splitting at it's seams and teaming with activity. Kori Shiba staggered about first bumping into a table with an elderly woman who she recognized as one of the unsuccessful competitors from the games plus a dark haired young man who must have been her companion. Then, she narrowly missed colliding with a second pair; a man and a woman. She had exotically colored hair with lavender eyes and his was blue with eyes that didn't match.

“If you would be so kind as to bring another two bottles, I having a feeling one might not be enough for this table. Oh, I’m sorry I hope you wouldn’t mind if I have a seat here?”

By the looks of it, he was even moving in on her mark but with visibly good tidings, so she didn't react. That was alright. As long as he didn't get in her way. Regardless of the pain she should have caused herself, Kori didn't bat an eye because she was focused, zeroed in and on her way toward her target which happened to be the thoroughly inebriated scruffy white haired man surrounded by fourth division grunts.



In unison, all of the snakes in the room started to hiss.
The den of their vitriol continued to spew venom while Kori made a beeline for the drunk. They were sad old fools that had been burned by her once before and whenever they caught a glimpse of the lady, they were incapable of keeping their disdain to themselves. Albeit, their words were only whispers but to the much larger and deadlier snake these victims of hers were screaming like unruly children unable to even make eye contact with her. Whining like the prey they had been. What could be done about it though? They had already lost to her and none were keen on going head to head with the likes of her again. However, luck was on their side! Kori was not there for them.


She reached out to a lonely bottle of sake on the bar and snatched it up with no care for it’s cost considering it had been kindly donated and in the same motion, One of the medics found themselves flying a few steps backwards into a chair where they’d sit bewildered but comfortable and now Kori had taken their place. with the bottle in her hand, she harshly slammed it onto the bar and started to lean in as close as she could get to the drunk. The nearer she got, the more her rosy bulbous cleavage threatened to spill out in front of everyone. Upon her arrival, Suiyo’s other aides began to fuss about like tiny chicks too afraid, flustered and perplexed to function properly.

“I NEVER forgot your face.”

The young lady’s tone was darkened with loath for the limbless man but her words were slightly slurred. Her eyes were bright and blue to the naked eye but to him…they surely possessed the bewitching glow of someone with a life-long grudge.

“I’m NEVER gonna forget what you DID to me!”

At this point, all of the aides had withdrawn in terror and watched the drama unfold before their frightened eyes. They, like just about everyone else in the soul society, did not know a single significant thing about the drunk in their charge. Who he was and what he had done in his centuries aimlessly wandering the landscapes was a mystery to them, much less what manner of encounter he’d had with the eighth division’s Kori Shiba to be deserving of such palpable hatred. What did this drunken bastard do?!

“I’m NEVER gonna forget what you TOOK from me! I swore to my mother and my father, the day you crawled back to the Rukongai, I’d get my revenge!”

Her fist hit the table causing the bottle to fly into the air but before it could fall and spill it’s contents, she caught it and snatched up a saucer off a table nearby.

“But first!”


She filled it to it’s brim and sat down directly beside him. Her exposed chest bounced jubilantly while the force of her seating triggered an abrupt change in the atmosphere and with it, her attitude. Where there had been rage there was now glee. An ugly scowl made way for a cutesy grin. Her genuine happiness was so potent that Suiyo would have been able to swear that she was radiating sparkles.

“We drink.~”

Such violent mood swings weren’t out of the ordinary for the young clan head. If anything about her could be expected it was that she regularly did the unexpected. Unexpected was exactly what was going on here. His very presence in that bar was unexpected. Although, it was not unwanted. Her parents had always been fond of the silly drunk who stumbled upon their doorstep and had gone as far as inviting him to take part in celebrations they frequently hosted. Before their deaths, all that she could remember were happy times but after she lost them it was as if all of the shine that the world once had, was gone. It’d been forever since she had last seen Suiyo and even though she had been very young at the time, she considered him a friend. Even though she wasn’t sure if he’d remember the Shiba brat or not, Kori was overjoyed to see him again and desperately wanted to share a shot or two with him for old times sake. Despite the certainty that he had committed the unforgivable.

“Let’s talk about that total loss Zanpakuto. Mukizu right?”

The way Kori saw it, now that Musou was on his way to save herself from herself, acquiring valuable information about Suiyo’s feat before the fourth seat could was the name of the game! How funny would it have been for her to be privy to such knowledge while he would be left in the dark until he fished for the answers he was seeking by himself! It was just too damn good to pass up! Then again…there was still a chance that he hadn’t woken up from one of his naps at all and she’d end up drinking herself further into a stupor by the time he actually got there.
Either outcome was just fine with Kori.

