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Maximiliano was a foe more substantial than any of the Shinigami present have ever fought; this was apparent as Maximiliano met their plan of attack with resistance at every single turn. Eleventh and Tenth seemed to coordinate an attack against Max decently, yet at each end were countered and overpowered.

Yet they still struggled onward.

As if just in the nick of time, Jinnosuke's body was plump and full of his reiatsu, one that rivaled those of the greats in the Seireitei. The attack that Jinnosuke endured was fierce but matched with his maximized Reiryoku, a massive source of ever-growing energy outmatched only by the Captain-Commander. His titanic physical strength and extended lifespan owe themselves almost entirely to this spiritual power, which boosts his immune system and grants his muscles unprecedented abilities.

This, combined with Jinnosuke's innate bodily awareness, Death Sense: Over the hundreds of years of learning about his body while healing and visiting the 4th Division, has left Jinnosuke with an extreme sense of self-awareness regarding his vital organs and inner tissues' condition.

These features prepared Jinnosuke for moments like this, although his bones were cracking under the mighty punch. The increased durability of the bones bought Jinnosuke enough time to allow Jinnosuke to snap his head back and to the side in a way that would nearly decapitate someone with normal biology. If not, sever their spine. This flexibility and speed had to be surprising to Max as The Devil's Reiatsu now visibly shook the area around them.

柳やなぎ, Yanagi: Weeping Willow; The user alters the trajectory of their opponent's attack by redirecting their flow of power. Jinno felt the energy of the Bala explode from the fist as Max followed through. Jinnosuke's body was sent flying to the ground; he rolled with the punch as best he could, mitigating the explosive cero and coming out with only having lost his left eye and a decent portion of his face.


There was no grunt, scream, or noise indicating Jinnosuke was hurt. After mitigating the impact as best he could, the only thing Jinno could remotely register after his bell rang like that was the sound of air and the gouging of blood. Having bought his comrades enough time to launch another attack, Jinno could not hold Max in place any longer; the Bala would have indeed killed him outright.

The only reason he could survive is that he was finally accessing the full extent of the Gentai Kaijo. As if their Head Lieutenant had given them a miracle, Jinnosuke's body was only thrown so far away because of the rapid adjustments the increase in power made for him.

'If I were to tank that entire thing, my head would have been done for by that attack. This Arrancar, he is not like anything I've ever fought.'
The words resonate inside Jinnosuke; as he falls to the crater below, his consciousness starts to wane. Just how bad was the damage?


What felt like too much time had started to pass inside Jinnosuke's mind. He was screaming at his body to move, yet all he could see was the black abyss of his mind. He fell until landing upon the familiar faces of those mocking him inside his Inner Zanpakuto Realm; The Great Roar of the Astral World (大幽界嘯だいゆうかいしょう, Daiyūkai Shiyō)

He lay there half-clothed, ragged tatters for edges, and covered in way too much of his blood. Jinnosuke wearily tilted his head up to face Ikari, Jinnosuke's Zanpakuto Spirit. Without saying a word, She kicked Jinnosuke in the ribs.

He failed to react, and she did it again.

This time hard enough to launch Jinno into one of the stone faces, crushing it.
' Will you stop! I get it; I do. This guy is a freak of nature and way strong. You're excited to fight, but we can't go all in; that's how we get our allies killed.'

Ikari would smile and skip over to Jinnosuke. Placing a hand on his head, in a patting motion, as if telling a dog 'good-boy.'
'Don't be afraid to ask. We are together for this very reason.'

Jinnosuke looked up and smiled at his Zanpakuto Spirit. Jinnosuke reached up as if he needed Ikari's help; the brute would then politely ask Ikari.

' I ask and plead for your assistance, to borrow your power, so that I may defeat our most potent foe yet, Musaboru Ikari! (貪る怒り, Devouring Wrath.)'

