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Tumultuous, would be a severe understatement to describe 10th Division’s famed Lieutenant’s last few hours. With no time to reflect or digest, it all became a blurred out journey for him. Now he, who was thought to be the hunter, is being hunted. Locked in fierce combat with an opponent who may prove to be too much to handle.

“Got him”

The thought that ran through his mind synchronized perfectly with his well-timed kick on the Arrancar. As he felt his outstretched leg collide with the foundation of the Arrancar, he could only recollect his memories of a similar feeling. His mind was disgusted at the thought of even comparing this, but it was inevitable. His earlier comparison that ran through his mind was all but becoming true. This solid sculpture of a body, this titanium-esque Hierro, felt like Shizuka was striking through the Captain-Commander’s Senren. A feat that’s exclusive to a minuscule amount of combatants. Shizuka has had the honor to experience this on multiple occasions, testing his mettle against a defense that felt all too similar. The fact that the Arrancar, prioritized striking Jinnosuke over defending himself from the strike. Means he grossly overestimated his fortitude. Shizuka’s leg remaining intact, unscathed even, as it sunk into his flesh. While not being phased by the Arrancar’s Hierro, being able to shrug off a kick of this magnitude, as if it didn’t bother him. Truly sparked a genuine concern in Shizuka’s mind. Sadly though, he had no time digest this revelation as well, as Max’s attempt to punch through Lieutenant Ueku’s head stayed on it’s course. Shizuka as planned, was launching his Raikoho at the same time Max released the reiatsu built up within his punch. Shizuka with his lightning quick intuition, immediately realized as he was firing, that the attack Max was using was literally ingrained in his head, as he saw it merely seconds ago.

Shit, a Bala!

His mind blanked out as the explosion from the Bala combined with his Raikoho, created an expansive looming black cloud in the skies of Naruki City. Shizuka’s spell being outmatched in strength easily, the Bala took precedent over the Raikoho. From an outside view, a blue streak of lightning flies out from the newly created cloud of smoke. Separating itself from the calamity entirely, over 80 meters away. The streak of lightning stopped at a point. Skidding backwards through the reishi platforms created within the air to stabilize it’s retreat. The streak of lightning revealing itself to be Shizuka as he came to a complete halt, crouched on knee in the sky. His released Zanpakuto still firmly grasped in his right hand. His caramel-brown left leg completely exposed and singed all over. Now a darkened hue overall. His shihakusho’s pant leg searing with small flames from the explosion, that eventually became put out due to the altitude. His breathing became slightly heavier, the adrenaline was the only thing allowing him to react so late at this point, even while succumbing to this godly reiatsu. Shizuka couldn’t save Jinnosuke from getting struck. Izanagi even though being his trusty 3rd Seat, he didn’t know the fate of him in the midst of this battle. Now finally Shoumetsu, who was probably following behind him, probably suffered from the explosion. Or even worse, is alone with the deadly Arrancar as we speak. This momentary feeling of helplessness, weakness, and failed leadership. Reminded Shizuka on that fateful day over a 100 years. The constant reminder of his failed leadership over the years. The death of Kuro Yakimono. This was all he needed, to ascend.

Not Again

In this moment, Shizuka felt his reiatsu spike. It wasn’t just from rage or hopelessness. No…. This was just him, returning to normal. As he began to feel a surge of his own reiatsu shroud him. He lowered his head a little, smirking slightly. He was glad that his request came through in time.

The message got through… huh Izanagi?

Shizuka stood up from his crouched position. His face carrying a completely different vibe.

“Gentai Kaijo”


As the words flowed off of his lips a flower appeared at the forefront on his palm. Shizuka’s reiatsu erupted into a cataclysmic display of lightning. Bursting and flooding into the skies of Naruki City.