”How’d you do it huh? How’d you fix it!?”

There was no getting around it, how she was going about reuniting with Suiyo was unusual. Anyone else would had to have had the class to formally introduce themself at the very least but the blush staining her cheeks was enough for all to see that Kori was plastered. Obviously, she wasn't thinking straight! As if to entice a response from him, she offered the sake-filled saucer. It seemed that they were rather like-minded in the sense that they both would gladly offer and accept alcohol in exchange for enlightenment. If Musou wasn’t fast enough, he’d get there just in time to find both of them completely trashed.
Boy, was he gonna be pissed!


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“Tsukareta!” (疲れた, “I’m tired”)

Yasu exhales and finds herself resting in the tent, lying on her side as she chews on the assortment of snacks that she received earlier after her interview with Kazumi. The second and final round of the games is underway, and she, for the moment, was given a moment to breathe after battling for so long and so roughly at that. She absentmindedly observes both the match on Sokyoku Hill and the rising and falling bets regarding the predicted outcomes of the game’s victor.

“Hageshi’s leading at 55%, but Nakamoto’s not doin’ too bad either. Maybe those people who voted for Tenzen will change their bets.”

Slowly sitting up, she scratches at the back of her head and lets out a yawn. The Ninth Division captain was busy, whether it seemed like it or not. There were continuous scouts on the prowl, taking in names of potential shinigami that hailed from the Rukongai in assistance with the Seventh Division. Yasu hasn’t had a moment of rest, even with the number of subordinates that she had underneath her. If she even let up for a moment, she’d be the one to blame, no one else. However, what is often overlooked, is how privy the Ninth Division was when it came to gathering information, especially when it came to the happenings inside of the Gotei Thirteen. The Ninth Division, tasked with both the security force of the Seireitei and the producers of the Seireitei Communication Column, they had to be in the know of everything and everything that they could get their hands on. Even if they received reports from each division separately, there were things in which they'd have to find themselves.

That was what Yasu has tasked the members of the Ninth Division with, units stationed in different parts of the Rukongai and of the Seireitei itself, like cogs in a machine, constantly turning in order to continue operating. If one fails, the machine will falter, and that was something that couldn't happen. Otherwise, those broken, and inefficient cogs would get replaced immediately.

Nonstop, the dings that came from her denreishiki were endless as more and more information compiled from Ninth’s discoveries and anything recorded in the games was stashed right into the heavy archives that plagued her device. Pulling the device from a pocket within her shihakusho, a nimble thumb tapped away at the screen to see the abundance of messages. Walls of information greeted the captain and she read through each and every line that crossed her screen.

“Communications from Naruki City: Eleventh Division’s Lieutenant Ueku and Third Seat Takahiro provided reinforcement to Lieutenant Hyouzoku and Third Seat Kiyoshi. Reports of extreme Hollow traffic. Gentai Kaijo release was requested from Tenth Division and granted by Head Lieutenant Kasumi. Update awaiting.”

“Communications from Karakura Town: Reports of extreme Hollow traffic. Lieutenant Toshiyuki considered M.I.A. Investigation underway. Fifth Seat Nokoribi engaged. Update awaiting.”

“Communications from Rukongai: Seventh Division’s Lieutenant Ise has been admitted to the Fourth Division for injuries, accompanied by unseated Momotomo.”

“Gentei Kaijo? The threat must be of a high level if it’s necessary for that request.” Yasu mumbles to herself and continues to scroll down. It’d been a while since those had been sent. It’d probably happened right at the beginning of the first round. “That Ise really is a strange one, but I guess having lost her captain only two weeks ago really messed with her.”

“Communication from Southeast Seireitei: Fourth Seat Feng and Fifth Seat Kajiyashiki involved in combat, disrupted by Twelfth Division’s Lieutenant Kurotsuchi and Third Seat Kasumioji experiments. Fourth Division’s Lieutenant Izumi dispatched for assistance, arrived and intercepted Kurotsuchi. Requested for Sixth Division assistance, no response.”

“Communications from Southwest Seireitei: Reinforcements headed to Naruki City, Sixth Seat Shohei engaged. Ninth Seat Tsutsui engaged. Fourth Division, Third Seat Tsunoda engaged.”

