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Unable to do anything else of his own accord, the man waited anxiously for a response or rescue, some source of salvation to deliver him from the confines of an area which ironically exposed to him just truly how uncontrollable and dangerous time really is. A revelation within the fading recesses of his own mind forming, granting him the realization of exactly how dangerous his own powers of time manipulation could be. But even more so, how much more useful he could become to the Soul Society as a whole, primarily his current captain. Even within what he perceived to be the last fading moments of his life, his final thoughts revolved around Captain Oda, and all that he had been unable to fulfill. That, along with the strange recurring memory of the unusual pink haired woman he had encountered within the Rukongai, the one he had never gotten a chance to see again. Why had she of all people been the last of his memories of remorse? Had his infatuation truly grown that deep for a woman he had only seen once in his life?
The barriers sustaining his suspension and suppressing his blood flow beginning to waver in the intensity of both their illumination and structure. Nothing more than sheer will had been keeping him conscious, and nothing other than hope within his captain keeping him going. A retrieval and rescue that had happened at an expedited pace, but one which felt like an eternity to the perhaps now former third seat. Believing it to be his end as he reached the extremities of his limits, his eyes had closed, and his conscious once again began slipping out of grasp. Ironically, as the Senkaimon doors opened and the light which they held flooded in, everything from Eizoku's perspective had turned pitch black as he finally gave way to his exhaust.
Crews of the fifth division rushing in to perform the boundary fixation, would be surprised to learn that Eizoku himself had been located directly at the entrance where the Senkaimon had opened. Despite the ability of retrieving him and closing the gates back, they took extreme precaution to stabilize the walls within the dangai. Eizoku's barriers which sustained him prior, giving out, dropping him to the ground immediately after. Falling unconscious, his head slammed against the hardened stone-like flooring of flesh, adding yet another injury to the man as the bisected portion of his body once again began splurging out blood in a fashion that could only cause onlookers to look upon him with pity and concern despite their visages being concealed behind their attire.
What happened after his complete blackout the man was unsure, he hadn't even been aware that he had indeed been saved and removed from the dangai. The manner in which they restricted his blood flow had been similar to what he had used to restrict it prior, before directly delivering the man from his traumatic experience within the Dangai, to the 4th division barracks where he would face yet another challenge...surviving.Precipice World -> Central Seireitei
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With the Dangai stabilized by the Boundary Fixation in place by means of the Kido Corps members he had directed prior, Eizoku had been able to once again set foot in the location that had almost been his deathbed not too long ago. His underlying feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty merged together in an internal war which could only be quelled by his acceptance of his failure within the past, and the progress he had made over the short period of time which had passed before his last visit. Doing just that, the third seat took a silent deep breath for a moment before proceeding onward, exhaling any hesitance or fear that attempted to plague or reign over him. His typical calm and composed temperament returning to him in that moment, allowing full focus on his environment, situation, and his usual analytical observations.
Despite passing through the threshold of the Senkaimon into the precipice world only moments ago, he was aware that his other two companions had more than enough time to follow behind him. Yet here he stood once again in the dim lit pits of the Dangai, alone. Perhaps their dislike towards him for his recent actions had gotten the better of the two, and this had been in fact rebellion. A last ditch effort hoping things would once again go awry and rid the Seireitei of Eizoku for good without getting their hands dirty. If such had been the case, it certainly would have been an interesting ploy - such cynical thinking, despite it being to his own disadvantage, thrilled Eizoku in a way he hadn't been too fond of admitting to himself. It had been insubordination for sure, but a legitimate strategy, one that had been put together in a limited period of time no less - his teammates had been thinking.
"Change of plans...full authority for this mission has been delegated to me. As such, my first official decree goes as followed. Do not allow Leuitenant Suta or Jizakai Ametsuchi to pass the threshold of the Senkaimon unless I myself say otherwise. I will hold full responsibility for this mission alone. My subordinates should not have to suffer or be placed in danger for my previous failures."

His words, although presented in a manor that would prove convincingly true and perhaps even a little motivating to anyone listening in, had been riddled with underlying intent and in all honesty, had simply been nothing more than a contorted lie. One that would only show its true colors after completely playing out, should he be successful that is. This had certainly been far from the nature of the man who generally only takes into account of accuracy, probability, and calculated statistics - a gamble.
Proceeding onward and setting his senses adrift so as to be ready for anything that should come his way, the Third Seat issued yet another order. His voice filled with such depth and composure that it would surely create a sense of safety and dependability upon him within the other members present.