Shizuka would erupt into a mighty earthshaking roar. His reiatsu climbing to it’s pinnacle, as he drowned in a violent stream of lightning of his own creation. The street lights, building lights, and electric billboards doused within the city, would begin to flicker violently. The electricity in the area unable to control it’s own stable flow. Reacting to the volatile display of the Lieutenant‘s reiatsu. But while this was an impressive display by any spiritual being. It still wasn’t enough. The effects of the Arrancar’s reiatsu didn’t phase him the same way it did before, but it was still prevalent. Shizuka had to go even further.

His reiatsu began to climb, rising higher than what was thought to be his pinnacle. Now the skies themselves started to become shadowed. Cumulonimbus clouds began forming slowly, masking the sky in a dark veil. All accompanied with the beating of Raijin’s drum. Thunderous bellows slamming the eardrum’s of the everyone repeatedly. All accompanied still, with his with reiatsu ever expanding. Even with the distance Shizuka created, the brunt of his reiatsu even engulfing the Arrancar.

Shizuka was reaching uncharted territory now. No one had known about the results of Shizuka’s training over the years. Izanagi whom was basically a brother to him, was exempt from this knowledge as well.


His mind pandered to his time within the wells of Higen’s chrysalis cavern, a new power was forged. One he was reluctant to use 100 years ago, but now that it has reached this level. Here and now, those in attendance were going to see and feel the unrivaled vehemence The Lieutenant of the 10th Seat had to offer.



There was no beacon of light shining through the sky today…. No. Just strictly a mass of dark-shaded thunderclouds encapsulating the entire heavens themselves. Casual strikes of natural lightning began to rain down consistently. Many of them landfalling onto the streets of Naruki, charring the streets with sparks of friction. The reiatsu that once engulfed the Arrancar would have dissipated, or rather… retreated back to it’s host. Morphing into pillars of caustic lightning energy that surged through the skies themselves. If something were to ever catch Max’s interest, this spectacle of power would be it.



Throughout this entire display, Shizuka was at the epicenter of it. His shihakusho’s torso and navy blue compression shirt, torn to shreds and incinerated from the amount of heat and power he was producing. The only thing that could be seen were the tattered leggings that still held true to his legs, the extension of his hair that was once shorter, now grown to a length where it reaches further onto his back, and the divine lightning armor that now shrouded his body. This was Shizuka’s Bankai.


“Bankai….. Hirameku-Hitouchi Hakai Na Nageku”

(陰閃く一打破壊的な 嘆く 破壊的な);Lit."Shadow Flash Fang’s Destructive Lamentation

As his figure became clearer, the fireworks began to settle themselves as well. The giant stream of reiatsu settled itself alongside Shizuka, or rather around him. Condensing itself into a ring behind him, that circled around his entire back. This ring then began to shift itself, sporadically jerking and twisting like the jagged nature of lightning itself. Until it sprouted six orbs behind Shizuka, all connected to this same ring. If the Arrancar had any form of knowledge or keen intellect at all. He would see these orbs and be heavily concerned. As they existed, each of them was distorting the space around Shizuka by themselves. Each one culminated with a unprecedented amount of volatile reiatsu within them. That could easily be sensed by even the weakest of spiritual beings. At this point the 11th Division soldier Shiro, and 10th Division’s soldier Hashidearu would start to find it hard to breathe within Naruki City. The heat from Shizuka’s Bankai would make them delirious, as if they were trapped in the middle of desert with no form of sustenance in sight. The water within their system beginning to slowly dwindle and evaporate within their body. This all happening while Shizuka is actively placing a veil on himself to not extend the effects to their full capacity. If that wasn’t a sign for them to leave, he could not help them at this point.