Filled now with not only the released reiryoku of his own body, Ikari was freely flowing its spiritual power into Jinnosuke. Without thinking, he ripped his left sleeve off and tied it tightly around his missing eye and pieces of his face before looking up to the battle; even with the single functioning eye, Jinnosuke saw his opportunity. Opening his sole remaining eye, Jinnosuke would instantly gain his bearings and create a platform to catch himself.

The Bankai of his allies activated. Shoumetsu and Shizuka launched their attack on Max, yet Jinnosuke knew this was one of his only chances to finally land critical damage upon the monster known as Maximiliano. Allowing the smoke and explosions to cover him, Jinnosuke would start to funnel his Spiritual energy and pressure, controlling it down to the point of it fading away, as if Jinno was dying. Maximiliano would likely think Jinnosuke was dead or needed more time to recover.

This tactic was the opposite, however. Jinnosuke was instead channeling and focusing his energy into a singular Kido spell.

"Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired"'

With all of their Gentai Kaijo released and two of the four in Bankai, the area was suddenly disrupted by a massive presence. One that was unlike any displayed here thus far.

"Hadō #91. Senju Kōten Taihō! (千手皎天汰炮, Thousand-Hand Incandent Heaven Culling-Sear; Viz "Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Cannon") " With no way to feel Jinnosuke below, and with so many attacks ravaging forth and so little time to react to the casting of Jinnosuke's spell, this battle was about to enter its next stage.


Suddenly Max was bombarded by another round of onslaught. Max would be struck down by a devastating pillar of lightning from above, swallowing him whole along with anything within a 40-meter radius of him. This would send him down into the streets of Naruki City, Large buildings, vehicles, and anything else homed in on him from Shoumetsu's Bankai. At the same time, Izanagi set up a counter, hoping that it would work this time around.

Instead of blindly adding to the smokescreen of tremendous damage, Jinnosuke waited as the Kido formed around him. The timing was everything here, and as Fast as Shizuka was, they needed finesse. Jinnosuke had been around Max's reiatsu enough to notice the similar vicious, violent spiral pattern as the core of Maximiliano's reiatsu.

Generating ten pink energy points around himself, Jinnosuke would precisely fire them all at their target, Maxamilliano, The first of the orbs was shot in and down to chase Shizuka's lightning, zipping between the missle-like metal of Shoumetsu's attack, the first energy point would find itself nuzzling into the same area Jinnosuke saw if only for a brief moment, Shizuka attack before with a leg kick. The second energy point wouldn't be far behind, aiming at Max's back. These Kido bolts Jinnosuke cast at such a high level of efficiency and power that they planned to rip through Max's current veil of energy, seemingly mitigating the damage of their previous attacks.

Three of them would fire rocketing this time at much faster speeds. Then from the left, right, and even blindsides. As each orb merged with the other spheres, the spell's power grew and decimated those caught inside the explosion's radius. Which was now isolating Max with a blast that, even if he tried to escape, was an uphill task at best.


The blast painted the horizon, suddenly fading out the colors of his respective comrades' attacks and reiatsu auras and leaving only a pink/purple hue behind as the sound waves blasted back the smoke from the other attacks. Jinnosuke would prepare to continue the assault.




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The car ride was silent. His assistants were aware of when and where they should speak to their employer, and this was not the time. The sound of his holographic keyboard filled the backseat of the black SUV, tapping away at what appeared to be blueprints for a new invention of his own making. A new tool that would serve him in the journey to come, and potentially lead to a greater tool should its preliminary trials prove fruitful. One of the excellent things about Han was that he seemed to have had everything prepared in advance, his forward thinking approach to not only fluid but his ingenuity in creating the simplest tools to utilize while out on the field for a very niche situation is nothing short of impressive. One example being this vehicle, while a simple black Suburban to most on the outside, but is fitted with the latest technology from not only his company's resources but Stephania's, allowing for him to work while on the go and create guidelines for his next latest project. Having spoken with the God of Hueco Mundo himself, and had his word of being able to scout the deserts of Hueco Mundo for a base of operations, in addition to having access to all of their natural resources.


