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Izanagi continues to run through the streets, in and out of flash step in a zigzag motion.


"Come on, Midget. Pick up the phone."


The phone continuously rang, awaiting the First Division's Maiden to answer the phone. THEN the phone from the other side finally picks up. Izanagi did not give the Lieutenant to say anything and began giving her the full details without losing a single breath.

"Hello? Lt!? We have a problem here in Naruki City. We require reinforcements. An enemy here may pose a high-level threat, an Arrancar that we have never encountered before! Hurry. Get the games canceled! And send back up! And contact the 12th Division to permit us to release Gentei Kaijo!"


Mission accomplished. Izanagi did what he was ordered to do by Lieutenant Shizuka. And now back up should be on the way, the games canceled.

"Whatever threat you are facing, I believe you all are capable of handling it. Approval granted for the release of the Gentei Kaijo. Eliminate the threat."

In disbelief, Izanagi swore his plead would be a guaranteed success in getting back up. And that the short and straightforward situation would warrant enough for the Lieutenant to send help. Yet, she said no without saying no, leaving it up to himself and the others to deal with the problems. Then Izanagi forgot who he was talking to and demanded things from, a woman who speaks her mind and doesn't care about her words hurting someone's feelings. Her tongue is sharper than any blade and can easily cut through anyone's soul.

Then began to look back at his time of arriving in the tenth Division, where having met with Lieutenant Kasumi, who spoke to the entirety of the Division itself. However, most of her words were directed toward Izanagi. Pointing out every flaw and how Izanagi was the complete opposite of what Tenth Division stood for at the time.

Even moreso, thinking back to when the arrancars arrive for the Soul King's blood. The destruction that took place was catastrophic, yet at the end of that event, the Captain saved the day. It became overkill. When the Togabito attacked, the former 10th division Captain saved the day too often that a Captain had come and seized a job that's supposed to be trusted and handled by the Division to do their job without needing to rely on a Captain's strength to help. How can any division truly thrive without constantly being dependent? Although the one thing that came out of that unnecessary phone call was that the First Maiden of the First Division granted them Gentei Kaijo.

It was time to show what Division ten was all about, and all that training during 100 years did not go to waste. At that moment, Izanagi placed the phone back inside his shirt while returning to where his comrades were. A vast explosion had taken place in that direction. The blowup was caused by something else, someone else.


He shouted for his Lieutenant out of concern that he survived that blast which the after effect appeared as if it was more of a cero that caused such destruction. But unfortunately, in the middle of shouting for Lieutenant Shizuka, it was cut short due to that same sensation from the rooftop. That booming sound resonated up the backbone of the Third seat. What honestly stopped his tracks was the feeling of everything around him enclosed. This phenomenon made Izanagi immediately cloak his own body with reiryoku. Although, without using protection, no one should make the mistake that Izanagi can not only dish out severe punishment but he could also take punishment. Izanagi is known for taking an immense amount of pain. Punishment is where he thrives since he was but a boy. His very lively hood is a prime example of that, a boy who grew up in the streets, fighting every day when he became a fractured soul. Even when he fought his zanpakuto spirit and learned how to unlock his Shikai, he was ragdoll by Jūryoku during jinzen. The relationship with his zanpakuto grows and continues to grow.

Though he still mustered up enough to attempt a way to avoid and minimize what's to come. He could feel it being released. A brutal explosion occurred in the middle of Izanagi's flash step, which knocked him off balance and crashed into a nearby building head first. Glass shattering and the third seat leaving an extensive hole in the architecture. Izanagi didn't waste time removing the debris he was covered in—recovering from the crash, only having minor burns, the bottom of his hakama pants tattered. He stood up with a wild smile, and the wild expression was more sadistic than a smirk. It was time to hunt.


Izanagi heard shouting some distance away, and it didn't sound good. Blood trickled down the right side of his face; it didn't bother him one bit. He was happier than scared and without a second of hesitation. He utters the two words.

"Gentei Kaijo."

