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Perhaps if fate had been kinder and blessed her with a daughter, things would have been differently, and only been her that was cast out. In truth, it is only she that has been cast out, Masahiro being taken in by the Captain Commander does little to remove him from his lineage, allowing him to still be called an Oki, something Honoka cannot. And having a daughter would have done nothing to change this, as it was punishment for her crimes. A small smiles creeps on the woman at the inevitability of this, that no matter what she did, things would have turned out the same for her, albeit perhaps not the slaughter of her clan. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she stares into the steaming tea cupped in her hands as if entranced as she listens to Ten'yuu speak.

"However, your place within the Oki shall return regardless. The Mukuro lord butchering everyone made a clearing, a bloody path for this one to tread."

"I'm not sure that I want it back. Truthfully, I never wanted it in the first place. Perhaps it is best that she succeed it."

She offers the girl a small smile as her consciousness escapes her and she falls into a deep slumber, leaving the two Oki to speak in privacy. The truth behind Honoka's words weigh heavy as Chika's lineage is dwindled by the loss of her daughter, and having no interest of her own to succeed their grandmother in noble affairs, and with Naoki preoccupied with Central Forty-six, she is no longer able make movements for the benefit of the Oki without it being seeing as an oligarch.

Honoka lifts the tea cup to her lips, sipping cautiously to keep from spilling as her aunt continues speaking, partially detailing her plans to her. She can't keep a chuckle from escaping her at the realization that she is exactly like Naoki, both seeking to replace the void left by the Kuchiki, albeit going about it in different ways. And both clans merging would creature a powerful alliance not just anyone could oppose, between raw power and political power, the two would become a force to be reckoned with. And any vassal clan in the service of the Oki, would in turn come to fall under the rule of the Oda as well.

"I cannot make decisions for the Oki, but maybe it is time you speak with Great-grandmother and Grandmother, you all want the same thing. They cannot deny the amount of power allying with the Oda would bring us... them."

The tea helps to bring down the woman's level of intoxication down as they continue conversing about their clans, allowing her to be more observant to her surroundings. Having blindly walked in at the invitation, she never thought to consider any dangers when walking into the wolves' den, not that it would have mattered. She glances around, taking in her surroundings, and finds her eyes locked to a small group of flowers, diligently cared for. They seem out of place within the scarcely decorated home, still, this brings her a sense of solace.

"If she awakens, feel free to run her off if she becomes too intrusive. She has a curious mind and many questions to ask."

"Thank you. Lady, Ten'yuu, when I have garnered some respect once again from the Gotei 13, and the Oki allow me into our home once again, I ask that you accompany me. They'll be happy to see you."

She offers a a light bow of her head as Ten'yuu departs, having settled in her seat, she is slightly too dizzy to abruptly stand an offer a proper bow of respect to the lady of the house. She sits in silence, letting the small girl slumber in peace, while she contemplates the future of her clan as well as her own.

Awkward Heals

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There was a new-found peace for Kazumi in the aftermath of her outburst. With his supplies laid out upon the table, the former camera-man had only stared at her. Perhaps he had not expected such from Kazumi, or anyone at all for that matter. A sudden rage seemed to take over. Yet he remained aware of both of their standings. Kazumi could almost hear the vicious words racing through his mind. Silently, the man had stalked away. It took little time for a replacement to be found. An equally eager man, yet a respectful one. Kazumi had begun wandering about with him by her side. Together they interviewed others who had simply been observing the Games. Yet more often than not they would just record all that occurred around them. The excitement and upset. The random drunken brawls.

For a moment, as they weaved through the crowds in silence, Kazumi felt a familiar presence. Before she had the chance to trace its origin, she found instead that she was no longer at the Games. It was almost disorienting to so suddenly find oneself in a completely different place in the blink of an eye. Kazumi would only squint ever so slightly, focusing her attention on her Captain. She wished to greet her and smile. To ask if she had found any time to enjoy herself once her interviews had wrapped up. The situation she suddenly found herself in made such questions pointless. Captain Yugure would not have summoned them in such a fashion if there were time for such trivial matters.