Taking his hand and just barely swiping his palm over a screen, he transformed the display into a tactile holographic diagram of his latest innovation, the Mk. II to Stephania's Chikara Kaihō (力 解放, Lit. Energy Releaser Bomb). However, this was mainly to be used as a storage device, and he had created three separate blueprints for three varying sizes of containment devices. All designed to be fitted with the latest in tech from all branches between the married empires. The hovering designs sat suspended in the open space of the car, with the additional data and statistics were also on display, in order to have a functional prototype before his excursion to the white dunes of Hueco Mundo desert. Still being in the early phases of development, he refrained from giving it a proper title, and instead named the file of work it was created under as Project: HOMECOMING and hid it on a private server that could only be accessed by either Stephania, Hansha or himself. The devices focused mainly on the containment aspect of the previous incarnation, having the knowledge of reishi and its purpose in the Soul spaces across realms, they are used either in its entirety by the Quincies or on a superficial level such as the way in which the Shinigami perform it. Regardless of this knowledge, it is indeed a fact that these spirit particles are the backbone to every spiritual being and space, which begs the question: why can't the Fullbringers use it on a grander level? Having performed experiments in the past month on himself alone, Han has hypothesized that the Fullbringers as a race still have large leaps and bounds to make before truly being seen as threat to other entities and races, however, with his new invention it could potentially allow for them to reach newfound heights in power, but how? The containment device created by the Super Soldier was meant to hold a piece, or rather, the "pure" essence of Hueco Mundo within it, powered by a generator inside the retreat of hollows. He intended on merging his own power with the essence of Hueco Mundo to reach that new level. As Fullbringers are descended from Hollows themselves, their source of power feels no different from their demonically unevolved counterparts. Furthermore, if this new level could be reached then both the Quincies and governing body of the Soul Society will have to reassess where they sit atop the food chain and how much of a danger they could pose to the Seireitei should they choose to aid the God-King in his sinister endeavors.

With the events of the day passing, and the increasing number of spiritual beings found within Naruki and now apparently Karakura Town, one could only imagine the worst was still to come. A news feed popped up in an adjacent holographic window, revealing the continued onslaught of invisible forces brought down upon the city. He could only stare blankly as screams of terror and fear filled the air of the vehicle, with all men still remaining silent as a corpse. One of his employees turned to him, no words were said, just a glance. All were wearing glasses, to be able to tell what their individual eyes spoke would have been impossible to all except Han who knew exactly what he was asking.

"No, that's not our issue. We have things to take care of. I will monitor it though."

With only that sentence spoken, he returned to the "standby" mode he was on prior until the command of his CEO demanded his attention. It wouldn't have been long after that Han and his party reached the R/D building once more. Checking in swiftly, leaving three of his associates behind as they carry out their own tasks, he brings only one to potentially assist him in his own personal laboratory. After approaching the appropriate floor, he entered his large lab and found everything as he left it; messy. Just the way he liked it. Hulls of android parts could be seen in various parts of the large lab, along with spare scrap metal and a clear panel that looked to be glass but was clearly much more durable. The only clear part of the room was his desk area, fitted with 5 physical monitors, and a large one resembling a smaller jumbotron behind him. Next to this room was a similar hermetically sealed room that could have been found back at the S.A.F.E, with visible battle damage from past experiences and experiments, there was only an operating table inside that could be lowered into the ground and hidden if necessary. Upon his arrival into the lab, a familiar voice boomed from nowhere ready to aid in his newest innovation.

"Welcome back sir, I trust your meeting went well?"

