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The cheers from the crowd were not heard by Jatiri, so they, despite being quite loud, did not distract him. His focus on the screens was unbroken. What broke his focus eventually was a vibration in his pocket. The source of the vibration? His denreishinki. On it, a text from his captain gave him instructions, which caused him to leave the crowd to head toward a nearby tent. Leaving was an ordeal, as the area was packed with all sorts of people. A rather large man was jumping up and down, taking up too much space. An enraged man who was beginning to assume a fighting stance was arguing about the results of the games thus far with others. Another man, rejoicing, was unintentionally blocking Jatiri’s path. The silent shinigami did not want to have to say anything. He hoped the man would look over and get the idea to move out of the way on his own. Fortunately, he did, and Jatiri, going around people, continued on to the tent. There, he was to interview viewers of the games. Admittedly, he had never given an interview before. Would he do a good job? Different questions popped into his head. What specifically about the games should he ask? What does he want to know? What interested him? What interested others?

He took out a pen and a notepad and started scribbling. He was literally scribbling random lines. Shouldn’t he be coming up with interview questions? He was having a hard time with that for some reason, but resisting overthinking the process was his approach. Maybe if he didn’t try so hard to come up with questions, they would just come to him; they would fill pages of his notepad. Maybe not pages but at least a page, half a page. The whole top part was covered with some intricate design that could have been done by a toddler. The middle part was a list of ideas. Some he liked, others he crossed out. The bottom part of the page consisted of potential questions, which came from the ideas he jotted. Simple and to the point, many of the questions were to his liking. He read them a couple of times in his head with a look of satisfaction, selecting the ones he would use. Smiling, he, with his eyes on his notepad, was approaching the tent slowly so as to not bump into any passersby. He entered.

The far side had a chair meant for him; another chair was across from his. The corner of the tent contained a small brown table with a vase of colorful flowers on top. The center of the tent housed a nice patterned rug, which Jatiri kept looking at. That the lighting in the tent was adequate was what he thought about while he got to his seat and sat down; then, he thought about the interviews. How would he do? How were the other interviewers doing? Kazumi had done well as a commentator, so he didn’t doubt her ability to give good interviews. The captain too had done well as a commentator even while she had been fighting. She also had some experience with interviewing. He hoped to equal them. All that was left for him was waiting for someone to come in. It was only a matter of time before someone did.

It was not long before Signy Hoshi of the seventh entered. He waved at her awkwardly and glanced down at his notepad. Did he need it? Did he forget the questions? No, the ones he wanted to ask were still fresh in his mind. All he had to do was ask them. He straightened up in his chair and cleared his throat. Before proceeding, he wondered if he should do some sort of introduction. But nothing like that occurred. He went straight into the questions.

"Are you disappointed/elated because of that?"

"Definitely disappointed. Would have preferred to see all three in round two of the games."

With each question, he felt the atmosphere becoming less and less awkward. The lavender-eyed woman took her time responding and seemed to think her responses through. She seemed genuine. Jatiri appreciated that. Aside from Jatiri and her, there was someone else in the tent by the entrance. Jatiri had noticed the man there but said nothing about it, but, perhaps, he should have. That man was Ai Kanojo. He was just standing there, listening in. Jatiri figured Ai was waiting for a chance to be interviewed. Another person to interview? Jatiri was psyched.

"Have the games caused you to realize anything after watching the strongest of the Gotei Thirteen?"

"Realized that I should have joined the games. They looked like fun."

Jatiri nodded in agreement since he shared the same sentiment. The games could have been an excellent chance to test his abilities.

"That I am weak."

Perhaps the woman heard what Ai said, but the deaf shinigami with his eyes on her could not. No doubt Ai uttered something. That much Jatiri could tell but shrugged it off, as Ai left not long after commenting. It appeared an interview with him was not happening. Regardless, Jatiri continued interviewing the lavender-eyed, wait, no, amber-eyed woman? Jatiri ever-observant did not miss the change in her eye color. Should he say something about it? Part of him wanted to as he found it quite interesting. But don't, he thought and asked his last couple of questions instead. He noticed a difference in her as she responded to them. At the beginning of the interview, she had really given thought to her answers. Now, however, she was noticeably quicker with her responses. Not seeming to think much about them. But perhaps he was reading too much into things. As the interview came to an end, and as Signy was leaving, Jatiri bowed his head respectfully. He was pleased and not at all anxious. He sat back in his chair, thinking that if no one else came in soon, he might head back to watch the games and maybe partake in the festivities.