"In order to ensure the safety of those responsible for maintaining the boundary fixation, have an extra soldier cover on standby for every two soldiers present. This will serve as a defensive backing should any incident occur requiring combat or protection of any adjacent soldiers. Should one of the other soldiers before you do to either their inadequacy or your own, fall in the line of duty - in order to secure your life and that of the others present, you will immediately fill in their space - maintaining the boundary fixation. That is your top priority. My priority on the other hand, will also be the same and finishing this mission as soon as possible, with maximum efficiency. I vow that I will not allow a single soldier here to fall or die in vain."

Again, contorted truths utilized to maximize efficiency of his provided resources. Each and every last individual here would serve as nothing more than pawns to his strategy in order to prioritize his well being and the completion of the mission. Yet, strangely his captain's words began to be recalled to mind as if to reprimand him once more.


A sharp exhale and for once, an unambiguous facial expression shot across his face as the guilt for his current train of thought painted a frown upon his visage. How could he call himself a strategist or advance through the ranks if he was incapable of creating strategy effective enough to maximize the success of his mission and the lives of those around him? Had his drive for intellect, studies, and dedication to his obligations progressed so far that he had allowed his human decency and understanding of love and compassion to fall behind..? Perhaps this, would be the opportune time to test that aspect, and turn those contorted lies, into truths. How would this all play out for the dreadheaded chronomancer?
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Within the confines of the Precipice World, the newly recovered Third-Seat finds himself in a familiar situation.


That is all that can be found by Eizoku, as he enters the Dangai once more. With the The Kōryū (拘流, Wresting Flow; Viz "Restrictive Current") subdued by Kaikyō Kotei (界境固定, Realm Boundary Fixation; Viz "Boundary Fixation"), the flesh-like tar is indeed rendered into a dark stone, echoing Eizoku’s footsteps as he paces forth, plunging himself into the unknown. Searching for anomalies along the endless corridor, Eizoku instead only perceives a deep and endless darkness. Projecting his senses out to scan the blackened walls of the Dangai, he has no luck in locating any evidence of tampering. Instead, it is as though he is in a sensory deprivation tank, incapable of perceiving anything beyond the perimeters of the Kaikyō Kotei. Likely, this is due to the time-distorting properties of the Dangai, which have only been temporarily halted within the radius of the Shinigami.

Wizened with experience, Eizoku seems to have learned from his mistake. This time, instead of venturing forth and leaving his squad defenseless, he appoints a watchman to guard every pair of Kido Corps operatives. Last time he had turned his back to his squad, it was the last time he’d ever see them again, this time he seems determined not to receive any further casualties. Vowing to complete this mission himself, he sets forth not in selfish pursuit, but in hopes of sparing his comrades the same horrors he has dealt with previously.

This time however, the darkness, the nothingness, persists. There are no signs of his previous squad, no chains left open and empty on the floor. Nor are there any signs of the Third Seats previous battle with the Vasto Lorde now known as Kassius. As he walks, the pool of blood he once was dragged through fails to be found again, the chunks of flesh his kido tore from the hollow equally cannot be found. Most likely, this is an effect of the Kōtotsu (拘突, Wresting-Surge), the chimney-sweeper like creatures that tunnel through this world. Knowledge of such a being is of course not out of Eizokus reach, as even if he weren’t of such a high position in the Kido Corps, the events of the Kōtotsu incident over a century ago brought such creatures into the public eye.

Such an event brought tragedy and ruin to the central districts of the Rukongai, and nearly brought about the destruction of the Seireitei itself. With the Vasto Lorde having once taken residence in this precipice world, it can be assumed that this creature was responsible for displacing the patrol of the Kōtotsu. A conclusion made evident now by the return to regular routine, given the vasto’s absence. It can be said then that Eizoku is responsible for avenging those lost in the Rukongai that fateful day. However the true question arises, and if Eizoku were as clever as he believed, he would equally reach this conclusion: “What was the Vasto Lorde Protecting?”. Surely the presence of such an abnormally powerful monster in such an unnatural location could not have occurred organically. Likely, Kassius was placed within the Dangai intentionally. The logic conclusion was that he served as a guard dog, or perhaps a distraction, protecting some secret, but what?