Not that his mind was even remotely focused on them at the time, he still held a slight concern. Though nothing was more of a concern than the deadly Arrancar who still stood in front of him. By now his attention would be solely focused on him, and Shizuka had hoped for the same respect from this being. This would give time to Shoumetsu and the others to regroup or plan another attack. Shizuka stared intently at the Arrancar, seemingly not budging whatsoever, but in fact his eyes were darting all over the place. Scanning every facet of this Arrancar’s body, until he found something that piqued his interest. In the same location where Shizuka kicked him previously. The Arrancar had a slight scratch there, probably unbeknownst to himself. This was all the confirmation Shizuka needed for the rest of this encounter. If this deadly beast slightly took any physical damage in Shizuka’s most suppressed state. He would be in for a disgusting surprise, once he faces the full wrath of the Lieutenant’s Bankai. Only taking less than half of a second to process all of this, Shizuka got straight to business and muttered a phrase. Not hiding the volume at all. To Max and anyone else hearing this phrase it would sound like gibberish, or he just blurted something out randomly. But in the millisecond it would take to process even that thought, Max would be struck down with a devastating pillar of lightning from above, swallowing him whole along with anything in a 40 meter radius of him. This would send him down into the streets of Naruki City, persisting constantly until the Arrancar was a pile of ash decorated into a molten abyss created from from this ability. This attack would have Shizuka cover his mouth, not because he was in awe of his own power. Only because he realized when this power sped up everything he did, he realized he had to speak slower as well. For everything he said sounded sped up like a fast forwarded tape. Not noticing this flaw, as he trained by himself with no one to talk to as he mastered this power. He tried once again, slowing down his vernacular with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Inazuma Doriaku” (稲妻悪魔踊り; Lit."Lightning Devil's Judgement")
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Hashidearu Kanojo’s eyes couldn’t follow the obliteration of the city. There was so much destruction that she didn’t even know where to begin. There was a mingling of fullbringer, hollow, and shinigami presences that left her paralyzed to move. She had just defeated a few hollows, but now, with all this overwhelming sensation coursing through her veins, she couldn’t even determine where her own squadmates were. She took a step and began to make her way through the city with no particular direction. She would be damned if she was going to be a sitting duck. Between all her enemies and the few allies she could sense, she had to get out of there. She had to throw whatever may have been tracking her, hollow, or otherwise, off of her trail. She seemed to feel relatively safe, her reiatsu output low, her pattern of movement unpredictable. She had on her five hundred pound weights that still reduced her physical and spiritual output and yet she moved as swiftly and silently as an owl.

The sound of the building exploding and crumbling brought her to a skidding stop. Her hand outstretched and grabbed onto a pole she was passing, swinging her around it and forcing her momentum to halt. It wasn’t just the sound that had stopped her. It was the overwhelming presence of something that even made the death god sick. She felt her stomach churn and her head pulse with aches and she was still far from the building that—were those her comrades that were facing that monster she sensed them and then their signatures dwindled significantly. That beast that destroyed a whole building with one foul swoop.

With immediate reactions, Zanpakutos were released, lightning streaked against the sky, darkness formed, reiatsu flares colored the air with spiritual energy as if war was some beautiful dance of art that they had all agreed upon. If it wasn’t so terrifying Hashidearu would have sat down and compiled a couple poems about what she saw. She had found herself sitting still again on the light pole. If she didn’t move hollows would find her. She couldn’t move towards the building—the ground shook beneath her and the light pole was uprooted from a pulse of reiatsu that shook the ground. It came from that building yet again.

What creature could be causing so much damage with so much power with so….so little effort. She had to warn the 10th Division that they would need to send aid. Despite the amount of action, everything was happening so fast and at the next burst of spiritual pressure coming from none other than her Lt. Hyouzoku she knew that he had released his bankai. The sky before her was dimmed at his glorious light. The pillar of blue and white lightning seemed to encompass so much of the city that she thought its arcs would destroy everything within the vicinity. Her head tilted back in awe as the very weather began to shift, clouds forming out of nowhere, dark and full of terror. The only glimpse of light they had was the Lieutenant’s reiatsu and the subsequent lightning that followed—one landing on her street and leaving the air around her warmer than it was before. In fact, the very air around her began to warm slowly but surely and her breathing began to become more labored. Her skin felt like it was being singed and her head pulsed as if dehydration had set in almost immediately. Between being battered by all of the intense spiritual pressures it was enough for her to make her leave.