It wasn’t an answer she was expecting out of her Shōri’s other half, the visible frustration could be seen on her face as she was frozen. The clenching of fists and she watched her sister try to calm herself down, yet Oyama could feel the shift in reiatsu happening before the physical transformations of her Sisters blond, hair with green tips to its familiar blue ombre colour she was used of seeing.

“Hotaru was a monster. She destroyed Signy, and she would have done the same to you. Both of you!”

What made her mother a monster in the eyes of her sisters? What has made her so hated and feared that no one would talk about her, the mere mention of the name Hotaru was enough to cause those around her to quite down or flee the area. She only sighed at this as she watched Shōri turn herself around.

“You both should get back to work. I’m sure your captain will have work for you now that he’s dropped out of the games, Oyama.”

Shōri was right about that, for a second and only a second a messenger had appeared behind Shōri as and in that moment alone someone walking had obscured Oyama’s vision, the messenger was gone. No words were needed to be exchanged just a glance. A sigh came out as she looked clenched her fist as she sighed in the realisation that she hadn’t been able to get anything on the Rukongai man.


She’d disappear from the surrounding area and headed back towards second division’s barracks, each step brought her closer to the walls of the Seireitei, with her only stopping to hear small conversations about the Rukongai Man, though nothing useful was obtained.

----------------------To 2nd division------------------------>





Zhou’s orbs resided on the female beginning to show signs of consciousness. With an audible sigh, Zhou could only wonder what the audible cue was towards. Was she relieved that Nibui had left? Was she feigning unconscious for one purpose or another, being actually awake all of this time? Regardless, she was entitled to feel however, but curiosity did incite within the seated officer. She was still alive, and that spoke volumes considering there was a candidate that did not survive the games. Before they even had a chance to converse, the flap of the tent was opened again. Not surprising to Zhou, especially with the amount of excitement centering around the games, there came an interviewer. The defeated Oki respectfully gave her interview, answering the number of questions that Kazumi bombarded her with.

What made matters worse here wasn’t the fact that she had lost, but her answers given during the interview. It seemed like each syllable that left the elder’s lips were as if she were spitting out venom – poisonous. The words and her tone both shared equal responsibility to this effect as she just sounded so downtrodden. When the focus was on someone else, that was when her tone changed. It was only when the interviewer, again, questioned her about her audience that Zhou noticed her tone had a bit of aggression to it, but not like before. That scarf, the one that she clung to, was being tended to by her. Taking a mental note with the amount of care she took concerning the scarf caused questions to arise deep within Zhou.

“Who is she thinking about?”

Knowledge of Oki’s treacherous behavior was not hidden from him. This woman had spiritual power uncanny to the natural mind. Despite just how over encompassing her very spiritual pressure was, she was unseated within the 3rd division. At one point, she held such a high position, her words alone could have had a number of people killed, but here she was with everything but her clothing stripped from her. One could only imagine the amount of suffering she endured. She had betrayed the trust of the Soul Society. In stark contrast to Zhou’s complete obligation to the Soul Society, she made decisions for the minority and not the majority. Rather than abiding by the rules, she chose to break them. How she ended up now was the result of her own free will.

Although his situation wasn’t on par with her own by any stretch of the imagination, he could relate with the feeling of being ostracized. With him genuinely seeking some form of change, him leaving the second division alone left a sour taste in the mouths of a number of his clansmen – his mother and father included. Seeing her like this, the amount of emotion plastered on her face, he felt something stir within him again.

“Third Division? Why the third Division? With your abilities, you can easily be in Sixth or even Seventh.”
“I really think it’s an odd place to be, it genuinely doesn’t make sense for someone like you.”

“You were CONCEIVED to be in the Second Division. If you’re not there, you’re worthless. There’s no use to you even being alive.”

“Imagine being a shame to your entire family, that’s crazy.”

"Just leave, Zhou."

Regardless of what was said about his decision, Fēng's actions were absolute. Was there a purpose beyond his own personalized scope as to why he did what he did? In his own way, he was still serving the Soul Society, despite his original purpose of being within the second division. The devotion that was instilled in him did not perish. Instead, it blossomed into an entirely new light.This woman, who had just been humiliated, yet again was still here. She still showed devotion to the very same organization that relieved her of damn near everything she held dear. Despite them now being in the same division, they were still worlds apart.