This is the true reason Captain Oda sent them on this mission.

Arriving at the scene of his grand battle, Eizoku witnesses a curious site. Until now there has been no sign or evidence of the creatures existence nor his battle with Eizoku. Once again, it was as though the Dangai had been scrubbed clean. Only, now it seems that they may have missed a spot. The smell of blood once more fills the Third Seat’s nostrils, only…there is no blood to see. Indeed, the scent of iron floods the area he now finds himself in, yet the location appears no different than any of the others. This minute detail, this minor sense, may well be enough to clue Eizoku in on the mystery he seeks to solve. With his spiritual senses tuned to the maximum, should Eizoku pay attention to this area, he would see a flood of spiritual energy.

Once concealed by the oppressive and yet invisible force of the Vasto Lorde, a new spiritual signature can be traced to this origin point. Though invisible to the naked eye, it would appear that there is a sort of metallic dust, which coats the walls and floor of the precipice. Floating in the air, like a million dust particles, are small traces of spiritual steel, so tiny that they fail to even catch glimmers of light. This metallic dust fills the air, and now likely even Eizoku’s lungs, as he takes a breath in. Could this be an effect similar to Kaikyō Kotei? Perhaps being coated in this substance is how Vasto Lorde was able to resist the time-altering effects of the wrestling flow? Regardless, with the creature gone, sensing such a miniscule detail becomes far more achievable for the Kido-corps member.

Undoubtedly, the Kido Corps, and its commander: Captain Oda, would desire this substance to be retrieved. Leaving it as is could spell another disaster like the Kototsu incident, given that there are too many unknowns. Or perhaps, bringing this metallic dust back to the Soul Society would be a foolish endeavor. After all, someone had to have gone through such lengths to hide it for a reason, especially in the dangai Specifically.

With the lives of his subordinates once more at stake, and no superiors to provide him with guidance or orders, so many choices lay in the squad-leader’s hands.


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A Peculiar Discovery
Gracing the presence once again of an all too familiar void, the dread-headed Shinigami continued his pace forward into the confines of the solidified black tar like maw of the Dangai. His steps producing a short lived muffled echo that quickly seemed to die down into the lengthy tunnel ahead as he sandals paced across the hardened unlevel floor of the precipice world. The atmosphere smug, and almost somewhat suffocating from the lack of ventilation - an unexplained warmth that seemed to induce a forced perspiration under the layered cloaking that adorned his body. With these rather strange conditions, the confined space in itself ironically held no peculiar odor. The ambience of the area had naturally been the type of ominous and nerve-wracking environment that would force any astute or cautious individual to be wary of all that could possibly occur or go awry in such a space. Eizoku had been no different, already the cautious kind, the known instability of the area and the deadly qualities it possessed, partnered with his previous experience, did nothing more but forcibly sharpen and refine his senses in the moment. Every movement, every directed step, every breath he took had been filled with nothing but calculated purpose and intent. That, paired with both his sensory and attentiveness, left absolutely nothing to chance - nothing could or would escape his notice, no matter how minor it may have indeed been. His undesirable feeling of fear creating an ambivalent sensation of concern, being both suppressed and embraced by his own anticipation, intermingling with worry, and strangely...a bit of nostalgia. He had only been within the passage twice, yet there was a sense of comfort and familiarity that it strangely offered him. Perhaps the properties of the Dangai in itself, being that it was relatively close to his own abilities offered him a sense of solace in the last place he would have expected to find it. His own temporal intuition aligning him with the time axis of the Dangai itself despite its current frozen state. There had been comfort in knowing that the passage of time while he had been within, had been stable and controlled.

The overly-cautious Chronomancer had already learned from his prior expedition, and as such had already entered with an active modified Shakkaho that seemed to coat the entirety of the palm of his right hand. It's glow extremely intense, bright enough to set a 10 feet radius both ahead and behind him aglow against the walls of the crag that had in itself been in a stasis in an irregular vivid blue. Signifying in itself that he had tweaked the spell for his own convenience and effeciency. Despite its glow, the temperature proved to amount to nothing more than a mild warmth upon his skin. He had been efficient in all aspects, and rather resourceful, already using the spell to serve doubly as a light source to provide maximum visibility while moving forward, also serving as a beacon to inform his peers of the whereabouts of his current location. Had there been any flickering or ousting of his flame, it would immediately alert those present to the potential presence of danger - Eizoku himself would also have the dual capability of utilizing this spell in both a defensive or offensive manor should he deem it necessary.