Upon reciting those two words, the tenth division crest symbol appeared among the Third seat, Izanagi's left pectoral. A flaming aura of light engulfed his entire body. It shot up towards the sky like a pillar, a beacon of hope to others under what it truly means. That it this very light would pierce through the intangible fluff of clouds. Stretching as high as it could, even Karakura could see this light from a distance. The Two-Face Demon could feel its overflowing power being fully released. And therefore, he is more than capable of better protecting himself and with a higher chance of doing precisely what the First Lieutenant said to do.



Those words weren't just an order; it was words that were meant to make it happen by any means necessary. And Izanagi was going to make sure it happened with pure teamwork. So once gentei kaijo was activated, the pillar of light disappeared.

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings."

Each step he took during the flash step was Izanagi gaining closer and prepping for what he was preparing for the enemy. His Lt was already in place in performing a technique on the Arrancar from a distance.

"Ye who bears the name of Man!"

The right hand begins to glow.

"Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."


Izanagi suddenly appeared directly behind the Arrancar, mid-air, just above the head known only to those aware of his identity, the God-King. While simultaneously speaking incantations here, which were completed just as he arrived. The right arm was being swung overhead towards the center of the skull, and pale blue light began to generate in the center of the palm. At the same time, he was looking to drive the palm deep into Max's body while uttering the words simultaneously.

Hado # 33 Sōkatsui."

Since incanting them from where he left until now, his words were precise and fast. Nothing to hinder him, no time wasted on prepping. He had been ready, and the timing was just enough to catch the Arrancar right as Shizuka was about to perform his spell. The Sokatsui spell would be enough to engulf the entire body with pure energy with added overwhelming force at the point of contact. Making sure that the attack would purify this soul back to which it came. The driving force of the arm would be enough to create a shockwave upon contact, imbue with the kido. The spell's power can cause an explosion on contact, colliding with Raikoho and making it more devastating.


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The Unchained Beast

The attack had been initiated by Lt Shizuka and Shoumetsu with everybody else enacting their all plans but still acting as a single unit together. With the resonating sound of static causing dread, the true battle finally went underway, and he was just getting started. Just like that Max vanished taking the high ground directly above Shoumetsu with one single fast attack leaving no room for error to miscalculate even in the slightest. The next thing he knew there was nothingness not even pain as his death happened quickly only leaving his upper body splattered all across the streets and buildings. In that instant what he had vividly experienced happened to himself from the extreme amount of malice his aura emitted. However, this was not the case because Shoumetsu was not like any other ordinary sane shinigami with everything he did and trained in was with the sole purpose to bring him beyond the breaking point and brink of death. The thought of courting death itself was euphoric to him because he understood that is the true way to become stronger; what it meant to be called a shinigami, a true god of death.

At the same time, everybody had made their moves Shoumetsu's body had already begun to react to what was to come shifting all of his body weight backward into a rapid falling motion, and when the Lt acted kicking him in the midsection in a panic, it only hastened his actions. No thought process delayed his movements acting solely on muscle memory and pure battle instinct he was able to immediately read Lt. Shizuka's intentions while remaining completely calm during the whole ordeal relaxing his body and performing an enhanced version of his shikuchi with the aide of the kick. Although it didn't stop there as he took advantage of the fact they were both under the effect of his magnetic field so when Shizuka kicked off him to further increase their odds of evasion they were repelled away from one another.



From there he converts the built-up natural energy and momentum into one single explosive high-speed movement using Hakkei at maximum strength. The sheer amount of strength of his kick off from the ground sent a rippling sonic boom accompanying his launch out the path of the attack, before coming to a skidding halt shredding the street up as he stopped his momentum. While he suffered a few cuts from the debris his specially designed shihakusho helped mitigate the explosion it created upon collision. Similar to Lt. Shizuka he didn't waste any time going back onto the hunt with no time to catch his breath, the overwhelming thrill of battle coursed through Shoumetsu's entire being. The well being of the three of them did not concern him from Max's well timed attacks on all of them because he knew this was a battle and had full trust in everyone on this battlefields potential to hold their own. Though in amidst the attacks it seemed they had newcomer from 11th division show up on the scene to provide assistance, but he was unaware of what this member was capable of. Either way he did not have time to worry about his safety or babysit, and trusted that if he was brave enough to put himself in this battle he had the strength to get himself out of this alive.