Hashidearu called herself a Senkaimon and immediately fled towards the 10th division just as a large bolt of lightning obliterated the area in which they were fighting. She had no idea what they were facing, but she knew that she felt sick to her stomach and the residual effects of her Lieutenant’s spiritual pressure was taking a toll on her body as well. They needed reinforcements.

Travel: Naruki City to 10th Division

Izanagi Kiyoshi

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Today was the day Izanagi would get pushed to his limit, fighting an Arrancar that he and the others have no clue what their name or status is when it comes to the hierarchy of Hueco Mundo, even though that information is irrelevant. But, of course, having that information wouldn't make much of a difference. That being is an Arrancar, and that is all that matters.

The monstrous creature appeared behind the purple-haired shinigami looking to unleash a violent reiatsu his way, not before trying to bind him down to the asphalt, which would be enough to eradicate the entire block of the city street of Naruki. Now granted, Izanagi pondered the thoughts of going after the tower or helping out with the Arrancar. However, those thoughts in question were without delay in coming into that decision, he was going to help eradicate the Arrancar. Nevertheless, it is nearly enough to take out Izanagi entirely out, to the point his torso and parts of his limbs would be all that is left of him with burns that could leave his insides to a crisp. Unfortunately for Max, it wouldn't pan out the way he envisioned it, so Izanagi did not need to turn around to feel the overpowering force of Max's power. Having sensed his position the moment he appeared and his approach, he knew its danger and was incapable of moving.


As that word echoed throughout his mind, simultaneously with no hand gestures made, a giant orb, more enormous than Izanagi's height, appeared. The time it took for this large sphere to appear was none. Even as large as it is, it wouldn't have taken time to create and use for its intended purposes. Whereas the moment Jūryoku came to Izanagi's aid, a powerful vacuum-like force would begin to be inhaled by the power of Jūryoku towards its epicenter. Due to its mass, the danger created in Izanagi's wake, from the Arrancar's overpowered influence to consume the Third seat, would now be overtaken by his Shikai. That explosive power that Max had unleashed will now be compelled to be absorbed without exception. Izanagi's clothing would flutter from the rushing breeze. Everything in Jūryoku's path would feel the unbearable attraction, the feeling of being pulled towards the center. Dust, rocks, street lights, cars, it did not matter. They would all feel the sensation of Jūryoku's influence. Even though Izanagi had created the orb to defend him, it still came slightly late, where only the bottom half of his body felt the effects of the Arrancar power. The bottom of the hakama is tattered, and both legs have burned marks, with Izanagi's intolerance to pain and having been built to be durable, on top of having his reiatsu coated to help maximized that defense. The injury would not be severe as it would have been, leaving Izanagi to survive.


The undeniable force that kept Izanagi grounded would be lifted when Max left him to make a move toward his comrades. Izanagi would move, leaving the orb idle to finish inhaling the contents of that monster's attack, which is more than enough to handle the job. The proof of that is when the third seat trained with his brother, Shizuka, the tenth division's finest fighter and defender, while in Bankai to strengthen Izanagi's skills and use of Jūryoku power. After years and years of training together, Shizuka had managed the impossible, carrying out the will of their former Captain, Higen, to turn this devilish individual into a weapon. He accomplished that, even when dealing with the monstrous persona. Shizuka had become successful in that task during that time.

A fodder?

Maybe 100 years ago, that may have been when Izanagi was practically but a newborn when he joined the tenth division with no Shikai. However, things have changed due to the efforts of the tenth division, which help use their influence to make Izanagi a more prominent fighter. Izanagi suddenly near the group of his comrades left standing, eyes fixated on Max's location. No time to waste.

Without knowing what Lieutenant Shizuka was doing or planning to say, without realizing it, they both recited the exact words at the same time.

"Gentai Kaijo."
"Gentai Kaijo."


