[BSD-RP] Precipice World



Reclaiming Fate
Amidst his upward spiraling ascent of gleaming light, an immediate searing shock would overtake the entirety of his vessel in a sharp spike of pain that could only be described as unbearable. His brows furrowing, and his right eye partially closing in response as he winced from the severity of his pain. The intensity of the flare up of pain, however, quickly died down just as fast as it had arisen. The mocha skinned man attributed it in that instant as nothing more than a result of his increasing anxiety, tension, and stress from the severity of the situation he had now been in, and to his soon to be demise, disregarded it in its entirety. Using the platform he had created, he would continue through with his initial movement, leaping back towards the entrance of the Dangai in hopes of retreating, with his golden arcs of wavering light containing sustained prolonged physical strikes guarding his back.
However, he would notice the enchanted blades of light which covered his strikes, hadn't been the only thing illuminating within the dangai. His very own vessel had begun to illuminate and flicker, with its intensity growing with every passing moment. And along with it, the overwhelming pain had once again returned overtaking his entire body once more – it would be in this moment that the man would realize exactly what was happening. How could he have been so naive? Had the pressures of the situation overruled his common sense? To utilize his abilities within the confines of the Dangai, was means for a sure death, suicide, and he had done just so. His heart palpitated viciously in irregular beatings in response, and to only add to the shock, as the light of his vessel and arcs of light behind him grew in intensity fighting off the darkness...it had appeared.
Directly in front of his face, would appear the face of an immense hollow which dwarfed him in size, a singular hole in the center of its face serving as its eyes, with six upward zigzagged slits etched across the top portion of its head. Oversized human like teeth on full display with an unnaturally long tongue that hang from its mouth. It had been so close that Eizoku could not only feel the heated breath of the beast against his face, but he could even smell the putrid decayed remains of the victims he had ingested over the years. In that instance, all the odds had been stacked against him, and the only thought running through his mind had surfaced itself in what could only be described as a solemn echo of remorse.
"I'm going to die..."
After all the training he had put in to get to where he was now, the sleepless nights of study and practices, the friendships he had formed over the years, the promises made to his deceased parents to live on. Right when he had finally gained the approval and attention of the man he had admired the most...he was going to die. And to add injury to insult, the lives of all of his division members whom had entered in with him and those who could potentially be impacted by the failure of his mission in the long run, they had all rested upon his shoulders. A dishonorable death steeped with blood-guilt, failure, and remorse...
The man's resolve in that instant had shot up to a level that seemed beyond even his own comprehension, and the desperation of this situation that he had been in changed from certain death and failure, into strength and the will to continue on.
"My fate is mine to control, and time is MINE TO CONTROL!!"
In that moment, the man's grasp over his own time manipulating abilities had shot up to something he had never fathomed, the control of his shikai in the time of his desperation had seemingly went up a tier, and was now combating even the time distorting and dismembering properties of the Dangai itself. Despite the intense pain leaving the man in constant agony, the effects of him being torn asunder had been brought to a near stagnant halt as he made even the stacking time nearly completely subject to his own capabilities. This in itself served to show just how much potential lies within the man's own abilities. His surge of resolution in accord with his desperation, had spiked within only but a moment. Within this time frame the hollow which had made its face known, had still been in the same position, and within that very moment, it would all unfold.
Eizoku had been in his own right both a master of strategizing and kido, and in the instance both would shine and be made known. Halting both his own backwards descent by means of another reishi platform beneath his feet, along with the prolonged arches of sustained light in an instant, the man would shift his body slightly to the right, allowing the light from the arches to shine directly upon the face of the beast. These lights, however, had been something far more than a fancy display of ability for aesthetics. In fact, the man had created his own light source within the darkness by means of utilizing his blades themselves as a medium for kido spell Tama Otoshi. A sleep inducing kido that he had ingeniously utilized as both a light source as well as an offensive and defensive method. As a direct result, the hollow who failed to take notice of such before drawing in, would find himself immobilized and overtaken by a overpowering sleep, and that certainly would seal the deal. Knowing his time was limited, and he had to resolve this issue without failure and avenge his fallen division members, he hadn't hesitated to use an ability he had long kept hidden from everyone within the Seireitei. Or rather, one which he well knew he was forbidden to use due to its time distorting capabilities. Raising his voice in accord with his fighting spirit and blazing will, the man verbalized what very well may be the last words both he, and anyone residing within the Dangai would hear.