Thus far he had been able to plainly see that there had been no blatant visible trace of his last visit. Nothing remained, no signs of struggle, no stray limbs, nor the presence of the hollow which once occupied the area. Even the residual Reiatsu of those whom had entered the Dangai recently, besides his own peers, had been amiss. As far as he was concerned, his initial thought process revolved around that perhaps his prior struggle certainly hadn't been in vain. Yet within the recesses of his mind, he doubted such an opponent would have been done away with so easily. Even if he had encountered the Kototsu and the Koryu - especially being that he had already somehow managed to both resist and subject the time altering capabilities of the Dangai. If anything, the absence of such a creature worried him more so than its presence. There had been an absolutely 0% probability of a mere hollow manifesting within the Dangai and establishing its residency there by chance.

This in itself had been something racing through the recesses of his mind for quite some time now. To be able to establish its domain, resisting and controlling the properties of the Dangai, and to actively utilize its abilities in order to sustain itself, was far too calculated and elaborate of a plan for a mindless hollo–. The man paused directly in his train of thought as he reflected to a factor that he had seemingly excluded from his overall analysis of his previous encounter with the corrupted soul - the capability to communicate and react in a manor that exhibited a stark level of intelligence and the ability to strategize. It hadn't simply been a hollow, but perhaps something far more advanced and evolved. This factor in itself lead Eizoku to further solidify the fact that although he may have gravely injured the being, the realistic percentage of it still being alive would roughly still be around the 53.11 percentile. Factoring in its intelligence and durability, along with the potential inefficiency and overall lack of depth and precision within his strike while under pressure, this would drastically tip the scales even further, increasing the probability of its survival by at least 33.05%. In his current calculations there was approximately an 86.16% chance the creature was still out there. There was also the apparent factor of astounding regeneration that the being seemed to posses as well, tipping the scales in his disfavor once more - resulting in the concluding calculations that there had been a 95.22% overall possibility that this monster was still alive and well.


"Certainly such an advanced and evolved hollow would not simply find its way here. There had obviously been a purpose behind its presence. This was undoubtedly intentional, unfailingly calculated...but to send anything to this domain would certainly result in its eventual death by means of the unstable and lethal factors that this world possesses. Even with its current level of strength and regeneration, it still wouldn't be able to compete with the Kōryū nor the Kōtotsu on its own naturally. Yet, somehow it still managed to live on...but how?" And why occupy a void such as this?"

This reality that the beast remained hadn't been something he desired to admit or readily accept just yet, and as such he placed it into the recesses of his mind until the information in itself became relevant in the moment, continuing on with his search - which in the moment seemed to beget nothing.

The Third Seat was indeed aware of the fact that the Kōtotsu was certainly the cause for erasing the traces of evidence he sought so desperately to find. Or so he had thought, until an all too familiar aroma completely captivated his sense of smell and somehow taste. – "Blood?!" The man's eyes shot open in reaction as the aroma created an even more acute rising in his own senses. The first thought to pass his mind, was the simple questioning of did this blood belong to him, or perhaps the members of his squad had once again fallen during his search? However, both scenarios proved highly unlikely after tying in the factors of the extended period of time he had been absent from the location, and the fact that the scent stemmed from in front of him rather than behind. There was also the added factor that the blood that had been spilled once before, had it not managed to be cleaned, would certainly have been dried up by now, and its scent gone. The sweeper like creatures which cleanse and eject any and everything foreign to the Dangai would not simply miss or overlook an area such as this. Perhaps the smell hadn't actually been blood, but... "Perhaps...Iron?"

Pinpointing the particular location and attuning his sensory capabilities to the best of his possible abilities, Eizoku had been able to detect a small residual pooling of spiritual energy that resided in the spot where the scent of "blood" had been the strongest. But how could such a thing remain? The sweeping of the Dangai is an unavoidable occurrence that completely and undoubtedly cleanses and removes the traces of everything in its wake, despite how massive or minor the physical entity may be. So for this to remain, signified an abnormality worth looking into. Having pinpointed the exact location, Eizoku actively fine tuned his senses in focus of vague spiritual energy pooling before him, only to come to the realization that what he had been sensing and smelling hadn't been in fact blood, but rather a literal mineral which seemed to ebb and flow freely within the confines of the maw as if they were dust particles. Could this mineral possibly be a result of the Kaikyō Kotei? It had been a possibility, but even if such had been the case why had this never been discovered before? He had inhaled it, tasted it, felt its presence...and quickly came to the conclusion.