Upon her verdant eyes meeting his silver ones, he could tell by her look that he probably wasn’t one she remotely even wanted to see. This emotionless being stood there – one that was previously a useless tool for the remarkable Second Division captain, was now in her midst. In truth, it would have genuinely made sense if she absolutely hated the Fēng on the grounds of his origins. Of all the divisions he could have picked, here he was in the same division as the one who failed the Oki. An ironic joke if any. True to herself, she still treated him like she would have anyone else within the division.

“Yes, Lady Oki.”

He responded once she had thanked him. When she exited the tent, he stood up from his seat, following her. Regardless of seated technicalities, Zhou still found himself being led by the female soul. Rather than head towards the academy, Honoka opted to stick around for some sort of refreshment. She moved through a number of people that held varied facial expressions towards her, yet unphased by them. Noticing the contrasting reactions she received, contrasted with Zhou. Those around him literally didn’t even notice his very existence – as if he were a nobody. With this lack of presence at all, Zhou was like a shadow, the officer following his subordinate around. Once they were finally into a packed establishment, Lady Oki seemed to miraculously find an empty table.

He sat next to her, the two being greeted with a clumsy waitress who barely was able to keep her bearings. One could assume that with the amount of experience under her belt, the soul was able to get a hold of herself, not spilling the bottle that was once expected to do so. Whether it be a glimmer of Honoka’s restoration of luck or the bartender’s skill, Zhou didn’t know. Regardless, the Oki still had the ability to joke during these trying times.

Taking the ceramic cup in his hands, he met the toast as well, but he didn’t drink the contents. Not out of disrespect for Honoka, his decision instead was Zhou being another uptight member of the Fēng clan, all the while watching out for the female as she had mentioned being, “almost executed.”

“The academy had a surprise visit from the Twelfth Division’s Nyūraku. Toying around with an experiment of some sort, he created a massive glob of flesh out of the students. Due to the classes being relaxed for the day, my attention was fixated towards training with Officer Kajiyashiki. I wasn’t made aware of Nyūraku’s antics, but now I will be sure to keep a firm look out for him, regardless of the lack of harm he genuinely means.”

Despite the number of questions Zhou genuinely wanted to ask, he decided to refrain from them. He figured it was best to fill Honoka in on the situation the academy previously faced rather than her hearing it through other means.

“The situation has been handled. There were no injuries nor casualties. Everyone is safe… physically speaking. I heard talk of some needing some sort of counseling, but as future members of the Gotei 13, I am sure they will find it in their hearts to become stronger from this. With the amount of panic, I figured that it’s best to prepare them for what’s to come. I was thinking of having additional excursions to the World of the Living. I wanted your opinion on such.”

Zhou knew Honoka had a plethora of wisdom and insight. Her rank didn’t matter, especially to someone who was more so about business than about actual positions. The amount of experience she had alone was enough to warrant some sort of higher position, getting her opinion was wanted even if it weren’t needed.

With the two of them sitting at the table, silence wasn’t something they were privy’d to, especially being in such a crowded establishment. There was mixed chatter amongst the souls there, but occasionally, Zhou could hear the sounds of words concerning the current companion he sat with – nothing truly positive. Zhou’s attention never left Honoka’s though – as if what was said genuinely meant nothing. Their opinions of the female were overshadowed by her presence alone, exemplifying radiance beyond what most could truly understand. Some clenched their cups in anger that she was within the midst, some made meager jokes. The ones that felt sympathy for her existed, but weren’t as audible. There was one in particular that was genuinely loud, obviously having more drink than his stomach could contain.

“MaaaAAn! There’s the LooooOOOOooosEr! RIiight there! Look at ‘er. Weak I tell ya! I am SOoooO glad that I ain’t wager on that broad!”

The male was older, his eyes practically glued shut. His face was littered with wrinkles, but he was rather robust, having a build akin to one that performed years and years of manual labor. There was genuinely nothing special about him, other than the way his voice carried when he spoke about Honoka. He sat with around three other souls at the table, all together speaking with one another.

“Hey, not so loud, she’s right over there!”

One of them piped up. The lot knew for a fact that even with a lift of her finger, they’d all be destroyed then and there, but with the amount of alcohol they had consumed, things simply got out of hand.

“Yeaaaaah, yeaaah! What’s she gonna do? KILL me? Ahahahahaaa!”