Just as Shizuka's power was reaching its max limits, erupting into a massive amount of energy that Shizuka's true power hid away due to restrictions and now is being liberated by speaking the words Gentei Kaijo (限定解除, Limiter Release). While the Third Seat of Division 10 also reached its highest peak, where the daffodil symbol glowed and appeared on Izanagi's right ebony shoulder. Now unconfined, all of that pent-up energy inside Izanagi, the overflowing power between Shizuka and himself would hit the city skies like a massive tidal wave.

While Shizuka's power had now been freed, causing any rays of light from the sun to become dark and clouded. Streaks of thunderous lightning had been appearing, striking the streets of Naruki city randomly. Shizuka had morphed into a completely different person and a power Izanagi had not seen.

"Ha! You son of a bitch!"

The sensation of Izanagi's unlocked potential was that of his devilish persona. Everyone soul in Naruki city could feel the adrenaline and excitement just from the spiritual power alone, but it takes someone knowledgeable of what bloodlust feels like. It wasn't some uncontrollable rage. The Two-Face Demon (Ni men Akuma; 二面悪魔) activated it because Izanagi had the motivation and commitment to kill. It was easier said than done, given the level of the opponent he and the others are facing right this moment. And because of this, the manifestation of Izanagi's bloodlust showed when a massively large entity appeared above his person. It is a monstrous Hannya-like demon with dark purple skin, pointed ears, purple hair, glowing purple eyes with no pupils to show, sharp fangs, and a large tongue that always hangs from its mouth. This shape is the true nature of the Izanagi persona, a feared reiatsu shape shown for intimidation.


Though given the Arrancar before them, he doesn't appear to be intimidated very easily or feel fear at all. If anything, it seems as if something strikes his interest or makes an impression; it is more like ecstasy to him than fear.

Everyone within the vicinity would feel an insufferable pressure weighing on their person. Some could easily be under the impression this was just a crushing feeling from someone unleashing their spiritual power, and those who could withstand it could bear it. Unfortunately, those who believe it would be sadly mistaken. This feeling wasn't that moment. The sensation itself was gravity itself. Potent to its most original form, whereas those who felt it would feel like it became harder to move when they tried to move.

Nevertheless, any movement by max would not fully become paralyzed but somewhat hindered from moving quickly. However, most who don't have the will to withstand the power would find themselves pinned to the ground. The buildings that are left standing would lose all integrity and implode. To the point that any unnecessary movement or struggle would break their bones and limbs, finding it hard to breathe. It wouldn't wholly make Max incapable of moving, allowing someone to strike. It seems that even Lt. Shizuka was already planning his next move.

He entered the next stage after Shikai, for when he recited the words.......

A level of power Izanagi does not have in his arsenal. However, Izanagi fought Shizuka's Bankai firsthand, an entirely different Bankai. His Bankai had evolved into something he had never seen before. It put quite the impression on Izanagi that Shizuka had obtained a higher power level through Bankai. His dedication and relationship with his zanpakuto spirit made that possible. And just like that, everything began to settle. The effects of both Shizuka and Izanagi's reiatsu slowly dissipated, leaving parts of Naruki charred and barren. Did Shizuka attack the Arrancar work or not? Did Jinnosuke manage to get around the blow to the head?

Izanagi stood by with a hand stretched out towards the Arrancar's last location; something minuscule was prepared, but it was no threat to anyone. Hopefully, their other member who was here managed to escape, but were they running out of fear? Or were they going to get help by physically presenting themselves? Hopefully, by chance, it was the second option.



