[BSD-RP] Soul Society: Northwest Seireitei





Quote:“ Lieutenant Ueku,Takahiro. I know ya’ wanna fight but I need ya’ somewhere else. If yer’ pissed suck it up. Should be another one in a thousand years so you’ll get ya’ chance. I want ya’ to go to the human world n’ find Lieutenant Hyouzoku. Yer’ gonna go there ta' help him take care a’ some business. Somethin’ about humans with spiritual power n’ somethin’ else. He’ll explain more when ya’ get there. I dunno' which city he's in so ya' can go to each one together or split up,
it don't matter ta' me either way. ”
He watched observantly how the entirety of the 11th division was in a bipolar uproar first causing a bit of commotion about the new era coming for them, and soon realizing the benefits quickly changing to cheer them on. His head tilted a little in curiosity when only Hiroka and Nibui were mentioned to follow her participation in the Kenpachi games but remained quiet and patient to further listen. He did nothing but strive to become stronger and surpass those around him and this event had given him the proper chance to see where he stood against others who dwelled in the Gotei 13. His head cocked even more to the side hearing they were being sent to the world of the living with such vague orders not sure if this came from her end on details or another. Lieutenant Hyouzoku at first didn’t ring any bells until recalling events that took place on the fateful day where the togabito made multiple front attacks. He never got the chance to meet him firsthand, but it seemed like this was about to change wondering what kind of person he was. Humans gaining spiritual awareness had never been an issue before so he wondered what could have changed though he didn’t care all that much as long as they proved to put up a good fight for him.
The others looked for any signs of disappointment on him and Jinnosuke, though strangely enough beside a big agitated sigh escaping his lips, no visible sign was shown. It wasn’t because he was disappointed about not going but in Shoumetsu’s mind it didn’t matter if there was a hosted event or not because he always treated everywhere as an open arena. This just meant he would need to actively seek those out who he wished to test his merits against, and needed to be mindful of the collateral damage after what happened to the 6th division barracks. The lack of details of Lt Hyouzoku's whereabouts unknown even though they were supposed to be meeting up with his squad meant they were already starting with poor coordination before the mission even began. The thought of what fun opponents and challenges awaited him there stirred up in his mind while he watched the tree participating taking their leave. He returned the look toward Hiroka with a small nod knowing he was going to go all out in this fight. He paused for a second then looked on to Lt Jinnosuke before deciding to make their way to the Senkaimon gates to have their wrath set upon the World of the Living.

11th division ---> Traveling to 5th Division Barracks: Senkaimon




With the meeting over and done with, it seems that most members of the Eleventh would either sulk away at the changes to come or cheer and hope for the best if they are accepted and given entry to the so called ‘Kenpachi Games’. The likelihood is most will be denied to hold off an overflow of unnecessary deaths. Atop the roof where he sat, Nibui watched as Omoni separated the higher seats, he and Hiroka are intended to attend the games with her, either making an attempt on the title itself or simply to show off the might of the Eleventh. However, Jinnosuke and Shoumetsu are given different orders, they are supposed to head off to the Human world. It is only under dire situations that Eleventh is generally called in and that is especially so when a Lieutenant is brought forth.
The situation in the Human world however, is not what concerns Nibui. After their reunion and with the up and coming games, Nibui had hoped that he would get to at least have a rematch with his Co-Lieutenant, Jinnosuke. A brief sigh escapes Nibui’s lips before he drops down to the floor below, landing softly With Hiroka acting as Omoni’s guide, Nibui is left to his own devices. He trails behind the two but remains mostly silent, his thoughts elsewhere.
”To the death huh..? Either it’ll be a delightful day for Jubokko or I’ll meet my fated end I suppose.”
For a member of the Eleventh to be thinking such dreary thoughts on what should be a supposedly glorious day, it makes little to no sense. Though in truth, Nibui is not a simple member of the Eleventh Division. His ideals for the division were always in the same light as those that Omoni now holds, though it seemed that the Captain Commander was perhaps the one to instill this within Omoni. He would be there to guide the Ogress in her path anyhow. It gave Nibui little to no pleasure to take a life undeservingly and no matter how he looked at it, this could very well be his downfall in the bouts to come.
For the entire journey towards the Rukongai, he thinks and thinks on the situation at hand, the possible outcomes, the impossible, his mind races and throughout all of these thoughts, there is not a shred of stress that he can find. His life as a Shinigami is fated to end with an early death at the hands of someone else. Either he proves his worth to the public and the higher echelon of the Gotei Thirteen, or he falls at the hands of an elite, these are the only two options available in his mind and somehow he is at peace.
Travelling to the Rukongai