“Let’s interrupt him”

"Damn you are so noisy, but let's do this can't let my Lt have all the fun!"

Being the odd one out of the four while most spoke with panic and seriousness in their voice, Shoumetsu had malicious tone full of fun and and enjoyment. Everybody with the same set of mind at the moment of not letting up on the pressure, Shoumetsu strategized while following in pursuit and called out the spiritual release command "Gentei Kaijo." He shifted the polarity of the magnetic field that encompassed his being to be attracted to Shizuka causing him to be launched directly toward the two Lt's at high-speed then changing the polarity to neutral while kicking in the air moving in a different trajectory into Max's blind spot. Without any hesitation, Shoumetsu is fully aware of most of Arrancar's natural defenses the Hierro, and read the battle reports of Kenpachi Zaraki on how they varied in strength. Two of his comrades attempted to catch Max in a powerful kido combination while Shoumetsu kept a strategic mindset first using his technique Jibashi (Electromagnetic Murder) to release out a powerful burst of electromagnetic energy in an expanding wave from outwards to magnetize everything it swept through, and immediately after caused that energy to collapse inward into a compressed orb of pure magnetic energy. Not missing a heartbeat Shoumetsu executed his next Shikai technique Gaia no Rensa Kyōkai (Gaia's Chained Boundary) which created a sphere of electromagnetic energy nearby with the sole purpose of concentrating entirely on Max's reiatsu. The magnetic orb is designed to constantly keep him pulled with potent force toward it locking his movements down into a small area.

The longer this battle drawn out Shoumetsu instincts came crawling to the surface unraveling the darker side of him. He could tell Max was capable of forcing out the real murderous side of him out that relished in the bloodshed be it friend or foe. The more frequently he danced with death Shoumetsu spiritual power gradually rises along with his fighting spirit. Now no longer bound by spiritual limiter placed on him, and his weights removed he was no longer held back and willing to win no matter the cost even if it came down to biting out his opponents throat like wild animal.

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

With his mind focused only on eliminating the target he didn't care to wait to see the results of their synchronized attacks. He started to quickly chant the incantation for a kido while storing up the reiryoku for it for the follow-up attack. Shoumetsu was not going to let up on his onslaught until either one of the two became a corpse or was reduced to nothingness, and he had no plans of dying anytime soon.


The Beast or Monster, who would come out on top?


Izanagi Kiyoshi

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A single disruption caused the entire room of people to turn their attention toward one individual that caused such an uproar in a room filled with powerful beings and capable fighters. One could think that this action was an act of someone who was just reckless and hasty. Or someone who didn't think carefully of their actions before interrupting a critical meeting with people who care very little about taking someone's life. Possibly the person that caused this mess did not care about death?

The individual who entered this room, clad in full white armor, with the only thing visible to anyone who has noticed his appearance, was their mouth, pieces of translucent shards all over where he stood.

Nevertheless, Mikoto didn't just do this random act recklessly; it was done to study and observe the behavior of those in the room. Moreso, to gain their attention, from that point, let everything unfold and see what's to come of it all. So why was crashing through the window the only answer to gain attention? Why does their attention matter anyways?


It wasn't their attention but Stephania's attention that Mikoto truly wanted. Sure enough, they had never met, and Mikoto was looking to repay her since he was invited weeks ago and did not show up. No contact, not even a single text or phone call.


Was all Stephania received from the former CEO of Kimura Enterprised, unknown to Mikoto, Hansha made sure of that. As a way of taking everything from him to "bend the knee" to the ruler of Fullbringers. Though he would have been far too late, the business was just a front. Death took away his everything a decade ago; there was nothing more to do to him. Crashing through a window is nothing compared to the damaged they did...Hansha did.