Han was still getting himself together, not fully ignoring D.O.M. but preparing for his work. He placed the ghost drive he carried from earlier into a wireless black box near the console of his setup. Within seconds, all the data from his latest invention is on display on the jumbotron, detailing every last spec, materials required and hypothesis of each individual working part. He then took off his glass, and rested them on what appeared to be a sunglass holder next to the box. However, on one of the smaller screens on his desk setup, popped up a recording starting from the very millisecond that Han picked them up from the other console he had for it in his home. Detailing what the Bulwark did from the very moment he arose from sleep, every conversation, person and sound was recorded within the lenses of his glasses. Including his meeting with the God-King and his esteemed business partner. Turning the volume up to an acceptable level so as not to interfere with his own inner thoughts, he snapped at his employee and pointed at the screen as he removed his black vest and prepared more work on the computer. The assistant immediately picked up a loose laptop in the room, grabbed a stool with some headphones and began to survey and note down what the boss's glasses had seen that day. It was obvious he had done this before.

While he was performing that, Han made various strange gestures towards the air, as if he were a magician performing a spell, he finally clapped his hands together ever so softly before carrying on, and out appeared a live feed from Karakura Town, using the cameras that Stephania had repurposed for the use of high ranked executives within the company. Not only was that on display, but the ordeal involving the Shinigami and his new ally, Maximiliano, were performing battle in the skies of Naruki City. The God-King especially gives no quarter beating back the force of Lieutenant level shinigami currently dancing with death itself. Just as Han was about to open his mouth his assistant raised his thumb while having his eyes peeled on the footage of his boss's surveillance, the Naruki feed and the visual from Karakura. A talented lab assistant, he was the only one of the three who could multitask on this level.

Allowing to ease himself into the seat of his desk, he began to feel comfortable once more. Letting out a soft exhale before he got right down to work.

"D.O.M, open Project: HOMECOMING. I've already plotted the materials required for construction, prep the experimentation room for a level 4 containment but override the contingencies to match level 5."

"Right away sir. Any other inquiries?"

He stood to his full frame, and lifted a hunk of metal larger than his entire body as if it were paper then proceeded to carry it from his lab to his experimentation room placing it on the operation table with a mighty thud crashing against the surface.

"Make sure I'm not bothered. I'm busy."

A certain sterness could be felt from his tone on finishing that sentence. This was when he felt inspired, a dangerous place for anyone but him to be in. All his energy would be devoted to creating the next step in Fullbringer evolution.




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Shiro would watch the new assault on Max with a bit of awe. Even from this distance he could feel his own power being outclassed 100 times over by the lieutenants and even more so by Maximillano’s.

His plan had failed but there had always been a chance he wouldn't take the bait. Letting out a breath as he let his sword free itself from its asauchi form. The pitch black cloud ,coiling around Shiro, and giving him a bit more breathing room as he thinks about how he could help his comrades win this fight.

Though he would hate to look like a coward in front of his peers, he couldn't deny the best thing he could do was to go and fetch the captains. Though he didn't know where any of them were at the moment… or did he? His mind flashed back to the bit of the games he watched and realized he knew which district they were in. If he was fast enough…. They could get here in time and then….

Yes it was like marching a pawn over through the enemy lines so they could become a queen. You trade out the weak for the strong. This seemed the best course of action for Shiro to take. His other options were to help out in the fight but, even as he thought this, the smell of burnt ozone filled Shiro's nose. Even through the dense cloud of ash, he could see the large pillar of lighting erupting from Shizuka’s bankai.

“Well, it is your first day. They shouldn't think you could be able to do anything against this monster. And besides, even if they do, you can argue it was the best strategic action.”

With his mind made up he dropped down from his building as he felt another swell of reitsu. Shiro made a silent resolve to surpass everyone in the city one day, even Maximiliano. For now though Shiro took off toward a future place away from the battle to call the senkaimon.