“Kurotsuchi-san... What did you do this time? Hopefully, it wasn't as bad as his live experimentation with the tentacles..." Yasu shudders and continues down the list of messages when more news of Naruki and Karakura floods her screen and she grows tense as further reinforcements are recorded to be sent to Naruki City. They already had two lieutenants, as well as their respective third seats with them. What was going on? The moment she scrolled down further, Yasu's questions were answered, and she wished that they weren't.

“Communications from Northeast Seireitei: Third Seat Takahiro, Third Seat Kiyoshi recently admitted with critical damage from Naruki City. Fifth Seat Nokoribi was recently admitted with critical damage from Karakura Town. Inducted into Heavy Injury Treatment.”

“Communications from Southwest Seireitei: Lieutenant Ueku has suffered critical damage and has passed. His body is currently preserved under Tenth Division supervision for the time being.”

“Communications from Northwest Seireitei: Lieutenant Toshiyuki has been reported as K.I.A. Body unrecovered from Thirteenth Reconnaissance.”

Yasu hops down from her seat, but at the moment at which it seems her foot is just about to touch the ground, her body disappears and she suddenly appears before the Captain-Commander, with the Head Lieutenant right at his side. Though having been enjoying the festivities, the grim look that Higen possessed was more than apparent at that time, and Fuyuko's presence only spelled for further disturbances. Yasu was well aware of how diligent her friend was with her work, so things like the games would have never garnered her attention to come in person. For the Head Lieutenant to have come here meant that she, too, have received bits and pieces of information about the happenings outside of the Soul Society. She offers the bow of her head to her Commander before she begins.

“I'd hope you'd be enjoying the festivities, but it seems as though some information has plagued your day. I regret to inform you of more if Head Lieutenant Kasumi hasn't already.”

The messages had already been forwarded right to Fuyuko's denreishiki for further records of the information that will eventually circle back to her anyway.

“It's been reported that both Lieutenants Ueku and Toshiyuki have passed. Ueku's is currently preserved in Tenth Division. Toshiyuki's body status is unknown. Three seated officers have also suffered critical damage and are currently going under treatment. The status of Third Seat Kiyoshi, Third Seat Takahiro, and FIfth Seat Nokoribi are unknown as of this current time. Additional reinforcements have been sent to Naruki City, but..."

The Ninth Division captain wavers. Although well outside of her jurisdiction, the concern for her fellow shinigami still exists, and for them to come back either dead or in critical condition as they did, something was truly amiss.

"Forgive me if I am overstepping my boundaries, but... what exactly is going on, Commander?"



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The Commander was not a master in masking his feelings, at least not to her. Having served at his side for centuries his different shifts in moods had become easily identifiable to her. The more she spoke and delivered her report, the lower his thrill and enjoyment towards the games became. The correlation between the two impossible to miss. As the Commander listened, eyes continuing to watch the games play out, Fuyuko continued to speak while in turn, watching the Commander. Never one to be called a genius, Commander Kageyaki was incredibly wise and insightful, able to piece together intel given, connect the invisible dots to paint a picture, to gain insight and understanding into whatever the topic of discussion might be. While watching the Commander as she speaks she observes the shifting in his expression as the cogs within his mind turn and work.

Before Fuyuko could delve any further in discussion, another member of the First Division arrives to further disturb the Commander’s enjoyment. Munehisa Kobayashi, not unlike Fuyuko herself, was a workaholic, ever working on some task regardless of how minor or major. As he delivers his own report, her eyes that had been fixed on her Captain, shift over towards the massive screens displaying the games. She observes the two youngest Captains, Yasu and Yú — her former classmates back in their Academy days, and two of her closest friends. Fuyuko had secretly been rooting for the both of them, certain that even if one of them should fail the other would progress pretty far. They were both smart, talented and powerful shinigami afterall.

The rising of the Commander called her attention back from the games, his massive shadow blanketing both her and Munehisa beneath its reach.

“Lieutenant Kasumi–I want you to closely monitor everything happening in both Naruki City and Karakura Town. The situation has become delicate, and we cannot allow it to spiral out of our hands. The games will continue, this I’m sure you know, but I will not leave our soldiers to the wolves. Something is wrong–I’m not entirely sure what, but we can’t be caught off guard. I need eyes, ears, and bodies in The World of the Living. If they are not alerted already, any reserves from the Tenth, Thirteenth, and Fourth Divisions are to be deployed immediately. Any information you gather prior to their arrival needs to be sent to my Denreishiki post-haste. If need be, I will handle this situation personally.”