In that very instant, the activation of his Bankai caused his own vision to see a replicated reality of blue, black, and white transparent imprints within the past. Everything within the Dangai, including the stacked layers of time and Eizoku himself, had become replicated and firmly situated within the past – and that past would inevitably impact the future. Yes, even the Dangai itself had become subject to the capabilities of the man, as his previous issue of being torn asunder under the effects of the Kōryū had been halted and slowed even more so than it had already been. Without a moment to waste, utilizing the light already being emitted from both his stilled arcs of light and the light emanating from his body, the young shinigami would utilize the reflective capabilities of his blades to reflect the emitted light against the massive body of the hollow itself, to ensure further success in his plight.
Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō
Utilizing the speed of light and reflection itself, the moment the light would came into contact with the hollow, a wide flattened pillar of light would erect out from the point of contact, before expanding around the body of the monster itself immobilizing it even further. Making use of his enhanced speed, immediately after the restriction had set, both of the man's blades in conjunction would fall performing a dual precision cut of unbelievably extreme force and speed directly downward targeting both the presumably immobilized hollow before him along with the instilled and situated time imprint as he utilized the zanjutsu technique Hitotsume: Nadegiri. Even had the hollow somehow had been able to break free of it's immobility and sleep like state, the imprint which had been marked would still leave him subject to the attack, inevitably resulting in it being cleaved clean in two, albeit seeming to linger for a moment.
Should his attack and tactics had been successful, the man would find himself at his end unable to halt his dispersion by means of the Dangai itself any longer before being overtaken and engulfed in a flood of overwhelming light, his body seemingly beginning to disperse into particles of light as if he had been torn asunder. However, it would be in this moment that during this dispersion, the effects of his Bankai would take effect. The imprint of the hollow slitting in two, and shattering after contact. After a successful slashing of a time imprint, Eizoku would be restored back to the status in time in which the Bankai had initially been cast. As a result, the man would find his soul being brought back together and mended going against the natural properties and consequences of the Dangai. The overwhelming light replaced with the warm embrace of the sun, now seeming to be falling from an extreme height from the sky plummeting towards the ground below.
"Have I lived up to your expectations...Captain Oda..?"
The man would mumble under his breath as he struggled to maintain his consciousness before plummeting shortly after into the ground with such a large impact that a crater and plume of dirt and dust had been created upon impact. Somehow managing to survive the fall, being left in agony and exhaust before glimpsing the arrival of an unfamiliar silhouetted figure.
"Eiz...oku...of 5th...Division."
His disorientation from the impact getting the better of him at the moment leaving the man a bit discombobulated and at a loss for words. He had hoped his garments, blades, and attire would give the man whom had been in similar attire as him some form of clue as to who or what he was.
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Enemy Unseen
The glowing light of Eizoku’s blade served their multitude of functions. Completing the deception, Eizoku’s Zanpakuto works to illuminate the flesh walls of the Precipice world, allowing the Third Seat to see with his own eyes, what horrors stalk the darkness. Seeing the face of the Hollow before him, manifesting in an instant, Eizoku was able to circumvent his fear, maintaining his composure and allowing the light to fulfill its second function. In his existence outside of time, Eizoku is able to watch in slow motion as the writhing tongue of the Hollow creature goes limp. Though the expression on its face of bone remains hardened and rigid, the head itself begins to dip, as though the creature has fallen unconscious.