Travel: From Nakuki to the 10th Division


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Tumbling Dolls of Flesh

From the perspective of the Shinigami this has been their hardest battle that they have ever fought. A being that has pushed them to shikai, limit removal, and Bankai all in the span of less than two or three minutes. This gets their blood pumping, a chance to show just how strong they are against a foe who can handle their level of power and not crumble to ash in mere seconds. This will be a battle that they will remember for the rest of their lives, however, this perspective is not shared with their opponent. This is no battle, for him this is the equivalent of an adult playing tag with children. He has to make sure he himself can enjoy it and to ensure those playing can enjoy themselves he has to make sure he doesn’t run too fast or tag too roughly but despite that he ends up harming them regardless. How much more is he supposed to hold back? Should he have instead remained idle and let them attack him all out? No, that would be disrespectful towards the keepers of balance, they are warriors and so he met them as a fellow warrior. Sadly this all boils back down to the original point about an adult playing tag with kids. Max. Is. Just. Playing.

Only Helliodoro has irritated him enough to make him get serious and use his Zanpakuto and had his exchange with Kassius dragged out longer than it had then he would have used it against him as well. He smiles, he taunts and takes the stance of a man who is enjoying this like a friendly game of catch. The four men fighting him do not present themselves as threats as they are constantly being defended by one man, a man who seems to be constantly held back by them…

This same man that is mentioned had kicked Max, he assumes his paltry show downs against a pseudo-Hierro is enough to stop the damage that is done to his leg, that he can escape from it unharmed. The natural born ability of Arrancar that is Hierro will always be more potent than the imitation. That said, the man's training was not all for nothing as the splintering may have not happened but he would be faced with many fractures from his foot, shins and femur. Enough to the point where any high speed maneuver would apply enough stress to shatter these bones. All his little endeavor managed to do was dirty Max’s skin with the bottom of his shoe, furthermore Max never knew he was there. The man he was trying to save on the other hand is a different story…

The actions of Jinnosuke Ueku prove to be fatal. Deciding to take a punch from a being they have no information on and no gauge for his strength other than a menacing aura and bit of Reiatsu he let out was a foolish move. The punch hits and begins to split his flesh and muscle apart down to the bone. His knuckle meets bone that is sturdy for a moment but eventually buckles and collapses under the sheer power of the Bala that is let loose flush against the exposed skull. The punch alone is enough to destroy his flesh and muscle, therefore, the Bala is capable of much much more. This Bala, whose strength is more on par with a Cero, obliterates his head, the explosion rushing through the sockets of his eyes and nose cavity hollowing out all within. From his ears the explosive force is ventilated leaving behind all but a sturdy skull that soon falls to ashes from the violent force of the Bala punch. This Bala was enough to further damage the leg of the ignored Lieutenant Shizuka who was sent flying away as a result.

This quartet of Shinigami have been fighting against Max while he has done nothing but play. One of the four currently lies dead on the street from an earlier attack. As he thought he could escape the gripping force of the Arrancar’s Reiatsu. Clutched by it with his only thought being to flee he is incinerated into nothing more than a torso, organs burned beyond belief. Had someone had the sense to save their fallen comrade he might have lived, a well-time retreat and recovery back to Soul Society would have seen this young man alive to fight another day. He is amongst selfish warriors who don’t think of such a thing while another warrior is too busy trying to aid and help the others during this time. And so there he lies, a husk, hollowed and burnt.

”Is this your peak Amigo? Is this all you have to offer? This is why I sit at the pinnacle, far above any peak.”

Words spoken to the unfortunate Shoumetsu who did not think to react fast enough against Maximiliano’s “harmless” shoulder pat. Although he is the God-King he is not so arrogant to deny learning from his fellow Hollow. This one tactic is something he learned from Elliora, using seemingly harmless actions to execute a kill, such as she did against his friend Aragon. When Maximiliano is exerting his Reiatsu coming into physical contact with him is not a good idea. Shoumetsu made this mistake and was sent plummeting down into an apartment building below… Had his counter slash been meant for Max his steel would be met by a metal of higher grade and durability in the form of Hierro, letting off nothing but sparks. Rising from the debris he places his hand on his dislocated shoulder, glaring at Max like a mad frenzied animal only for that shoulder, and the hand holding it along with the upper half of his body to be collapsed and spiraled inward. He was a brave and bold fighter, had he fought a bit harder, a bit smarter he would have lasted a bit longer.