The robust being said as those at the table laughed about Honoka's performance more so than anything else. They acted as if they had not a care in the world, continuing to be so lackadaisical concerning the woman who had fallen from grace, sitting with someone who bore features akin to Soi Fēng. Regardless of the features they shared, there was no way that they’d be able to tell that he was genuinely related to her. And even then, who cares? He was a nameless Shinigami that was in their midst, another simply existing. With no fear in their hearts, they continued their jovial time together – clinking glasses alike and occasionally spilling their drinks about the table.






The laughter of Ebisu came out at the games results, He found it amusing that the games were this entertaining for him, and the fact that Elk had lost a bit of money was the icing on the cake for him, yet it wasn’t all a loss for Elk, Captain’s Oda and Hageshi had won him back his losses to which he would put it back into the games itself if not put more of a bet on the rema-

“I forfeit!”


Disappointing, as it would have been easier to watch and learn since the battle might have been closer to where he can better analyze, Captain Oda’s way of kidō, yet still the methods Captain Nakamoto would be just as valuable to learn from as demonstrated against the Lieutenant of 11th division and Honoka Oki. That name, that last name had been on the back of his mind this entire duration of the first round; no even before that it was when he heard of the slaughter had him worried, worried that one of the Oki would come to him, and make an outrages request.

“Cheer up Elk, You have soo much to look forward to today! You met the man who wants to arrest you and the a woman who has a hold of your debt! Even better that you’re not telling Shori nor Signy what happened!”

Again, he would laugh at Elk’s anxiety, poking away at him till Elk’s Metaphysical hand lifted up to stop him from speaking any further, his eyes were closed before opening them up to the interviews of each contestant.

“Ebisu, had you been anyone else I would say you’re rooting for me to go into despair. Lets see if I can entertain you even further. ”


Elk only chuckled as he leaned back into his chair watching the interviews of the viewers, that was until Shōri would come, causing him to turn towards and smile as she placed his hand onto his, to which he would web his fingers in between hers.

“I’m going to transfer divisions. I’m going to find mother and finish what I started before Oyama was born. This time, we won’t fail.”

“Ohh? Did your past come to haunt you like it did for me?”

He had another small chuckle as he looked at his wife’s eyes, to say he was joyed to see her was an understatement, both her and Signy had been an anchor for him. It was in that moment he was calming himself down his racing heart had finally began to slow down; The two that could keep him calm in situations such at these, and it was time for him to reveal a bit more of himself to her.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed how tense I was from both the Lieutenant of 9th and the Oki woman, one you know the story of the other was one I don’t particularly like talking about. ”

His head lowered for a moment before looking back up at her once more. For once Ebisu had not laughed, but was intrigued that Elk was being so honest with his wife. He wondered how she’d take this, what their zanpakutō thought of the whole situation.

“The last job I took, before I was heavily wounded, before you ever knew I existed was to steal something from them, one that I am still entirely unsure of as before I could get too it, I was caught and held prisoner… It felt like an eternity, I don’t know how long I was there, but I was given an option Death or a debt to be cashed in at a later point in life. Heh, even after the Oki demise they still haven’t contacted me, I was hoping they would forget such a thing, but seeing Honoka? I have a feeling it would be better if I go see her, rather than getting a messenger to come to me.”

His hand only squeezed as he talked, his facial expression for the first time in long time was serious, no laughter came out from him, he watched her expressions carefully as he his hand slowly pulled away from hers.

“Lets go say hi, I’m sure things will be… Cordial. ”

His eyes closed as he smiles at her, A reassuring smile saying that all would be alright with him. he had hoped this would calm any nerves she had when he might have brought up with her. It was tense for sure but it was a relief to get this off his chest. In a flash he had disappeared from sight and made it back to the entrance. His eyes scanned the people as he pushed apart each reiatsu that was not Honoka’s or Shōri’s.


Voices speaking through out the Rukongai were serving as a distraction, to which closed his eyes and began to drown out the noise, his sensing would track far and wide until he caught it, that reiatsu signature of hers. For a second and only that second his reiatsu raised up before disappearing from the crowd of the arenas entrance towards a bar. His eyes shifted up to look at the building before looking at the entrance.