Third Seat of the Fifth Division. This is not a title achieved by simple bladework or fancy footwork. No, to earn such a high ranking position within the ranks of the Fifth Division, one must prove themselves worthy of being called a member of the Kido Corps. A tactician, and Master of the art of Kido, Eizoku was not so foolish as to allow the creature even a moment to awaken. Instead, he layered his spells, casting Kido after Kido. Each consecutively connects with the unconscious monster before him, pillars of light securing the creature into place. With his spells so expertly cast, accompanied with the time distortion properties of both the Wrestling Surge Flow and his Zanpakuto, the Hollow is rendered helpless. With Eizoku’s blade cleanly bisecting the creature in half, most assuredly slaying it.
Yet, he would not remain to see the corpse steam with the remnants of its life. Eizoku could no longer delay the inevitable, his ability to postpone the effect of time dwindles, and he is expunged from existence.

Captain’s Meeting
"Eiz...oku...of Fifth...Division."
He says, his last words, before his mind succumbs to the stress he has just experienced. Laying helpless in a crater of his own making, prosterated upon the cold stone of the ground, Eizoku struggles to recollect himself.

Genryūsai questions the stranger from the sky, looking down upon him from the top of the crater’s edge. His eyes are cold, uncaring, devoid of concern or fear, he speaks to the stranger from curiosity alone. Many souls, upon departing the World of the Living, find themselves manifesting here, in the strange land known as the Dead Spirit World. Yet in all of Genryūsai’s seven hundred years of conflict and slaughter, never has he seen a deceased soul appear from the sky.
What’s more, this welp of a soul dares to wear the uniform of Genryūsai’s personal students. The Dead Spirit World’s Deadliest Swordsman never forgets the face of an opponent, and so is certain that this stranger has not earned the right to wear such attire. The penalty of this was a swift death by Genryūsai’s own hand. However, at this moment, looking down upon the intruder, he seems to hesitate. There is something strange about this, about the way in which the man spoke. Further, he is exhausted beyond measure, but his Reiryoku level suggests that the damage he has received from falling shouldn’t impact him significantly. While the stranger lacks the wounds of battle, he speaks as though with his final breath.
“It’s clearly a Murasaki soldier. It dresses the same as us, but does it bleed the same?”
A woman’s voice calls out from behind Genryūsai. It is soft, lacking the pitch of superficial emotion, and yet dripping with venom and desire. She steps forth, sharing the man’s gaze, as she looks down upon the helpless sword. Unlike the expression of the old man, this woman is one of pure ecstasy, taking delight in imagining all of the ways to inflict pain upon Eizoku. She is unmistakable, even in Eizoku’s delirious state, as the infamous Yachiru Unohana. Her visage becoming more clear as she slides down the crater. Her sandal clamps down upon Eizoku’s dreads, pinning his head to the coldness of the ground.
“Let’s find out.”
Yachiru draws her blade, an elongated curved sword, bringing it mere inches from her face. Slowly, she runs her tongue along the length of the blade, as though preparing it for the slaughter, wettening its steel herself before doing so with Eizoku’s blood. Following this, she licks her lips, savoring the taste of metal, the taste of all the lives this blade has taken prior. Her eyelids droop, and her smile wavers, experiencing pure pleasure as she raises the sword above Eizoku’s neck.
Through her pleasure-ridden lips, in a tone so hushed as to ensure that only Eizoku can hear her, she whispers…
“It’s not every day that I get to kill a man from the future.”

Storm center
Suddenly, Yachiru’s eyes go wide, her body seeming to freeze up. The once blue sky turns a raging orange, and the once transparent air has turned to waves of blurred heat. The temperature has risen to such levels that Yachiru’s clothes begin to catch aflame, her blade releasing a torrent of steam. The walls of the crater turn bright orange, their solid stone structure now turned into liquified magma. Surfing, barefoot, down the wave of magma comes Genryūsai, slowly descending into the crater. His reiatsu leaks from his body, and it feels as though someone has opened a gateway to the sun itself. The flames erupt so fiercely that they fan out, furiously flickering from his person. His body creates a literal wall of flame, one hundred feet high, which extends and surrounds the trio like an arena. Those that know this Savage Sensei’s Shikai, know that entrance or exit from this enclosure is considered impossible.