Then there is an explosion of energy, the direction the hapless Lieutenant had landed after being caught up in the Bala that had destroyed his comrade. Maximiliano only watches in silence, the explosive power was not something to make him even the slightest bit impressed but more so curious as to what sort of flailing he was going to do next.


Thunder clouds rolled in overhead, causing the Pale One to turn and look at them curiously. He is still wholly unbothered by the fact the man below just said Bankai. Lightning strikes all about the city, if this were another last ditch effort to save his comrades he is far too late, they are long dead. He now must fight this uphill battle alone with his trump card. Once the spectacle of the release had faded the Arrancar turned his attention back to the one who started it all, now clad in lightning. He still looks on, observing without a care in the world because this is the first time he had ever seen a Bankai, this would be a good time to gather an understanding of what they are capable of.

“Bankai….. Hirameku-Hitouchi Hakai Na Nageku”

Max uses Sonido to place himself on the same level as Shizuka, although he allowed there to be quite a bit of distance between them. His eyes shift towards the orbs at his back, then to the blade in his hand. The heat is obvious but not anything he can’t handle, once again, dealing with Helliodoro has made the man accustomed to such a trivial thing, not to mention the heat of his comrade far exceeds this. The darting of the Lieutenant’s eyes was noticed until they stopped on one particular spot on his stomach. Max raises a brow and looks at the scuff mark on his abdomen, which he wipes away, wondering to himself how he even got dirty. There was a lot of dust, dirt, and debris so it is plausible. Shizuka mumbles something that sounds like nonsense, causing Max to look up at him.


The Fall… Of A King…

The moment Max uttered that sound he was hit by a pillar of intense lightning from above. The blast is consistent and ceaseless, this Shinigami wanted the Arrancar dead in the worst way possible. The ground turning molten at the location of the blast, the heat of the lightning showing just how devastating it can be. He wants to reduce the monster to ashes, ashes that would in turn be engulfed by the molten ground and then further destroyed by the lightning. However, if his goal was to persist this attack until Max was nothing but ashes he would begin to wonder why hasn’t he died, furthermore, why is his Reiatsu increasing without end!? He would begin to wonder why this monster isn't dying!

And The Rise… Of A God.

A pillar of red Reiatsu would ascend into the sky, pushing back- no, obliterating the insignificant lightning strike. Around Max was a sphere of his Reiatsu, a passive defense against energy based attacks. Not expecting the attack to be that devastating the lightning broke through it because no effort was put into amplifying it and so, for a moment the attack did touch Max.. and incinerated his head wrapping. The full potential of the God King is now laid bare, any humans nearby would have their bodies and souls collapse from being near the God King, although the Humans should be long gone by now. The Reiatsu dissipates revealing the God King in his full splendor.


”It seems the durability needs some tweaking. Ah… Amigo, you were never supposed to see me like this, never supposed to feel this level of power. I will not commend you for anything because this is but a happy accident.”

What Shizuka would be feeling is nothing he has ever felt before, this does not feel like Reiatsu. Its weight, its presence, it is otherworldly in nature and words alone cannot do the horror of it justice. It then begins to spiral, smaller clumps of it breaking off and spiraling around the God King, drifting, and orbiting him, eating the Reiatsu in the air. One floats down to his finger tip and spins indefinitely on top of it, Max watches it tenderly.

”I am Maximiliano Zacarías.”

His eyes shift up towards Shizuka at this point and this is when Max feels it, an advantage only granted to him while in the living world, the rotation of the Earth. The spinning, spiral motion of the earth grants him a slew of advantages not found anywhere else in the spiritual world. He smiles to himself upon feeling this sensation, eyes still locked with Shizuka.