“Man, I have not had a drink in a long time. ”

A bit of a laugh came from him as walked through the entrance, as he did he was scanning the bar, till he spotted Honoka, the Rukongai man and finally another shinigami he was unfamiliar with. Regardless he had walked towards the table they had all occupied. To say his heart was racing was an understatement, its not everyday he enters a lion’s den. A bottle of Sake and two cups were sitting there, Maybe Shōri would like a drink?

“My, my. I didn’t think you would visit such a fine establishment such as this one.”

His voice boomed with what seemed to be genuine enthusiasm so as to catch the tables attention, while also getting the waitress’ attention as well. two fingers were raised as he spoke again.

“If you would be so kind as to bring another two bottles, I having a feeling one might not be enough for this table. Oh, I’m sorry I hope you wouldn’t mind if I have a seat here?”

He spoke with a smile as he would take a seat, at the table not bothering to wait on their response, and not long after the waitress brought another two cups and two bottles placing them down in front of him. One hand reached towards a bottle to place it in front of the man from the Rukongai who looked a little worse for ware after battling both Captains Oda and Mukuro.




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Shori’s fingers gently squeezed Elk’s as he asked about her pasting coming back to haunt her. Despite his chuckle, she didn’t smile. She merely stared off into the distance.

”Oyama met Signy. Then proceeded to ask about mother.”

Her voice was drenched with venom as she basically spat out the word “mother.” She let out a soft sigh as the tension seemed to abandon her body. That was until he spoke again. It was true, she’d been made well aware of his run-ins with the Kiyoshi, she’d never once heard mention of the former head lieutenant’s existence in his life. She didn’t interrupt him, merely listened.

“The last job I took, before I was heavily wounded, before you ever knew I existed was to steal something from them, one that I am still entirely unsure of as before I could get too it, I was caught and held prisoner… It felt like an eternity, I don’t know how long I was there, but I was given an option Death or a debt to be cashed in at a later point in life. Heh, even after the Oki demise they still haven’t contacted me, I was hoping they would forget such a thing, but seeing Honoka? I have a feeling it would be better if I go see her, rather than getting a messenger to come to me.”

Her free hand clenched into a fist. The delicate balance in her body was sent into a tailspin. Her reiatsu began to shift wildly as her hair rapidly faded from blue to blond and back again. How could he keep something this important from her!? Did he think he was protecting her by keeping her in the dark!? Her hair stopped shifting, landing on a bizarre middle ground of blonde with teal ends and greying bangs. However, stranger than that, one of her eyes was now lavender while the other was amber.

How dare you keep this from me!

Her voice adopted an unnerving quality as both Shori and Signy spoke at once. The former clearly distraught while the latter seethed.

”Girls! Calm yourselves before you destroy something. I’m aware this is distressing, but don’t make a fucking scene. Only one of you speak.”

Despite being a volcano incarnate, Amaterasu was a calming voice of reason in times of turmoil like these.

”You’ve endangered the entirety of our family by keeping this from me. I will never forgive you if this ends poorly.”

She would have snatched her hand away from his had he not already let go. Signy couldn’t even look him in the face. Despite her anger, she felt guilty about being relieved the moment he’d disappeared from sight. She’d done so much to protect her family. She’d endured so much to protect them. She’d been drowned by her own father for gods’ sakes to protect them. All of that meant nothing. She’d invalidated all of that by simply marrying the person she loved more than anyone. Her eyes drifted down to the ground below her. The temptation to turn the whole place to lava swelled within her, but she’d heard what had happened to the Oki clan over a mere child. What would her actions rain down on her family’s heads? Surely nothing as drastic, for who was she? No one of importance or consequence. She released her fist and disappeared, following the trail of Elk’s reiatsu.


Signy lagged behind Elk a bit. Her eyes, both amber now, merely glanced over the building he’d entered. "A bar, oh goody." She let out a frustrated huff before following him inside. She spotted Honoka and the rukongai man just as easily as Elk had, but she kept her distance as he approached them. Surely speaking of some secret favor in front of two unknown Shinigami wasn’t the wisest idea.

Rather than sit with them, Signy decided to remain standing just off to her husband’s side. Her eyes drifted over to Zhou. She was almost certain he was a member of 3rd division. Her arms uncrossed from her chest, and she retrieved a small satchel of candy from her hakama-himo and placed it on the table before Zhou.

”You are in 3rd division are you not? Could you please deliver that to Asahi Kajiyashiki. I hear he is quite fond of sweets.”

She returned to her state of silence that she’d adopted since they left the games to find Honoka. However, now she finally seated herself beside her husband.