This only fed fuel to the fire of her curiosity. Kazumi had seen her Captain hurrying through tasks. Yet she had never felt such an air of urgency. The look on her face resounded this, yet she appeared as calm and determined as always. Whatever strange events had occurred elsewhere while she had been on duty at the Games? The woman began to speak, jolting Kazumi's head to immediate attention, golden orbs looking to her intently. There was no question every word was being listened to closely.

Small nods punctuated the end of each statement, each command. The more she spoke, the more confused Kazumi became. What had happened in the World of the Living to warrant such actions? Beyond this alone, the messages relayed would not only be to her Captain but also to the Captain Commander himself. The moment her eyes moved to the squad-mate at Kazumi's side that had also been so abruptly summoned, Kazumi felt the slightest tremor in her hand. Resolute, her fingers slowly curled together to form a fist. Steadying herself. Captain Commander Kagayaki had the appearance and temper of a reasonable man. This held true for what Kazumi had personally seen and heard from others. Yet one would not achieve such a title as he held without a tremendous amount of power behind that kind face. Somehow, the thought of reporting to him directly had taken over all her concern for what was occurring in the human world.

Captain Yugure finished speaking, leaving nothing but silence in the air. Kazumi's experience as a shinigami had included Yasu Yugure from the day she joined her first squad upon graduation. This left her unsure if her behavior was caused by a simple knowing or if this was how it was everywhere. But either answer would have been acceptable and changed nothing. There were no more words needed to be said for the message to be clear. She bowed to the woman, speaking a single word in response:


Kazumi left nothing but a brief after-image with her simple declaration of understanding. Little time passed before she returned to the tent she had been stationed at. Previously a somewhat busy little place with those working the equipment necessary, Kazumi assured it would lie barren before her. Those within moved about quickly, gathering what they had brought before making their exit. The only explanation Kazumi would provide was that it had been upon their Captain's orders. The mere facts she had wished for the tent to be cleared in the first place and that she had taken such efforts to speak with them privately made it abundantly clear to Kazumi that her strange mission needed only to be known by those that had been mentioned.

The chair she sat in had nearly rocked with the force Kazumi had slammed down with. Quiet irritation had filled her as three minutes and twenty-two seconds passed before the tent had been completely emptied. Empty tables sprawled lazily about, only one retaining anything upon its surface. There is where Kazumi sat, spreading papers about before her. She was uncertain exactly how Twelfth would respond to her request. Would these numbers make sense to her? Many questions filled her on how their inner workings were able to keep track of such vast amounts of humans. But once more, her musings mattered none at all. She would be ready to jot down whatever information they returned to her, in whatever simple or strange way they may explain it. Setting her Denreishiki before her, a number displayed, uncalled, on the screen. Assuring the speaker function was on, the call was placed.

"This is Kazumi Fujioka of Ninth Division. I have a request for the live vitals of what has happened in Karakura Town and Naruki City spanning from thirty minutes ago to now along with continuing updates. These orders come directly from Captain Yugure and Commander Kagayaki."

Had her voice wavered? Had she sounded afraid? Had she sounded certain of herself? Though her certainty in herself still wavered, she found herself just as determined as her Captain's eyes had been. Whatever was the cause of this, she would not fail either of the two that wanted such data so desperately. The "why" was an unknown to her, though even if she had she was still quite certain it wasn't meant to be said. Poised readily with pen in hand, she awaited the information. Everything she would hear would be written down, not a single detail left behind.