Hearing her orders Fuyuko nods her head in understanding, preparing to leave only to be halted as he tagged on an additional command…a request. It was a request to look after both Akarui and the children, to further insure their safety.

”Rest assured Sir, your will is my command.”

‘’I will handle this situation personally’. How many times had she heard such a line from him? Far too many for her liking. While she trusted her Captain, she disliked how he was always almost eager to place himself in danger, in seeking to carry nearly every burden, further taxing his body, mind and spirit. She knew he meant what he said, if he deemed the situation to be too much for the others, regardless of if it was true or not…he’d personally take to the battlefield. What would happen this time if he did? She puts away those thoughts, presenting a final bow to the Commander before leaving to fulfill his orders, her duty.

Before she could take her leave, a face she had been looking at upon the screen, a face she had reminisced about appeared before her and those present. It was her friend, her former classmate and as of recently, the new Captain of Squad Nine, Yasu. She greets her friend with a smile, eying a shift in her demeanor, was something the matter?

"It's been reported that both Lieutenants Ueku and Toshiyuki have passed. Ueku's is currently preserved in the Tenth Division. Toshiyuki's body status is unknown. Three seated officers have also suffered critical damage and are currently going under treatment."

Fuyuko’s eyes widen in surprise briefly before she irons out her expression, returning it to its apathetic mask. Another Lieutenant has died on the field of battle..just..just what in the world was going on? Fuyuko looked over towards the Commander, her hands rolled into tightly clenched fists.

”Yet another lieutenant has fallen Commander. The situation is getting more and more out of hand..”

The raven looked at her friend solemnly.

”I knew from the messages I got that Toshiyuki was dead but no body was found and still hasn’t been found. We did not know about Ueku and the others who were injured and brought back. There is much work to be done, I won't take up any more of your time Commander. Yasu..it..it’s good to see you. ”

Fuyuko gave one last look at Yasu, The Commander and Munehisa.

” Then I will take my leave, please do enjoy the rest of the games.”

She nods her head in farewell to those gathered as she exits the stage, disappearing once more into the large crowd. She would return to the barracks, check in on the children and the Commander’s partner. The further she waded through the ocean of bodies, the more her figure became obscured, before disappearing altogether within the crowded streets of the Rukongai.

Heading back to central —---------- from rukongai




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Full House

“Well, looks like he’s not coming back.”
"If I wasn't already almost executed, I'd lend a hand."

The woman that enters is not the powerful soul that he had sensed pursuing him, and yet it seemed this description was fitting nonetheless. The woman behind him had of course garnered the drunk’s attention, from her stride towards the table, to when she had ordered a drink especially.


Suiyo says, having finished sucking up the remainder of his own sake bottle through a wooden straw. His back turned to the woman with these words, he would now swivel in his chair, turning to face her in one smooth moment. The straw sticks out of the corner of his mouth like a piece of grass, as his crimson hues lock upon the Oki’s own emeralds.

“I would have liked that.”

Suiyo had spotted the tall beauty right before the games had started, and like all tall beauties, he sensed something about her. Preoccupied with his own unexpected fight, as well as his dramatic run in with the law, Suiyo hadn’t been able to even catch the woman’s name. He did recall however that he had wished her luck, and hoped that at the very least that helped her out. After all, some might consider it bad fortune to be wished luck by a drunk man. Unfortunately, by her demeanor, choice of setting, and that dangerous look on her face, Suiyo had an inkling of how it went.

“The academy had a surprise visit from the Twelfth Division’s Nyūraku.-”

As the shinigami square went about his personality-less drabble, Suiyo would wink at Honoka, turning back on his stool. As he shifts, one fourth division nurse swaps his empty bottle with a full one, her arm striking out like a cobra, before she slithers away back into the shadows. Suiyo however, seems not to notice, as he sticks his straw into the new bottle and begins drinking its contents like a juice box. For a moment he is content, until yet another pair of shinigami walk through the door.

“Man, I have not had a drink in a long time. ”

"A bar, oh goody."

Was this is the only bar in the entire rukongai? Suiyo had dipped into this seemingly non-conspicuous establishment in order to confront whoever was following him. Instead, after just being arrested by the Shinigami, and trying to hide from his shinigami tail, he found himself in a bar crowded with several of them. There was just too much heat for a man who just narrowly escaped prison. What’s worse, none of these souls had been the one he had intended on confronting in the first place.

“Yup time to go.”