A long time coming, and a longer time going. it was a tumultuous time for Hanabi, someone who often was so enraptured with her work that many events seemed to whizz by, and only when she had been burnt out on doing everything she could think of did time seem to slow to a crawl for her and she could take a moment to figure out what had happened. One hundred years.The horned scientist had helped with a few products here and there, a few inventions that helped supplement the gotei 13, but, she had never really taken a moment to stop and just be.
A workaholic through and through, there had been times she needed to be thrown out of the twelfth division and told that she was not welcome back unless she worked on socializing or spending a day to relax. Hanabi had scorned them in the past, but now, it felt different somehow. Every time she had gone through as many of her experiments and hours upon days upon weeks of research, the end result was those periods of slow burn out that felt like she had nothing else to really do until the next bout of inspiration came to her or someone gave her a task.
Now they had just grown to be lengthier every time she finished. She needed guidance, she needed to talk to someone about this.
Trudging her way from the depths of the twelfth division's sub levels, Hanabi had the look of death and sleep on her face. Every person she walked past was like a blur, or a face she hadn't seen before. Staff changes? New people? No old members from whenever the hell she last showed up?
"I -- whatever. Imagination, wild, running about." She grumbled to herself while wiping at one of her eyes with the hem of her sleeve. She needed to get some air, and see that person she had in mind. Nyaraku, the crazed, supposedly, science specialist of the twelfth division.
Hanabi eventually meandered up the steel steps to the main floor of the division, seeking out the man himself to take an audience with him. Appointment or not, she was going to talk to Nyaraku. On her way up, she had surmised plenty had happened, from the scans she had to run the last time she was on this floor, and those robes for the sinners, a product she was pleased to have worked with and made some facsimiles of for the other members of the different squads.
But so much more happened that she didn't have a clue about. The funerals, the fights, every event in between. Even with that, the weight of something else was on her mind, a Sisyphusian weight fit for a Herculean task to put it lightly.
When the slender girl finally found Nyaraku, she tried to announce herself, but her voice was caught for a moment. It was like trying to speak through a sheet of cotton. SHe swallowed hard and cleared her throat, "Sir Nyaraku, I was wondering if I could talk to you, on a professional level. I have been having some issues, and concerns."
She'd continue on after a brief pause, "I've felt myself, slipping? I suppose the word is apt, yet, mired in my slipping. It's difficult to put it. Have you, yourself, in all of your time as a scientist...have you ever felt stagnant? As in, well, I can't be certain on how to put this. I feel as though whenever I reach the end of the rope I am climbing with my latest idea, success or not, I just pause? There have been times where I have gone days without having moved from my lab after reaching the end of an experiment. I'm concerned it might be something worse than medical."
She kneaded at the back of her neck, averting any sort of eye contact while looking for the words in a thick fog that clouded her mind, "I just, had thought maybe you in your advanced expertise, would have experienced something similar, or know of anyone who has. I feel like a failure to have experienced this at all, let alone more than once. So please, Sir Nyaraku, any information you have could help."




While a majority of the Seireitei’s focus is placed on the Kenpachi Games at the Rukongai, there remain few exceptions; the Twelfth Division exists as one such exception. While a number of them had been tasked and employed in helping ensure the games could be properly displayed on a variety of monitors, some of which were elevated, floating where it was easily visible to a number of large crowds. Outside that menial task, the scientists of the Institution of Research and Development busied themselves with their own individual and group projects. Hanabi Kurokawa is one such member. She wanders the halls, aimless in her thoughts that muddled her perception of the world. She remains ignorant to the ongoings of the world outside the walls that had surrounded her for so long, yet she does not spare any thoughts wondering about what’s actually transpiring in the Seireitei. The young pyromaniac has but one thing on her mind 一 or, rather one destination.