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Maybe this walk wasn't as pleasant as Yurei had hoped for. Weeks of being locked up in his quarters destroyed his ability to socialise even more and his reputation and respect among his fellow 13th division members. Being surrounded by the plants that replaced him so much was much better than being alone with his own thoughts. "Could I have done more? Did I go too far?". He considered himself a capable fighter and shinigami but such thoughts took him down a path where he began to question even that. The soul society was entirely different for him now. It was the source of his grief and the only place he could go. Like a domestic bird in a cage staying around his biggest adversaries was the only way he could survive. Was he allowed to leave the Seireitei without being assigned a mission?

"Seventh Seat Shiroi, by order of both Commander Kagayaki and Captain Yugure, you are to vacate the premises and return back to Karakura Town with support to survey your jurisdiction and assist the Fifth Division and Kido Corps in restoring the World of the Living. Fourth Division's medical teams will be waiting at your Senkaimon to assist with the injured and deceased. Deploy immediately."

Yurei was heavily surprised at the notification. Not only did the evil woman believe he was still mission ready but the captain commander too. His previous thought process was now irrelevant because now all he had to do was follow their orders. With Nana in the hospital, he was currently the highest ranked 13 division member. Quite strange considering that he was in the 7th seat, the 13th was the unluckiest division. He flash stepped back to his quarters in order to get his zanpakuto. Another mission after all this time, he would have to get rid of the rust along the way to the senkaimon.



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There is no absence of dismay in the Commander’s expression. Like anyone in a situation so dire as this had all hastily become, he was not absolved of emotion; quite specifically, anger. It festers, boils, and rises internally within the giant of a man evident in the bulging vein at the base of his forehead. His eyes close somberly at the last breath that followed his orders to the young captain Yugure, entrusting her with the task of using her undeniable skillset and ability to both gather and disperse information throughout the entirety of Soul Society at a moment’s notice. Had everyone been appropriately briefed, perhaps there would be some relief, some saving grace to amend those who had been lost. Truthfully, the identity of a void was known all-too-well by the Commander, with many of his own present within–never to be filled. Today, The Gotei 13 and the realms of souls that they were bound to protect, would be presented with a void like no other; churned from chaos and destruction, bound to end in ash and shadow. They could only look forward, improve, and learn from the mistakes that would litter their soon-to-be past. Like a fleeting moment, Captain Yugure is gone and then back again, her speed and tact clear in her intent to carry out Higen’s orders explicitly. She speaks, as Higen–immune to the jeering and banter of an event he has yet to be able to enjoy–listens intently.
"Lieutenant Ueki and Fourth Seat Ikari of the Eleventh Division, Third Seat Tsunoda of the Fourth Division, Fifth Seat Kanojo, Sixth Seat Shohei. and Ninth Seat Tsutsui of the Tenth Division have occupied Naruki City in lieu of Third Seat Kiyoshi and Third Seat Takahiro's losses. The condition of Lieutenant Hyouzoku is unknown, but considering he was not amongst the bodies, I assume he is engaged in battle still."

"Lieutenant Kiyoshi is maintaining the Kenpachi Games and the crowd. Third Seat Fujioka is currently contacting the Twelfth Division for the live vitals you demanded and will report accordingly once she gets that information; Fourth Seat Yabuki has been sent to Fourth Division to inform Lieutenant Izumi of her orders. Seventh Seat Shiroi of the Thirteenth Division is returning back to Karakura Town with a party as we speak. I have already informed the Kido Corps of your orders that befall Captain Oda. I apologize, but I await further information on all accords. All available shinigami have been deployed."

It appeared that some semblance of control was being established. Of course, what he was most eager to hear about, had been the biggest mystery. The status and state of Lieutenant Hyouzoku were concealed by the chaotic events that were unfolding; no one was able to directly confirm at this moment if he had even been alive.

"Grnnh. . .