"Could this mineral somehow be resistant to the temporal effects of the Dangai?!"

It had been in the same moment that he had come to yet another conclusion - he hadn't been the first individual to make this discovery. A rush of blood racing to his head, turning his caramel toned color a flushed maroon as he processed the shock of his discovery. Something much more sinister had been at hand, something in which the Third Seat hoped for once, he would be proven wrong - had that hollow been purposely placed within the Dangai because of this mineral? Such an evolved and intelligent specimen would certainly have been a waste for the individuals responsible for sending him, should they not have had accurate information on the dust like structure already. Was it, protecting this substance? This had certainly been in the vicinity of his initial encounter with the corrupted soul, which only lead Eizoku to the question if that thing had been guarding this? It would certainly explain how it was able to sustain itself and take control of the properties within. But it also begged the question that, since the precipice world is under 24 hour surveillance by the 12th Division of research, being that no one had reported the substance prior, nor the presence of the hollow within, had there been a potential traitor in their midst?

Eizoku wasted not a moment after coming to his logical conclusions about the matter, immediately reaching into the deeper right handed portion of his cloak with his left hand, removing a cylinder shaped plastic container, placing it sternly within the palm of his left hand before uttering the words of the spell soon to come.

"Hado Number 58. Tenran - Inversed..."

With a sharp twist of his left wrist 45 degrees to the right, the Chronomancer, using the opening atop the plastic container as the epicenter for his spell, generated a controlled siphon, that instead of repelling with adverse winds, gently siphoned with enough force, the particles of dust from nearly the entirety of the Dangai directly into the container of his choosing. It had been an extremely effective method, resulting in the container being completely filled with the now visible metallic dust that occupied the airs of the tar like tunnel in only a matter of roughly three seconds. As an ensuring factor, he placed the still active siphon beneath his open nose and mouth, forcefully yet gently extracting nearly all the minerals and debris he had both inhaled through his nose and mouth, before immediately ending the spell placing the cap upon the container. Placing it back to its original position beneath his Shihakusho.
"One could easily insinuate that bringing such a substance back into the Seireitei could prove as a reckless endeavor, however when it comes down to the fact of the matter that we of the Soul Society are not the first and only ones to make this discovery, would it not prove to be far more foolish to allow for this component to sit hidden from the awareness of the Gotei 13? And yet, who am I as a single individual to hold this discovery in my own hands and make the determination as to what is right or wrong, or non-beneficial to those whom I am obligated to protect? I for one do however perceive the high possibility that an in depth analysis of this mineral could result in great advances in the future endeavors of Soul Society, and perhaps a necessary defense against those who seem to have been conspiring under the nose of us all... ~ Eizoku Yugameru

With his senses now more alert than ever, and an unexpected discovery in his midst, should everything prove to be unhindered, the Third Seat would begin cautiously making his way back to the entry point of the Senkaimon in order to make known the existence of his discovery. However, he would not leave anything open to chance, nothing susceptible to fault. To be completely secure and prioritize the safety both those under his command and himself, he refused to turn his back to what remained of the Dangai. Taking a singular step forward with his right foot, he would find his footing landing upon not the solidified tar floors of the Dangai, but rather illuminated by a translucent deep golden barrier that consumed the entirety of his being in an instant. Transporting him without delay back towards the opened entrance of the Senkaimon. The barrier would prove to rapidly lose its golden hue and revert into nothing but a transparent foothold which held him above the floors of the precipice world.

"Mission Complete. File out, and do not allow your senses to become dulled by your success. Remain alert even after your exiting. That is my final order to you on this mission."

Following the due process regarding the removal of the Boundary Fixation, lending his aid Eizoku would be the last individual to exit the Dangai. Alert, attuned, ready to respond should the need present itself. Yet, should he be uninhibited in his endeavors, he would surely conjoin with his squadron once again and proceed to report his findings and theories without fail back within the Seireitei..