In her desire the young woman walks blindly past the warning signs and labels meant to turn away any who approached or passed by. For the most part, the others knew better than to mindlessly wander into the sanctuary that is Kurotsuchi’s lab. Blind Courage, helplessness or ignorance 一 it was difficult to determine which of the three were guiding the girl.

"Sir Nyaraku, I was wondering if I could talk to you, on a professional level. I have been having some issues, and concerns."

She begins speaking after spotting a tuft of blue hair. She pauses for the briefest of moments before proceeding on, not bothering to wait for a response for the man.

"I've felt myself, slipping? I suppose the word is apt, yet, mired in my slipping. It's difficult to put it. Have you, yourself, in all of your time as a scientist...have you ever felt stagnant? As in, well, I can't be certain on how to put this. I feel as though whenever I reach the end of the rope I am climbing with my latest idea, success or not, I just pause? There have been times where I have gone days without having moved from my lab after reaching the end of an experiment. I'm concerned it might be something worse than medical."

She rambles on, it was clear she felt the need to get everything out. To this point, no response has been given to the girl as she carries on uninterrupted. Uncharacteristic of the Brainiac who normally would have expressed his annoyance at being disturbed by something so trivial. Her eyes downcast, darting about looking everywhere but towards the man whose counsel she sought.

"I just, had thought maybe you in your advanced expertise, would have experienced something similar, or know of anyone who has. I feel like a failure to have experienced this at all, let alone more than once. So please, Sir Nyaraku, any information you have could help."

Finally, it seems the verbal diarrhea had finally come to its end. She stands, lost...confused..and in silence as still no response is given. The only sounds that persist are the beepings from various surrounding machinery, the ruffling of clothes in movement and the clanking of something striking against glass, the sound of something being stirred.

”Hnn, let it settle for another three minutes before adding several drops of-”

Finally, a voice other than Hanabi’s is heard, mumbling to themself no doubt. Strange however, that it is not the voice that she might expect, at least...not exactly.

Behind a counter littered with flasks, vials and an assortment of strange mutated and grotesque creatures and body parts housed in jars filled with what appeared to be some manner of green liquid stands a man holding a stack of papers. As Hanabi had meandered her way to this location she came across a number of unfamiliar faces, her absence from the others leading her to be out of touch on who was who, perhaps the man before her now was a new recruit. He stood upright, his blue hair fashioned into a neat ponytail, amber hues scanning through the page that rested atop the stack of papers clutched in his hand. Regardless of how out of touch she was, she was certain she had properly made her way towards Kurotsuchi’s personal lab...right? Had he transitioned elsewhere in her time away?

”Oh, you’re still here.”

He sighed as he glanced up, eyes focusing on the small girl fidgeting in place. He shook his head, seemingly refocusing on the task at hand. He leafed through page after page, glancing between the papers and the brewing concoctions before him, all the while still muttering to himself just under his breath.

”Who in this line of work hasn’t paused or locked themselves away at the end of a project? When you’ve reached the end of one point, one must pause to ponder on the next thing to explore and investigate. What other wonders remain untouched, what imaginings have yet to be birthed into the world? It is that nexus between thought and action that is part of what makes the pursuit of science so enjoyable..it is the unknown.”

As he speaks he crouches down to stare at the flask, watching it bubble, and then rising up to inspect the vials, lifting and lightly stirring one before bringing it eye level for further inspection.

”The reason that you are so lost and find yourself so troubled is indeed no medical phenomenon. There is a simpler term to describe it and that is...incompetence.”

Though his voice, appearance and overall demeanor appeared vastly different, this manner of speaking was certainly akin to one man within the Twelfth Division; Nyuraku Kurotsuchi.

Two Weeks Ago
After having commandeered a classroom within the Shino Academy, the scientist immediately rushed himself and his specimens back to his lab in a fit of excitement. Though it pained him to have left so abruptly he found solace in the fact that he had imparted a bit of wisdom in those students who were so enthralled with the lesson not a single one of them made a peep or moved an inch. Despite having underdeveloped brains, their admiration for his work would forever touch his heart.