“That is enough from you, Kenpachi.”



“Do you think me helpless? Do you think me Senile? I am aware that this creature carries Murasaki’s scent. Regardless, he wears the garb of my disciples, and thus must die by my hand, and mine alone.”
A gasp escapes Yachiru’s lips, fear further widening her eyes. With all the force she can muster in such a short amount of time, she leaps from Eizoku’s side, as far away as she is able. Suddenly, Eizoku’s eyes are able to process the image of Genryūsai’s arm moving downwards. Yet even still, between the heat and the speed, this image remains blurred. Increasing this is Eizoku’s delirious state, most likely preventing him from realizing that what he is seeing is the afterimage of the Scorching Sword’s strike.
Hurdling at rapid speeds towards the weakened Eizoku, is a slash of flame, burning at the heat of a thousand suns. It is forty feet tall, by ten feet wide, and arcs across the sky without resistance. What he sees approaching him, is death itself.
However, tendrils rise from the ground beneath him. They slither up his arms, across his stomach, and around his neck. These serpentine like tentacles would embrace Eizoku, securing him in their grasp and restricting his movement.
Just as the lethal heat of the fiery crescent begins to singe the hair of Third Seat’’s eyebrows, the tendrils constrict around him, pulling the Shinigami through space-

Shadows Close In
-and time. In an instant, Eizoku is born from the flesh walls of the Dangai, pulled back into existence by the bone-like white tendrils. They drag the Shinigami across the floor of the Precipice world, biting into his flesh like leeches to secure their embrace. As he slides along the fleshy ground, his Shihakusho would begin to stain red. Perhaps now, he may realize that he is not merely being pulled across the fleshy floor of the Dangai, but rather a small river of blood, which has pooled an inch deep across this location.
“THeRE yoU Are you LITTLE SHIT….come’re”
A voice booms through the darkness behind Eizoku. The words are gurgled, the sound strained, the demented voice of a hollow. Only one hollow is known to exist within the Dangai, but how could this be? Eizoku watched the creature be cut in two, there’s no way it could have survived. Yet, as the tendrils spin Eizoku around he is able to see the monster once again with his own eyes. His dreadlocks would soak like a mop in the blood as he is dragged to his death, seeing the creature in its full glory.
“I let you maaarinaate for A HUNDRED YeARs...and nOW...”

A hundred years? How? How could this creature have come back from the dead after having its mask destroyed? It’s reiatsu signature was unmistakable, seemingly blending into the flesh of the Dangai as though it were the Dangai itself. How was it able to reach through time and retrieve Eizoku? Further...it not only speaks, but displays an intelligence, both being signs of trouble for any Shinigami. Most Hollow were mindless bottom feeders, but this one appears smart enough to save its meals. This intelligence implies the ability to plan, to strategize. Couple this with the fact that it’s Reiatsu signature matching the dangai has rendered it impossible to gauge just how powerful this thing is. How had a hollow gotten here….how had it survived so long?
It doesn’t matter. Whatever thoughts Eizoku may have, they would become secondary to the concern he would likely feel at this moment. Lifted from the ground, the tentacles carry him upside down through the air, raising him above the Hollow’s head, as its mouth opens, preparing to drop the Shinigami like a grape into it’s gaping maw.
“...IT’s Time TO FEED




Displaced and in Danger
With his disoriented and exhaustive state hindering his perception, his eyesight had been rendered to nothing more than a blur over a distance. The amber haired man lay within the depths of the crater that had been formed from the sheer force and impact of his landing. The sweltering heat of the sun coupled with his current state causing him to perspire as his dreads seemed to retain and lock in the heat - only aiding in his fatigue. Despite being virtually unharmed, being torn asunder and restored all at once by means of his own defiance against the reality of things that should have occurred, the man was rightfully exhausted. In just the short period of time between stepping into the dangai and being ejected out, he had gone through what had seemed like an eternity of nightmares within a cycle of continuous, never-ending slumbers. Now, here he lied attempting to regather himself, as he was displaced and violently vomited into an era far outside of his own - and in this slumber, a scenario which basically could be described as something which made even death's cold embrace seem warm and inviting.