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Darkness Breathes

Tsukune Furaiyori rides an elevator towards the top floor. Having recently distributed snacks and drinks to Stephania and her guests he now heads to his final task of the day and final task of his employment with the company. Plagued by battles and betrayal the chef seeks a way out and away from the chaos of souls, he now is ready to make a deal with a devil, one that was offered to him when he first began his employment. The elevator door opens and he paces down a hallway whose lights become dimmer and dimmer as he nears a particular door where all the lights are out. He stands silently, not even making an attempt to knock because he knows that the person on the other side is well aware of his presence…

The man on the other side has been keeping tabs on everything that has been happening, from the moment Stephania left in a rush to the moment of her return with a new guest in tow. He has observed this guest and taken precautions against him, ready to defend Stephania and Han’ei should he prove to be a threat. During this watch Tsukune makes his runs and places himself at the end of his journey, the door of the CEO of Stephania’s Brand, Hansha Kaiyō. The door is opened by an unseen force leading into a pitch black room, Tsukune enters knowing that the darkness will not bring him harm.

”Your family has already gathered and await you at the airport. The funds have been deposited into your account along with your niece’s. A nice place has been set up for you in New York where you can follow through with your culinary skills while your niece has her pick of the litter with Universities. All that remains is your… ‘payment’.”

Tsukune nods his head and closes his eyes as he feels coldness reach into the center of his soul, in the next few moments the sensation is gone. He opens his eyes, realizing the price he paid were his spiritual powers, be it a few hours or days from now he will no longer be able to see spirits.

”Your things have been loaded into the company chopper on the roof which will fly you to the airport where your family is waiting. I’ll have my Shadow Soldiers in the chopper to take care of any Hollow’s that may attack, but… It may be a needless protection measure. Be it brief you gave us fine service Tsukune, enjoy New York.”

Tsukune bows and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. In the darkness Hansha raises his left hand, using a letter opener to slice his hand open, only for the darkness to repair it. The healing properties of Tsukune’s Fullbring had been transferred to Hansha, his darkness can now rejuvenate his body just as it does his mind. During this brief exchange a revelation was made some floors below, that this visitor was actually an Arrancar. Still no reason to take action against him as there is no hostility in the room, more so Stephania doesn’t seem panicked in the slightest. Another curious entity darts around the city, any shadow he casts appears then relocated in an instant as if he were teleporting. This strange entity is the reason why Hansha stated that his Shadow Soldiers are possibly needless as this being is clearing out Hollows as fast as they appear.

Then another being comes out of the woodworks, one who was all but forgotten, Mikoto Kimura. Hansha could have stopped him from crashing through the window, but he was not considered a threat given the room he was intruding upon. Being cast out and brought back up by the strings of Stephania his interrogation began. Meanwhile, Yayoi was called up, being told to go deal with some Hollows. As the young Streamer left the tower she would be coated with a thin layer of shadow, a gift and a test of Hansha’s new power.

”This should bolster your defenses a bit and heal any minor wounds you suffer. Anything bigger than a gash it might not be able to fix. If you need to come back to the Tower let me know and this “armor” will return you to your room.”

No technology required to speak to her directly as he speaks to the girl through the shadow that envelopes her. He relaxes, watching the meeting a bit longer before the Arrancar leaves to deal with the Shinigami… His explosive power was cause for concern, considering how he vaporized an entire building in an instant. To prevent further harm from coming to the tower Hansha decides to envelop it in deep black shadows.

Power of Fukai Yami (The Deep Dark, 深い闇)

From the base of the tower tendrils writhe before shooting up from the ground, coiling themselves around the tower. These deep black shadows coil all the way up to the antenna on the roof, fitting the building perfectly, like a glove. Neighboring buildings that were owned by the company were also enveloped in a dark protective shell, not an ounce of sunlight reaches the interior of the buildings, the only light available to them would be the fluorescent lights that line the halls and dot their rooms. Stephania’s shadow would begin to grow, lengthening across the floor followed by something, or rather someone, emerging from it. A being made completely of shadow rose from the shadow behind Stephania, their features slowly forming as they stepped away from the Shadow. Hansha has now joined the group observing the glass on the floor from Mikoto’s entrance along with the abandoned Gigai left by the visitor. He looks towards Han’ei and gives a nod, greeting the man before turning his sights on Mikoto. He speaks to Stephania but keeps his eyes locked on the intruding Fullbringer.