He had crunched the numbers, ran a countless number of scenarios within his head, then through his computer, then once more through his head. Algorithm after algorithm, a dozen calculations which multiplied into a hundred, and then a thousand, those thousand then transforming into the tens of thousands. Theory was then morphed into action, the bug-eyed scientist toying with an assortment of chemicals and blends. The sound of sizzling fills his workspace as he mixes the liquid from one vial into another, watching the colors warp and mix. Strange colored smoke wafts from the glass container before settling into a deep purple, the liquid contents radiating with a fluorescent glow. Nyuraku bursts into a fit of laughter, eyes parting ways. Securing a pasteur pipette he draws in some of the glowing liquid, carefully expelling several droplets into a petri dish. He carefully sets the flask down, placing the petri dish beneath his microscope and begins studying the contents of his creation.

He stands frozen in place, in time..unmoving as he watches. His expression never changes, neither waning or growing in its excitement. An hour passes and he still does not move, his eye still plastered on whatever is transpiring in the petri dish beneath the scope. Finally, the Brainaic breaks away, hands clapping giddily.

”I must test this out immediately!”

He exclaimed, grabbing a syringe, filling it with the contents of his odd little chemical mixture. The man had never been one to shy away from experimenting on himself, today was no exception to that.He unhesitantly sticks the needle into his arm, and slowly empties its contents into the pierced vein, letting it course through his blood stream to cycle through his body. A minute passes with no change, and then his eyes begin to itch, a similar feeling soon claiming his throat as he begins coughing and wheezing. He stumbles, fingers clawing and then clenching into fists, nails piercing the flesh of his palms. He trips over his own feet and tumbles to the ground, the sound of cracking bones drowned out by his hoarse cries and dry heaving. This goes on for minutes, these strange symptoms becoming progressively worse over time. Half an hour later, a hand grips the edge of the nearest counter, a body pulled to its feet. The hunchbacked bug-eyed man was nowhere to be found, instead was a man who stood with perfect posture, blue hair draped down to his shoulder. He closed his eyes to settle his breathing, weak steps walking him over to his computer monitor, mirroring his image. He touched his face as he stared at the man reflected back to him. There existed no pride or joy in what he saw.
What had he become…

The man turns towards his computer, gazing at the time being shown in the upper left corner of the massive screen.

”Hmm an hour. This dilation appears to be lasting longer than the others. Interesting, interesting.”

He turns to scribble something down on a nearby clipboard that had been tucked away. Since he first used the strange serum, he had experimented with it several dozen times, altering minor things here and there to see what varying results they would have on his body, reiatsu and soul. Careful charts and measurements were being kept every step of the way, the cycles of his transformation being measured. Yes, this...appearance was not permanent. In time he would revert back to his typical handsome and alluring self. Truth be told he had left his lab while maintaining this form, going unrecognized by practically everyone within his division. To this effect, he had opted to say nothing about his little experiment, Hanabi coincidentally now being the first to come across him while in his lab, and being the only one within the department in a position to recognize this face as Nyuraku Kurotsuchi...that is, if her current mental ineptitude was not further affecting her mental faculties any more than it already was.

He glances up and sees that the woman is still loitering within his precious laboratory. He slams his hands down onto the surface of the counter. Shooting a stern stare towards the little firestarter Nyuraku lashes out.







From SouthWest — NorthWest
The Wounded Wolf

Hideaki had left the 6th division, though still injured, his injuries did not slow him down. With the approval of Michi’s signature, Hideaki headed toward the 12th Division. Zanpakutou safely tucked to his side. By now the Kenpachi games must have started, and Hideaki had to join Takashi and his sister to make sure the games went smoothly. Little did Hideaki know that meeting Michi for the first time, would have been the last time also.
After a long walk, Hideaki was now upon the 12th Division, for the first time, the Shino man saw their large wooden doors. Approaching them slowly and then knocking on the doors with his good, right hand. The doors opened and there stood a member of the 12th division, asking Hideaki who he was. Hideaki gave the man all the details needed, plus the signed paperwork from Michi Kiyoshi. Making sure to let the unseated member, that Hideaki was here for personal business and that it was of utmost importance to see someone with authority in this place.
From there, Hideaki was guided into offices in the barracks where he was told to wait a little bit until someone with authority was to see the man from 6th. For now most members simply walked by the wounded 6th division member, simply looking at his horribly treated missing limb, and body mostly covered in healing deep inflicted cuts and wounds. Hideaki sat down on the floor, crossed both his legs together, his silver orbs focusing simply at a straight line.