A guttural groan, bellowing loudly like the croak of a frog, travels toward the 9th division Captain as the Commander rises to lean against the podium meant only for a man of his size. Those who had been in close proximity and on occasion, in a conversation with the Titan would find this response to be somewhat neutral. It was neither good nor bad, but simply the only verbal response he could muster as mental exhaustion on the subject encroached rather quickly. As they await further updates, the two of them turn to face the crowd, and inevitably, the many screens that adorned the Kenpachi Games Festival Hub. A smell reminiscent of ash and gunpowder invades his senses, the fettering debris from the fireworks collapsing downward over the auburn-brushed horizon. How could paradise and peace exist so effortlessly in one place, while hell itself erupted elsewhere?–A concept that he had yet to–and would most likely never–understand.

The raging battle between the Fourth Division Captain and his own former Lieutenant and current Captain of the 11th Division was just that–raging. So much so, that the entirety of Sokyoku hill became enveloped in dust and debris. The cloud spurred from earth-shaking physical prowess and speed hardly perceptible to the casual eye had obscured our contestants from view, creating a stillness, a silence, teetering and trembling suspense among the crowd and fans. It was as if the world paused for a moment, a single child so enthralled by what would be revealed once the smokescreen was torn away, unclutches their balloon as their focus wanes, causing it to drift along off into the distance with the setting sun.

As it clears, the formerly fully-armored Hageshi is stripped almost completely bare. Beneath her, swimming in a pool of crimson lies the broken fairy, his wings clipped and taken as trophies. As his damaged body sinks into his own leaking ichor, the red bile from his combatant spills over onto him as well, dousing him in a shower of his shortcomings. While the view of it all is still partially obscured, drawn behind a veil of dust and dirt, the sound in the area is only amplified by the crowd's silence; Every breath, every tumbling rock. Everyone can hear Omoni’s beating heart, and her trembling exhales; accompanied by Yu’s groans of pain, and the squelching of his flesh beneath her weight.


He parts his lips, struggling to speak, but seems determined to do so as his peer and adversary stands above him, seemingly forced to listen at the behest of her own exhaustion. The crowd listens with equal fervor, fists clinched tightly as if it had been them laying everything on the line today.


The crowd erupts with the most force and volume that it had all day. The fights had served their purpose in galvanizing the commonfolk, instilling within them an inextinguishable fire. Some celebrated, while others broke out into arguments or fights concerning their bets and parlays. The betting booths become immediately overpopulated, all sense of order and control lost to those running the individual stations. Rowdy Rukongai folk yell and scream to receive the Kan owed to them, while children with balloons, posters, and other forms of adorations for the participants wave them about frantically. The camera feeds shutter from their view of Sokyoku Hill, to only now show the participant card of Omoni Hageshi, flashing it vibrantly on every screen, everywhere. Both Omoni and Yu, have their own vision limited by an uproar of a violent wind. It takes shape, forms, and spirals upward in a storm-like dance, whilst it encapsulates the two Kenpachi hopefuls inside. Their presence vanishes completely from their location at the Seireitei’s epicenter, and reforms at the base of the Rukongai Festival grounds where it all had started. Medical teams are already there to tend to them both, ensuring that although the Captain had surrendered, his life would not be stripped so easily. Higen gazes at Omoni, her expression, of course, one of natural overexertion, but at her core is disappointment. Higen, who knows the beast of a woman personally, deduces that while it would have pained her to kill her former Captain, a surrender is but a narrow and hollow victory–if a victory at all to the battle-scorned amazoness.



Kenpachi Hageshi. Her name from henceforth, a title bestowed upon so few, in thousands of years of the Gotei 13’s existence. A name reserved for the strongest among them, the unconquerable foe. The Shield, Seireitei’s own bulwark; Omoni Hageshi was in a league of her own. One could say every experience, every fight, every scar, scratch, and blemish led to this moment, where she could be revered by peers, subordinates, and civilians as the mighty warrior that she truly was.

An awkward smile creeps over the Commander’s lips, the chaotic events that unfolded elsewhere still plaguing him mentally. He taps the side of the podium, while the crowd dwindles down to a hushed whisper slowly. He looks outward, his gaze vast as it blankets every individual whose attention he’s garnered. There is a stillness, an airy breath as if he had taken them all in with a single inhalation.