”And I… am God.”

He uses Sonido and while Shizuka was acquainted with how fast Max may have been he will have to get reacquainted with this new level of speed that is enhanced through the rotation of the Earth. Moving at hellacious speeds that may rival that of lightning he is essentially thrown at the Lieutenant, his palm meeting his face before shoving him backwards through multiple buildings. It would be up to Shizuka to stop himself or else he may continue to fly back indefinitely.

”The Human World is so much fun.”
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Time and time again, Shizuka was faced with overcoming the insurmountable, egregious, and difficult uphill battles. Time and time again, his leadership ability and strength were questioned. Pushed to their limit by his foes. Now history repeats itself once more, and plagues his surroundings with nothing but inescapable death. Jinnosuke whom he had tried to save with a devastating kick, was subject to this form of death. His reiatsu fading to absolute null, as where his head once was, was now just a smoldering skull turning into ashes. His lifeless body being on it’s descent to the streets of Naruki. There was a reason why Shizuka did not know the fate of Izanagi, it’s because his reiatsu was also completely drained. Nothing but a small flickering pulse, barely detectable by even the most skilled masters. Izanagi, while being dismissed by the Arrancar. Still had a chance of life if something was done to preserve his soul soon. Then again, would they even be in this precarious situation if the 10th Division’s Lieutenant was stronger?

The Arrancar made it ever so clear he was unimpressed by the activation of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s Bankai. Using Sonido to stand on equal footing in air, several feet away from Shizuka. He took the complete brunt of his ferocious reiatsu, face to face. In deadlock you could tell their builds were awfully similar, staring almost eye to eye with each other, the Arrancar being slightly taller in his own respect. This didn’t bother Shizuka one bit though, as their stares at one another radiated the entire area with a aura of maliciousness. Shizuka had every single reason to hate this dastardly foe. All of his hatred and all of his emotion striking down onto the Arrancar like divine retribution from the heavens, in the form of his technique Inazuma Doriaku. He watched as the pillar of lightning reiatsu, annihilated the streets of Naruki. Using the Arrancar’s cremation as a time for thought.

I still don’t get it…. what the hell was he doing here? I came for a Fullbringer and now I get this unsuspected visit. Why aren’t the humans intervening like they normally do? Is it because of his str-

Shizuka thoughts were interrupted by an overwhelming influx of reiatsu surging from his ability. Not of Shizuka’s will, but he was realizing his ability was getting cancelled. His eyes although devoid of emotion due to the lightning reiatsu pouring in. You could tell even through that guise, the surprise that struck Shizuka’s face. A pillar of crimson-red reiatsu sprouted from the the clouded depths on Naruki, piercing through the veil of clouds created by Shizuka’s reiatsu. You could see in the epicenter of the hellacious expenditure of reiatsu, a red sphere making it’s way back into the sky. Rising from the ground, like a phoenix reviving from the ashes. The Arrancar’s full hair and face was finally revealed. A black flowing mane equipped with a deathly smile creeping from his face. The hollow horns protruding from his forehead finally making a full appearance as well. All accompanied with an otherworldly amount of reiatsu, surpassing almost everything Shizuka had felt onto this point.


This was true power.

”It seems the durability needs some tweaking. Ah… Amigo, you were never supposed to see me like this, never supposed to feel this level of power. I will not commend you for anything because this is but a happy accident.”

Shizuka would begin to feel what he felt upon this Arrancar inception. Yes, the reiatsu was suppressed heavily, that is a fact that can’t be changed. But the sheer depth of reiryoku, was still unfathomable. Just strictly off of the vast amount of potential he carried, it was incalculable. Now feeling his pressure released to this degree, the reiatsu flooding the entire city to the brim. Additionally with the weird formation of black hole-ish spirals forming across his body. Shizuka could clearly say this, without a doubt in his mind. Albeit not knowing Higen’s power in his reforged Bankai over the years. Shizuka could only recollect what he felt YEARS ago.