Atop of the newly created crater, along its edges, stood before him a relatively young shinigami of legend, Genryusai Yamamoto. The situated placement of his feet causing the unstructured debris to slightly give away underneath the weight of his bare foot, resulting in a combination of rocks and dirt to tumble into the crater picking up momentum and striking Eizoku's foot. However, because of Eizoku's relatively young age, he had never seen the man with his own eyes, but rather had only heard of his lore, and studied of him during his time in both the academy and his personal studies from various other public archives. One of the consistent resounding qualities that continuously had been mentioned, was that he had been the embodiment of conviction - unwavering, intolerable, and cold in his stance. A man who wouldn't hesitate to take the life of any who opposed him or soul society, a literal monster within his younger years. However, in this instance the man was certainly too far away for Eizoku to make out exactly whom he was.
Bloodlust and Venom
“It’s clearly a Murasaki soldier. It dresses the same as us, but does it bleed the same?”
A sharp chill shot throughout Eizoku's entire body as if in reaction to the distanced voice of a woman who had been soft in her speech and subtle in her inflections. Although it had been relatively monotonous, if felt as if the words themselves carried a living venom that grabbed hold of the third seat's neck and strangled him. An instant fear instilled in him that surpassed even the face of the hollow he had slain prior to arrival. The bloodlust the woman carried, even at such a distance had been suffocating the young shinigami. Her unwavering advance towards him hadn't done anything but make the situation even more stifling. However the closer she drew in, the greater resemblance to the captain Retsu Unohanna had become. He had studied her greatly as well, however her appearance hadn't been what he had covered, the braided hair around her neck hadn't been present, and her silkened black hair flowed freely and unrestricted as it flailed about during her dissension into the crater. A plume of rising dust building with the sound of crumbling earth and sliding sandals signaling to Eizoku even in his current state of her closing the distance between the two.
Almost as if instinct out of fear, the man's adrenaline surged and he instinctively reached for his zanpakto managing to unsheathe it and lifting his head slightly. Yet, before he could do anything more he felt his head get thrown back into the brunt of the hardened ground beneath him as the woman firmly stepped upon his dreads pinning him to the ground. Staring him directly in the face, it was unmistakably her, and it was beyond evident that she certainly planned on executing him despite his weakened state. It was evident that he had been thrown a couple millennium within the past - he couldn't die here, yet his odds of survival are well below zero. His mind raced, to be sent to the past and die without even a proper funeral and no legacy, it would be as if everything in his life had been for nothing. Grasping the hilt of his blade, and steeling his resolution, the man prepared to rightly make what was certainly his last stand.
“It’s not every day that I get to kill a man from the future.”
Eizoku's eyes shot open, his vision focusing in as his adrenaline once again surged, aiding him in snapping back into focus the reality and severity of his current situation. She knew! She was aware he was displaced from his actual time era, yet she hadn't been inquisitive about his arrival or why he was here. In fact, it seemed as if she was well aware he was an ally, and served no harm. Yet, it was almost as if she had intentionally lied and influenced her companion just to satisfy her bloodlusted nature with something to kill. With her hand raised, before Eizoku had prepared his supposed counter, the woman froze, almost as if she was in shock. Her eyes widened, her blade halted, and in that very moment, the sky became blanketed in orange as the flames of the man atop the edges of the crater produced flames that licked the sky, dyeing it in a hue of his own power.
Storm Center
The flames only seemed to continuously increase in intensity as their span increased over one hundred feet high and began to encircle the entire perimeter of the crater. The woman's own shihakusho catching fire in reaction the heat's rising temperatures, her blade releasing a torrent of steam. Eizoku suffering the same experience, an instant dehydration as all the moisture in the air had been evaporated, and the blade of his zanpakto had began to glow a vibrant red producing countless billows of smoke. His eyes widening, while burning in conjunction with his throat. The woman who once pinned him seemingly retreating in fear as the reiatsu of the man responsible, overtook even the bloodlust she so actively exhibited.