"Mikoto Kimura, I am here to lend aid on behalf of Stephania."

Although Mikoto succeeded, he gained her attention, and now she was more than angry. Stephania was so enraged that she wouldn't allow Mikoto's behavior to go without punishment. What made it worst for him was speaking her name so casually. In most certainty, everything Mikoto did from point a to b was nothing but red flags, and he was bound to pay for it. And the right person to handle that task was a LEADER.

Mikoto was well prepared for some action against him, and his fullbring was active the moment he entered the room. The moment a single muscle flex to unleash a vicious reiatsu, a reiatsu meant to harm Mikoto. However, that was after being blinded by a blinding light. He saw very little of this glimmer before it came to fruition, everything being slowed to his perception and unknown to those within the room. He could have easily avoided such a fate. Her believing she could prevent him from using fullbring was rather cute but misjudged on her end. Not knowing what his fullbring could do, she underestimated Mikoto and his capabilities. Thinking or even believing he is this pathetic human at the bottom of the food chain now that he has nothing. His former enterprised ran to the ground and was now a shell of its former self. And Mikoto was going to satisfy that level of thinking.

Though he was blinded, he did not prevent him from protecting himself from the "danger" that awaited him. And timed right, the spiritual attack Stephania sent towards him to do severe damage instantly turned into nothing more than minuscule injury.


Before the attack reaches him, Mikoto exerts his power equal to what was supposed to harm him at the last second of impact so that it seems as if she did succeed in her intent. He didn't wish to show out as quickly as he could have moved when he had already made trouble by crashing through the window. On top of calling out her name, did he wish to add showing his power right now to make it even worst? It wasn't something he cared about anyways. At the same time, he needs it to be on her side, feeding into that ego. Taking on that attack could be brilliant or dumb.

It was the only thing Mikoto stated upon entry, clear cut and straight to the point. Though he would find out, Mikoto wasn't sure what would happen as he still flew out of the now open, broken window. Finally, he finds himself back outside, though landing in a web of some kind, created by Stephania herself.

"What exactly was your plan, Kumira?"


"It is Kimura."

Mikoto would have said subconsciously. He wouldn't have dared correct her within the position he was trapped in at this time. He could feel her reiatsu manipulating the threads as they were coiling around every part of his body. Unaware of what it can do, a few possibilities come to mind. Mikoto does not wish to find out, but he isn't scared. Fear does not creep into his mind—the 42-year-old man welcomes death at any given time.

"I had no plan. However, I believe that I can be of service and show that I am more than capable of helping you with whatever you are planning. I am not the peasant you see me as, but a foot soldier willing to do your bidding. If you give me a chance."

He told her plain and simple.

Though was it enough to stay alive? Or was the simple answer only enough to further her intent to kill him right there on the spot? He was okay with whatever choice, and he had no purpose in living anymore and only living to either serve someone's benefit or live to die. Either way, he would have gotten exactly what he wanted in the end.



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The Arrancar was more advanced than the ones he could read in reports, which were a dime a dozen, and they almost felt like Shinigami just copied their partners to save time doing paperwork. Before he had time to look back, Jinno felt Max shifting to Jinnosuke's front. The prize for following their instincts and formulating a plan within seconds and visual keys resulted in most of them having to mitigate the damage of Max's blindingly fast onset of attacks.

Jinnosuke compressed his muscles; no flash step was needed here. Hardening them down to his bones was beyond the durability of any normal Shinigami, especially those Max has had the opportunity and research and encounter.
The one hundred years of bone therapy to increase Jinno's bone structure and density would certainly surprise Max.

That and Jinnosuke is different; He doesn't seek to destroy Hollow and Arrancar or Quincy because some elder council says so. Jinnosuke fights, to fight. Within seconds it took for his comrades to be attacked, Jinno gauged this Arrancar worthy. Almost as if he was reborn in this split-second decision.