Suiyo mutters to himself, causing his entourage of nurses to widen their eyes. They had just received a moments break, and him going back out into the festival meant it was going to be all hands on deck. As he stumbles towards the entrance the drunk doesn’t bother to look over his shoulder back at the woman. She is now surrounded by coworkers trying to grab her attention every which way, a popular person it seems. Plus, Suiyo isn’t good with goodbyes. Well, maybe this once…

“See you arou-” “You…”

Hey, About That

A fiery young woman bursts through the door, catching the scorn of the patrons even beyond the oki woman, and even beyond her shinigami compatriots. She storms towards the fleeing Suiyo, who is forced to backtrack. He walks backwards as she charges him, grabbing a bottle off the bar in fury.

“I NEVER forgot your face.”

Uhoh, another scorned lover? Come to think of it, being televised was not a great way to stay inconspicuous. As she storms the swordsman, what remains of his shoulders shrug, his blush intensifying as his lips move to form words.

“I’m NEVER gonna forget what you DID to me!”

Oh no, this is a scorned lover for sure. The beautiful baby blues of her eyes were corrupted by the sheering hatred of a lifelong grudge. Suiyo’s singular red eye squints, locking with her ceruleans, as he tries to recall her face. This lasts but for a single second, before she watches his eye slowly drift downwards and widen, peering at her breasts. Analyzing these with an even greater scrutiny, his face upholds all seriousness, though it has become bright red. Yet even these beauties were unfamiliar.

“I’m NEVER gonna forget what you TOOK from me! I swore to my mother and my father, the day you crawled back to the Rukongai, I’d get my revenge!”

Ah, so it was like that. Perhaps this woman was once an innocent and pure young maiden, until the handsome swordsman strolled through town one night. With a tarnished reputation, she couldn’t help but grow into the drunk mess she appears to be.

“Listen hun, sometimes-”

Her fist slams into the bar, causing Suiyo to fall backwards back onto his stool.

“But first!”

Suiyo’s black brow raises as she grabs a saucer from the air, filling it with his sake, before sitting it down beside him. Slack jawed, his gaze follows the saucer downward until it placed in front of him. With such a downward gaze, he witnesses the woman’s exposed chest bounced jubilantly, his jaw remaining slacked. A droplet of blood falls from his nose, which is quickly caught in the handkerchief of one of the nurses, who has rushed over at full speed. With the blood soaking the silk cloth, she folds it four times into a perfect triangle, then tucks it tightly into her chest for safe keeping.

“We drink.~”



Suiyo shouts so loud that the very walls of the bar shake, he shouts like a desperate shinigami calling upon the ultimate power of their bankai. Only, instead of a potent release of reiatsu, the drunkard instead spits his straw out at a breathtaking speed. Flying like an arrow, it hits the end of the sake bowl, causing the liquid contents within to go soaring into the air. Catapulted, the air-born sake flies straight into the drunk’s open mouth, mimicking the arc and intensity of taking a shot!

Finally! All he had wanted was for a shinigami to offer him a damn drink! He was starting to wonder if they even knew how to party at all! Why throw a festival if you weren’t going to be festive? Aren’t they here to celebrate? Where is the celebration?!

“Let’s talk about that total loss Zanpakuto. Mukizu right?”

Ah, there's the catch. That’s what this woman had wanted the entire time, this shinigami-pursuer. Just like the nark-monk who turned out to be alright, this woman wants to pry information out of the drunk. For all their pride and boasting, its clear that shinigami fear nothing more than the unknown. Where Suiyo sees a challenge, the Gotei Thirteen see a threat. Still, this bodacious babe from Suiyo’s past had a lot more effective interrogation tactic. Refilling the bowl with sake, she holds it up towards his lips in offering. An offer which is quickly accepted. As Suiyo sips from the bowl, he looks up to the stranger, who seizes the opportunity.

”How’d you do it huh? How’d you fix it!?”

Suiyo pulls away from the bowl, a refreshing sigh escapes his lips as sake dribbles from the corner of his mouth. Unable to wipe it with his own hands, he instead lets it drip onto and soak the wood of the bar. Fulfilled, having been feed a drink by a beautiful woman, and offered such be yet another, Suiyo’s time in this Shinigami bar turned out to be fruitful after all. However, unlike the other patrons, he wasn’t here for business, but pleasure. Standing to walk once more from the bar, he heads towards the establishment's exit, the nurses running ahead to get a head start. As he passes by the topless stranger, the only response the woman gets is an amused…

“With my own hands.”