”Our tower, along with neighboring assets have been encased in shadow, no harm shall come to them. Furthermore, provided we put on our humanitarian faces, we can buy up any and all destroyed land from that battle outside. Could build our own campus of sorts, maybe even start our own university, we’ll have to see how much land we can get at the end of the fighting.”

His mind is on the money first, disregarding the lives being lost outside, how many lives are being uprooted by the catastrophic battle. He only sees an opportunity to buy up more assets and expand their hold on the city. If events like this continue to happen the company will end up owning all of Naruki City.

”In other news, Tsukune clocked out for the last time. He should be arriving at the airport soon. No harm will come to him and he paid up on his end as well.”

He raises his hand as Shadows rise from his sleeve and dance around his hand like little black flames.

”Life through darkness, I can fix any injuries we sustain easily. I have Yayoi testing out a new idea I had, a veil of darkness that protects and heals. Good timing too considering this new venture you recently closed. Hard to trust something you can’t pay off with money. Means they don’t have much to lose or just don’t care.”

His own personal commentary on the Arrancar and Hollow kind, While the pale one seems trusting the same cannot be said for the rest of his kind. But for now this group of Fullbringers are safe and secure from danger, should someone try to attack now they would be met by a wall of darkness that will do more than just repel them.


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Let There Be Carnage

Since the first appearance of Max showing up all four of them have been forced on the edge and reacting non-stop to his advances despite their efforts on trying to make the first moves on him. Not even when he went against the Togabito did he feel such an overwhelming sensation of death looming over them if he stopped to breathe, and although it felt like time was moving slowly the span of events was happening one after the other. It felt like if he blinked everything would end at that moment. This was the thrilling rush of battle he longed for and no matter how badly he or his comrades got injured he continued to grin sadistically with an ominous chuckle coming from him. He couldn’t tell the state Izanagi was in or even if he survived Max's attack because it blanketed it that of Izanagi on reiatsu, nor while focused in the middle of this fight did he have the luxury to spare the concern for his well being. All the while Shoumetsu felt an unsettling calm wash over him followed by unnatural focus and clarity on everything going on around him.

The looming uncertainty of whether their enemy was just simply toying with them or how serious he was in this engagement crept into his mind. Yet he never let any of these thoughts cast doubts into his mind or cause any hesitation in his movements because he never lost sight of what needed to be done; destroy the target in front of him. With the first wave of attack avoided by both Lt. Shizuka and his quick thinking getting each other out of harm's way, they both had the same initial thought. With his attack delivered on Jinnosuke, all of them convened onto his location striking the opponent with their onslaught of attacks. Again it seemed the Arrancar managed to force them away like they were insects one by one and with everything happening so quickly he had no opportunity to figure out what became of his comrades' fates. Just like that the assailant appeared beside Shoumetsu before he could finish his plan, although the first technique he released went through the second got cut off. In that brief moment, he was questioned it felt like the world came to complete pause with his words lingering in Shoumetsu's mind immediately followed up by the overwhelming amount of force that plunged him down directly into an apartment building below.

Right before he got sent plummeting downward his body reacted almost managing to retaliate with a counter slash. Each encounter Shoumetsu's body adapted to the speed of Max acting entirely on reflexes sensing the bloodlust and detecting a threat. His strongest feat has always been his uncanny battle instincts capable of making split decision choices with everything about him designed to react to his target even those his eyes were incapable of tracking, and it was only a matter of time before his body evolved to deal with this threat. Despite the disadvantage, he was facing somebody as powerful Max was, Shoumetsu laughed hysterically as he split the large building directly through the center crashing down into it only to be stopped by the ground which cratered under him and caused it to collapse on top of his body from the destructive impact. His body would be buried in the debris feeling one of his shoulders dislocated and the warm drizzle of his crimson blood rolling down his face.

”Is this your peak Amigo? Is this all you have to offer? This is why I sit at the pinnacle, far above any peak.”