Max would strike Jinnosuke's face, and the Shinigami known as the Devil would reawaken; The force was impressive, to the point where it split Jinnosuke's flesh and drew blood down his brow. However, a minor and typical injury, The inside of Jinnosuke's body, would result in the fist letting off a thud as the force resonated into Jino. His bones worked as a reverse Hierro, protecting his significant organs and reiatsu vents. As Max intended to hit and run each of them, he would find this a dead end.

すぐに取り組む Sugu ni torikumu: Instant Grapple, Jinnosuke Shunpo's with an opponent also using an instant speed skill. While Max would Sonido, Jinnosuke would snatch his arm, and Maxamilliano would find himself clutched in Jinnosuke's grip. As if receiving a suplex in high speed, Jinnosuke would d hold The Arrancar in place with a massive force that only increased due to the rapid rise of his reiatsu; the immense shroud of a demonic like veil would, however, over them and then explode outward.


This level of reiatsu, even this high in the air, would crack and sunder the ground below; Max would immediately be assaulted with a range of power he had yet to feel in full. The neon light from the visual purples and greens would then be roped in before the Reiatsu suppressing earrings would snap and burn along with a bright white glow from his chest. A peek second of respite before a massive force would be put on Max.


Jinnosuke felt the others closing in; he only had to hold max like this for a second longer before they would likely attack. Using his ハンドポケット, Hando Poketto), also known as Iai (居合, Iai): Hand Pocket; These attacks are insanely fast and nearly unpredictable. Jinnosuke's Shikai chain would wrap with the flicking motion around Max.


"Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."


Izanagi suddenly appeared directly behind the Arrancar, mid-air, just above the head known only to those aware of his identity, the God-King. While simultaneously speaking incantations here, which were completed just as he arrived. The right arm was being swung overhead towards the center of the skull, and pale blue light began to generate in the center of the palm. At the same time, he was looking to drive the palm deep into Max's body while uttering the words simultaneously.

Hado # 33 Sōkatsui."

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

" Right on time boys! "

The massive explosion that happened next was insane, as if a missile or bomb was exploding in the sky; their attack was sure to land on this monster, now, wasn't it? Jinnosuke hadn't let up on this thing's arm as he snapped him in place. Either way, Jinosuke couldn't go without speaking;
" You, Arrancar! What's your name? You're not only fast enough to damage multiple high-ranking Shinigami; I have a feeling when this smoke clears, you'll be just fine. " Shifting his massive blade to a defensive position and ready to swing, Jinnosuke would continue.

" My name is Jinnosuke Ueku, Nice to meetcha! "


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Eternal Waltz

Maximiliano has lived for a very long time and in that long life he has experienced quite a bit in terms of battle. In his time as an Arrancar he has faced off against a being who calls himself a Star, an entity so grossly powerful that it recovers from all damage it sustains, along with a myriad of would-be kings who live out in the sands. In the end he defeated them all. He is a being that marches forward without end, always moving, always plotting, like a spiral. The beings gathered here today to face him know nothing about the God of Hueco Mundo, they think their paltry numbers and surprise attacks can and will save them. They have confidence in their numbers, in each other, in whatever plan Max allowed them to concoct. After all, in their eyes, Max is just another run of the mill Arrancar, what do they have to fear?...

What is Their Peak!?

Be it alone or in numbers Shinigami can be strong, unlike Quincy, they are not cowards and unlike Quincy, Max harbors no ill will towards them. He views Shinigami as rivals, but like every good rival there comes a day where you must let them know you are superior to them. At the start of it all Max launches a Bala towards the ones known as Shoumetsu and Shizuka, with his quick thinking Shizuka launches Shoumetsu out of the way with a powerful kick that also saves his life as well, although he does not come out unscathed.

Next there is the one known as Izanagi, he overestimates himself and his standing in this fight. The gripping Reiatsu, that stress inducing bind that grips him bears a weight he had never felt before, did he think he could simply endure this monster's Reiatsu and escape? He is fodder, where he would think to Shunpo his body does not move, the unbridled weight far too much to bear, let alone move. However, all is fine, the weight will be lifted as the destructive wave of Reiatsu now engulfs him like a pyroclastic flow. Had he been more quick on the uptake of the situation instead of pondering on whether to help his friends or attack the tower he could have shifted to a more favorable position, the stripes of a novice showing themselves in full. There will be something left to bury although it is no more than a torso with a head and half an arm remaining attached to it, the insides singed beyond repair.