This guy is stronger than Higen……

”I am Maximiliano Zacarías and I…. Am God!”


Almost interrupted completely, Shizuka exclaiming “what” was correlating to two things. The first being his proclamation of being God. Which would mean so much, given his level of power, and the culture of the Arrancar. He could essentially not just be a God…. But THE God-King of Hueco Mundo. Sadly though once again, even with Shizuka’s accelerated thought process there was still no time to think. This would be the second reason for the “what”. For Maximilliano’s speed took a huge leap after this reveal, nearly blitzing the Lieutenant with an incredible blazing swiftness. Shizuka prepared to used Shunpo and move away entirely, but he would feel his right leg bother him once more. Singed to near oblivion, and now he was feeling his bone’s fortitude be completely compromised. Making extreme movements on that leg would only last for so long, even with the shield of lightning armor cushioning his leg. Shizuka in that split second raised his Zanpakuto, and lined it up perfectly to where his heated blade would clash directly with Max’s palm. The length of his zanpakuto coming across his body diagonally, protecting him. Being reactionary, he couldn’t put all of his force into repelling the now increased strength of the Arrancar. This unfortunately spelt danger for the Vice-Captain. Upon contact with Max, the sparks of friction would appear as if two metals had clashed with each other. The duo would be sent flying into three skyscrapers in Naruki, destroying them completely in the process. With Shizuka on the backend, being pushed by Max’s indomitable strength through these buildings. Shizuka wouldn’t let this go on for long though. The two were moving at ridiculous speeds through the atmosphere, but this didn’t deter the Lieutenant slightly from building up his strength in order to repel. As Shizuka’s face became maddened with a scowl. He clenched his teeth together and tightened his grip on his Zanpakuto. Making sure he once again remembered to slow his words down to speak at a normal speed.

“Well Maximiliano, none of that matters to me…

You killed my ally, and mutilated my brother. You deserve nothing but my full WRATH!”

Synonymous with the words flowing off his lips. Shizuka, whose sword was firmly pressed in Max’s palm would instantly disappear and reform as he raised his right hand upwards. The force of the reemerged blade parting the clouds above them with just sheer force. This slash would do nothing but smack away Max’s hand, having already been established his Hierro is nigh indestructible. Shizuka knew he would need to apply complete and utter destructive forces in his slashes, if he wanted to inflict any form of damage. To Max’s vision though, once Shizuka knocked his hand away he would only see a static visage of Shizuka. His reiatsu visibly there though. The shifty Lieutenant would leave no opportunity for Max to assess this at all. All the Arrancar would hear is some dribble once more sounding like a sped up record behind him, before being locked up into a slew of golden chains surrounding his entire torso. Arms locked tightly within these chains, Max would find it a pain to even move at all in these tightly wrapped these chains. That accelerated dribble was nothing more than Shizuka saying the full incantation for Bakudo 63: Sajo Sabaku. Sadly this information wouldn’t be known to Max. Instead if he turned his head or body around he’d see a sight of Shizuka with 5 orbs around his back, whose left hand would be spewing these golden chains, and his right hand winded up ferociously with his Zanpakuto in hand. The amount of force put into this slash, would be criminal. Unbeknownst to Max once again, he would be seeing the true power of this Bankai. At Shizuka’s whim, he is a cataclysmic force upon his will, at any extremity of his body he can release absolute chaos. He would deliver this violent slash at unrealistic blinding speeds, aimed towards Max’s neck. Upon contact with Max’s nape an explosive wave of reiatsu would encompass the swing. Similar to something like the technique Ryodan, but far more vicious and electrifying, containing the full prominence of his Bankai. At the sound of a deafening thunderclap, Max would find his head separated from his body. Flying relentlessly into the atmosphere against his own will. Sadly the “God” would fall to his own subjects. This thirst for vengeance, overwhelming power, and divine determination. This was Shizuka’s wrath.

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