The walls of the crater becoming magma in response beginning to slowly melt and begin rolling down the sides, and the one descending barefoot on a wave of it had been none other than the original Captain Commander, Genryusai Yamamoto. Eizoku's eyes widened in what could only be described as sheer terror and an overwhelming anxiety overtook him. Before him, all he was able to see was the afterimage of a pillar of flames descending towards him in a cut that even the heavens themselves offered no resistance to. In that moment, his sense of fear for Genryusai surpassed that of even Captain Unohana, as he instinctively took ahold of the hilt of his heated blade, despite it burning and melting off the flesh upon his palms, and in that same moment creating a singular blue orb of light beneath the soles of his feet, extending the sole of his foot down to touch it - causing him to be repelled in the opposite direction of contact towards the same direction Captain Unohanna had retreated to. He had utilized Bakudo #8 as a means of emergency evasion, however, to his surprise even this was interrupted.
Hardened bone like tendrils protruded from the ground beneath him the moment he was repelled, originally threatening to encirlce his neck, and stomach. However, do to the sudden and forceful move brought upon by his modified utilization of Seki, his legs were the things ensnared instead. And in that moment, he was seemingly dragged beneath the ground directly before the blade of flames rendered him unto ashes. Yet, what he thought was taking him underground, had in fact once again dragged him through time with his zanpakto still clutched in his palm, still set aglow from the unwavering heat and intensity of the captain commander's own shikai. The steel of his blade conducting the temperature to even grater heights than the hilt had held.

His legs ached as the tendril's suctioned themselves to the lower half of his body penetrating his flesh as he was forcibly dragged across an all to familiar floor of flesh. He could feel his garments begin soaking in the liquid of whatever resided upon the floor. From the smell of iron alone, Eizoku had already come into the realization that it had been blood long before the white of his robes were washed scarlet. He was being drug through what had appeared to be a river of blood, and his dreads which had already been singed on one side and covered in dirt, had now became a mop for the blood that flowed free from the body which once harbored it. It was enough to make anyone nauseous in reality. Despite this all, he ensured that his heated blade remained untouched by it all, as it retained its constant glow and temperature.[/size]
“THeRE yoU Are you LITTLE SHIT….come’re”
The boy had been through so much already, that he had become somewhat numb to shock, although the fear still remained. After being face to face with death over three times in only a matter of minutes, and having caressed the face of death so many times, he had began to actually welcome it. The expression on his visage dropping to one somewhat devoid of emotion.
He was well aware that there had only been one hollow that resided within the Dangai, but he was more than convinced he had successfully eradicated it before his ejection. He watched it be split in two, he felt the sensation of his blades gliding through its mask and flesh. So how exactly, was it still alive? And when did it develop enough intelligence to begin speaking. The tendrils rotating him to show the full body of the beast he had thought to be vanquished. It's reiatsu signature matching that of the dangai. Had it merged? Despite all these thoughts flooding through his mind, the man had actually taken the time to observe everything he could physically see about the hollow.
Being that it was able to pinpoint Eizoku's exact location despite the era in which he was displaced, and reach through both time and space to bring him back. The only explanation the shinigami could see for this was that it had indeed merged with the Dangai. It had indeed held intelligence, and apparently a grudge against him.
“I let you maaarinaate for A HUNDRED YeARs...and nOW...”
Although a bit fearful, his face unchanged and devoid of emotion as he allowed himself to be lifted above the head of the hollow as he was drowned in his thoughts. Empty Resolution"100 years…?! I've been gone for 100 years. My captain must think I'm deceased, my seat has most likely been taken…and I've died as a failure. I guess I have nothing to lose, and nothing to fear."