He pauses, a gentle breeze blows wayward leaves against the feet and ankles of those in attendance, his beard drifting in the direction of the stiff wind.

“You watched as your protectors, put on a magnanimous display. A display of strength, only seen by the might of the Gotei 13. While some may have been lost, only the strong have prevailed. Those same strong individuals will ensure that we are ushered into a new era of peace and prosperity, fully equipped to deal with any threat that would dare to challenge us.”

There is an uproar as the Commander briefly pans his vision over to Captain Yugure, who knew quite well that they perhaps were not equipped, and this illusion, this fallacy of peace was soon to be shattered by a dark threat on the horizon.

“Now, Omoni Hageshi, your new Kenpachi, will lead us in any effort to protect us from our enemies; To protect our way of life. But the work does not stop here. I know there are many of you out there that could not help but be motivated by all of the spectacular fighters today, to the point where you too, want to be among the strong. From the ground up, we will build, and never stop, that is how we remain. Good work was done today, but the work is far from finished. How many of you… “

"...Will join the strong?!"

His hand lifts from the side of the podium as his index finger points outwardly toward the crowd. It scans horizontally in a sweeping motion, from left to right, ensuring that there is no soul left untouched. The cannons blast concussively, confetti raining down onto the festival as its festivities are set to continue for the remainder of the night without pause. The Commander comes about face with one swift motion, the Ichibantai insignia flashing against the rays of yellow and orange peeking over the distant palisades and roof shingles. How much of what he said was true? Was where they stood now enough? Enough to combat the foes at their doorstep? Questions, soon to be answered, whether they were ready or not.



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Wandering, Jatiri halted abruptly. What the—Suddenly, he was taken away and brought before his captain. He looked around and discovered third seat Fujioka was also present. Questions began popping up in his head, like what was going on? Why were they all gathered? Wasting no time, the captain first addressed third seat Fujioka, giving orders. Jatiri, watching, attempted to make sense of things, and from what he gathered, there was a serious situation in Karakura Town and Naruki City. Karakura was often a magnet for these sorts of situations. Naruki, also. But how bad could things have gotten this time? It seemed even the commander was concerned, as Kazumi was to report directly to him. That wasn’t the norm. Jatiri was a little surprised. And with talk of live vitals, he was curious as to how many must’ve been affected.

He watched as Kazumi vanished, and, now, the captain’s attention was on him. Receiving the captain’s orders, he was extra attentive so he wouldn’t miss a word. When the captain spoke of the many casualties, he felt uneasy. It didn't matter if he knew any of them. They were all united under the banner of the Gotei 13. And they were gone now, defeated. For them to have suffered defeat, the enemy must be powerful. Jatiri wondered, who was that capable? Who had that kind of power? Whoever they were, whether there was one of them or a group, they were a threat, he concluded. They needed to be handled. To see to that, everyone needed to play their role. Jatiri would without a doubt play his. Although he felt pressure, he would push through it. Bowing his head at his captain, he disappeared.

The Fourth division barracks was where he was headed. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been there. Perhaps that was a testament to his ability to avoid injury although anyone who didn’t partake in fights, serious fights at least, could avoid injury. Perhaps the opportunity to fight seriously would present itself to him in the future. And perhaps afterward, he would have to make his way to the hospital of the Fourth. In the meantime, however, while he was still healthy, he had a task to complete. Zooming, he thought about what he’d say when he got to the Fourth.

He hoped things would go smoothly, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he were met with some level of resistance given the circumstances. Regardless, he would do what he could. He didn’t want to disappoint his captain, and a lot was at stake. The pressure he felt was lingering, and there was nothing he could do to mitigate it except fulfilling his task. Turning his head, he glanced at the two behind him. Like them, Jatiri had a fire in his belly. A strong determination to whatever needed to be done. Every forward step he took was with purpose.

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