The man with the massive sword ascends into the sky, zig zagging as if this were going to confuse Maximiliano in some way. This maneuver would have paid off a bit better if it were done in a forest or maybe even amidst the skyscrapers and buildings of this city. It means nothing when used in the open sky and so Max counters, catching him as he zags with a thunderous punch to his head and in this moment something strikes Max, although he pays it no attention. Shizuka had launched a powerful kick to his stomach but he seemed to have forgotten something crucial about Arrancar… Shizuka feels as if his foot is sinking into the gut of the Arrancar, however, in reality, it is nothing more than his own leg breaking and collapsing in on itself. The bones in his leg splinter and flay his muscle and skin from the inside out. His attempt to save his fellow Lieutenant has failed. His leg shattering and breaking against the indomitable protection that is Max's Hierro.

Jinnosuke also has forgotten this as well, as what he thinks is just a bit of skin splitting on his forehead is in fact much worse. Where his bones may be willing his flesh is weak against the hammer that is the God King’s fist. For a moment blood rushes from the now open wound and in the next he will realize why he should have truly avoided the attack. Max had wrapped energy around his fist before the punch, that is why it was glowing, and the moment that fist landed he unleashed another powerful Bala. The flesh of Jinnosuke’s head is ripped and burned away along with the muscle, his eyes obliterated as the force, power and energy of this bala pushes onward and hollows out his entire skull. His bones are subjected to this Bala as well being directly exposed to this attack, to this energy they are broken apart. What would it matter at this point, with his entire head and neck now being nothing more than bone with no organs to speak of he is long dead.

Then there is Shizuka, the brave Lieutenant trying to save his allies, he is not spared from this blast his frayed leg is ripped and burned from his body along with multiple burns and shattered bones ripping across his body. Perhaps he should have slowed down and observed the situation before blindly attacking or better yet, he should have run away. Black smoke engulfs this area with Shizuka’s mangled incapacitated body falling from it along with Jinnosuke’s headless body. At this point Shoumetsu’s first technique, Jibashi was activated, he was too late as he waited on the removal of his seal to make a move and now he alone stands against the Pale Arrancar. Spiraling Reiatsu drifts all around him, encroaching on his position.

”Gaia no-”

A firm grip is felt on his left shoulder as Max leans around to look at him from his right, Max’s left hand is gripped on his shoulder with his arm resting on his back. Max smiles, looking at Shoumetsu as if he were about to scold him in a kind way that wouldn’t upset him too greatly. There is no scolding but only a question.

”Is this your peak Amigo? Is this all you have to offer? This is why I sit at the pinnacle, far above any peak.”

Then, without even straining himself he launches Shoumetsu down to the ground below, forcing him to plummet straight through an apartment building and to its ground floor. His hands return behind his back as he then notices a scuff mark on his abdomen from where he was kicked earlier. He raises a brow, genuinely confused as he rubs the mark off of himself.

”Strange… When did that happen?”

There would be one more Shinigami in Naruki, one who attempted to get the attention of Maximiliano but ultimately failed, Shiro Kashitoji. His small burst of Reiatsu was never clocked by Max, he never paid it attention because it was a signature not worth giving attention to. Just as people pay no mind to a light gentle breeze Max has done the same to this other Eleventh Division Shinigami. With the aid of Sonido he is back on the ground, walking amidst the rubble until he happens upon the broken form of Shizuka. Simply staring at him before raising his hand and charging a Cero at the tip of his index finger.

”I should have known nothing less than a Captain could give me trouble. Tell me, how strong are your Captain’s Amigo. Surely you are not so broken that you cannot talk for a bit before I end your life.”

All the politeness in his voice is genuine and so is his promise of ending Shizuka’s life.