The skin of his hand continuously sizzling releasing a burning spell within the Dangai, which most likely would only serve to increase the appetite of the hollow.
"You...it's all your fault…"
The name Murasaki constantly echoing in the back of his mind. Had it in fact been this hollow's name? With the presumably newfound powers of the dangai, had it been transversing time and altering the past?

In that moment, something within the man had seemingly snapped. The pupils within his eyes had seemingly gone pale and all sense of fear and emotion had fled his vessel in entirety. The golden clip upon his right dreadlock seemingly snapping off of him in response to the change, and in the moment it had no longer held its positioning on the man's hair. The entire Dangai was immediately flooded in what only can be rightly described as an overwhelming sea of the man's Reiatsu. Eizoku had in that moment lost almost all sense of reason, and was nothing more than a vessel of instinct and self preservation, yet the sudden surge allowed him to take upon a state in which he was able to cast back to back kido spells of significant potency without immediate fatigue. Should the hollow succumb to the overwhelming and potent effects of the man's spiritual pressure, it would find itself lagging heavily pertaining to its perception and reaction speeds. In it's own mind, it would seem as if its movements and reactions of the beast were fluid and unrestricted, yet the reality of the situation would be that it would barely be moving.
The man's grasp of his heated blade only tightened as he began to take action, immediately twisting the top half of his body to the left and angling it in such a manner that he would have been able to slice the tendrils that constricted the bottom of his body - a compressed ball of blue light appearing directly to the right of his blade. He had been utilizing Seki again, but why? Without delay, the man struck the ball of kido the instant it had been formed with the edge of his blade, doing so with the entirety of his might, causing a repulsion in the opposite direction with so much speed and force that even the power behind the strike itself left a blazing afterimage - directing the blade heated by the flames of Genryusai Yamamoto himself towards the hollow's Tendrils, aiming to strike below his feet at an angle.
He hadn't, however, been a man of chance. Resourcefully utilizing the already present heat and glow which consumed his blade, as a means to establish a cloak of literal flames as a means of invoking "Hado #54 Haien", to further ensure his release. His blade glowing from a vibrant hue of red to a neon purple in response. All while a series of rapid and ominous snaps were being produced from his free hand in the process. All these actions occurring in but a matter of two seconds.
From the sheer speed, force, power, angle, and the temperature of the super-heated blade itself - regardless of the durability of the bone like tendrils, the blade would more than likely cut through them like a hot knife does to butter, and any other offered resistance or durability would find itself being cracked or shattered from the remaining force of the strike in itself had it not been eradicated upon contact. Once through, the blade would carry the remaining momentum around and direct it down the middle of his legs, splitting his shihakusho and remaining tendril constricting his legs together, before extinguishing and dissipating off of his blade along with the heat that it had utilized from earlier. His legs forcefully pushing in opposite directions to ensure their separation once the tendrils had been split in order to avoid harming his own self.
Should this method be successful, Eizoku would find himself beginning to plummet directly into the opened mouth of the beast, yet before he could even begin to descend, with his left hand free, he would seemingly reach towards the hollow, before the palm of his hand came into contact with a blue cube like barrier that had formed simultaneously at the moment that he attempted to cut himself free form the tendrils. A cubical barrier forming around not only the entirety of the hollow's head, but also an elongated curved barrier which surrounded the entirety of the upper portion of its back that linked its arms and tentacles to its body, and the entirety of the lower bottom portion of its body that had been situated beneath, and possibly connected to the dangai, situating it in place without hope of movement had it not managed to escape prior. This, still falling into the two second time interval.
The very instant the man's palm came into contact with the top of the barrier, he would push up while in his handstand like state, in order to allow for his palm to slap back down against the surface of the barrier once more in but a second, emitting a not only a strong wave of reiatsu from his palm directly in connection with the established barriers, causing them to immediately take effect, turning from a blue hued tone, to the same scarlet red color as the blood that had soaked into his hair and ran down his face. But also causing a final barrier to erect surrounding the entire body of the shinigami himself. A golden rectangular barrier seemingly having no other purpose than to protect himself and remain suspended while in the dangai.