Those words rang in Shoumetsu's head as time remained still for him, he didn’t dare just lay around and miss out on this glorious fun. Tossing aside a large half of the structure on top of him he stood up a bit slouched over but not from injury or exhaustion. The air around him began to kick up as his eyes remained focused on Max's location like a shark honing in on the scent of blood. He barely took a minute to recover ready to jump back into the fray of battle. Gripping his dislocated arm he forces it back into his socket without hesitation only planning to continue the fight even if he was the last one who remained.

“Bankai….. Hirameku-Hitouchi Hakai Na Nageku”

He immediately sensed the dangerous amount of energy the Lt had just released, and although he couldn't see he there was no doubt this was Bankai. A small grin of excitement widened good to see others still remained on the playing field but where the Lt Shizuka hoped for others to reconvene to strategize while he faced Max in his Bankai. The bloodthirsty beast had no intentions of retreating from this fight just yet as the dust clouds got blown away from the sudden explosive rise of Shoumetu’s spiritual energy spiking followed by the sadistic voice that cut the silence awakening a whole new playing field for the unknown God-King Maxamillion.

“Ban...kai….Enshojo Kaminari-kei (Fate-Hindering Woman, Thunder Prison)!”


As those words roared from his very being his reiatsu erupted violently, completely obliterating the rubble and debris that once acted as a tomb burying him within. The potent concentration of his spiritual energy creates a sweeping wave of pure electromagnetic energy that spans outward in a hundred-mile radius. His slouched posture immediately dropped on all fours, resorting to what was the most natural to him, as the smoke quickly dispersed revealing Shoumetsu clad in metallic-like skin. Highly concentrated spheres of electromagnetic energy form a large halo on the outskirts of the radius trapping all Shoumetsu desires inside his domain and keeping any unwanted outsider locked out. Not waiting for the outcome of Lt Shizuka's attack to subside he already began to make his move as multiple objects lifted into the air and attracted to Max's magnetic field turning them into homing projectiles. Large buildings, vehicles, and anything else destroyed by his destructive spree of Max got propelled at him with a tremendous amount of speed of force into relentless bombardment. Using a chain reaction magnetization each object sent launched at his opponent only seemed to increase in velocity and force it came crashing into him.

He reminisces on what he read about the records of the fight with Zaraki in Hueco Mundo overcoming the Arrancar’s Hierro with sheer strength to cut through it. The objects that were rapidly being launched at Max all were encased in an electromagnetic field turning these makeshift projectiles into artillery strong enough to break through his armor and damage him. However, Shoumetsu knew this was going to be nowhere near enough to stop him as in the same breath blades formed along the spines of his back with his fingertips sharpening into claws. Manipulating the electromagnetic field around him to be compressed and focused on his personality combined with his natural strength he performed his unique method of all four shunpo at high-speed heading directly toward Shizuka and Max's location. Ready to show him the true pride of the 11th division member who lives and dies by the sword. In his left hand, one extremely sharp katana started to form while on his right small teeth-like blades protruded out then began to rapidly shift around his forming a chainsaw-like effect. In his Bankai Shoumetsu virtually turns himself into a living blade for the sole purpose to cut and shred through Max's defense even willing to use metal teeth to savagely rip him apart.

Is this my peak?! Not even close!


The 11th division member Shiro Kashitoji's fate was no longer in Shoumetsu's hands and still unaware of what the outcome of his Lt Jinnosuke was. One thing always remained true in a battle, only the living could mourn and honor the fallen and Shoumetsu planned on coming out as the victor even if it meant he had to throw away his humanity. If he managed to survive this it only brought him that much closer to challenging the one who proclaims himself as “The Ghost”, of the Seireitei and removed the title of the fastest blade from him one way or another.

"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero...sometimes what it needs is a monster." Rushing straight back into chaos Shoumetsu hears the words of his deceased sister in his head resounding like a battle cry. To defeat a monster, he had to become a monster of carnage himself.