Had the hollow not somehow managed to free itself, it would certainly find itself dismembered and decapitated. LEaving Eizoku alone and stranded inside of the dangai.
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The delicious little Shinigami existed in a world bound by the rules of space and time. He was the only member of his race capable of defying the laws that restricted all others, the only one for whom time could stop on a whim. In his world, moments, perceptions, seconds, mattered, but he was no longer in his world. The foolish little soul reaper had survived something no other Shinigami could, defying time as he was thrusted through it. His body was able to resist the laws of nature, remaining intact when others would have had every fiber of their being torn apart throughout past, future, and present. Even the unfortunate little Shinigami’s reiatsu worked in contrast against the flow of time, which would be used to distort his enemies perception of battle. Eizoku had grown accustomed to these events, to these abilities. In his mind the hardships he has fought and conquered have left him numb to fear. In truth, the hardships he has endured have only served to marinate the taste of his soul.
The little Shinigami has grown accustomed to being the only soul displaced in time. Only now does he find that he isn’t. The trauma he suffered caused him to enter a released state, breaking the restrictions he placed upon himself as all emotion leaves his body. He believes that in this state his boosted power would overwhelm his opponent, as if a piece of meat being cooked to perfection might prevent it from being consumed. Eizoku depends upon the time distorting properties of his overwhelming sea of Reiatsu. However, he fails to take into account that his opponent’s own Reiatsu has not been measured. If Eizoku’s deductions are correct, then this being has merged with the Dangai itself, likely from consuming the ooze of its walls for perhaps centuries. What this means then, is that the Creature’s Reiatsu expands for the indefinite length of the Precipice world, and with it, holds the time distorting properties of the Kōryū. In short, regardless of the extent to which Eizoku releases his comparatively limited spiritual power, and regardless of the potency of his time-altering reiatsu effect, the little shinigami’s spiritual pressure was completely and utterly eclipsed.
Believing that he has bought himself more time to react, Eizoku presses on with his attempt at an escape. His right hand grips the glowing hot metal of his blade, while his left hand snaps. With this, in a literal snap, a shearing pain would interrupt the Shinigami’s thoughts, while his committed actions continue through. He continues his incessant snapping and his blade bounces off the glowing orb of blue, erupting into an explosive crescent of purple flame, and severing the tentacles from beneath his feet. However the strength behind the strike, the cauterizing heat of the blade, and the power of the kido, all appear to be ineffective. The severed tentacles simply spring to life, unravelling into smaller tendrils, which reconnect and bind, their bone-like material seemingly repairing in an instant.
Despite the failure to sever himself from the tendrils, Eizoku inexplicably still continues to fall. He plummets from his heights, towards the open maw of the Shinigami. As his blade continues, in an attempt to cut between his legs and cleave his bindings in two, Eizoku would find that there is nothing there to free. The pain from before reveals itself, as the lower half of Eizoku’s body would be completely missing, replaced instead with an open wound. Lacking the cauterization that he offered his opponent, Eizoku’s blood would gush from his severed pelvis, exploding into the air in a morbidly beautiful display, before raining down onto the Hollow’s outstretched tongue. As he falls Eizoku can see the tendrils that once held him from above. No longer the writhing tentacles of leeches, they seem to have reformed into something much more demented. Somehow, the end of the tendrils had morphed into an exact replica of the Hollow’s mouth, though smaller in size. The teeth of this disturbing creation gnaw and grind Eizoku’s legs into mush, as he would witness his flesh splurt from its gums. This in turn is followed by an audible swallow, as a lump forms in the mouth's throat, making its way down the tendril that connects the mouth to the Hollow’s main body, like a snake digesting its oversized meal.
All of this would be seen as Eizoku falls through the air towards the true Hollow’s original mouth, which opens wider in anticipation, drool streaming between its tongue and the roof of its mouth like the stalactites of a cave. However, instead of plummeting into the open mouth of the beast, Eizoku outstretches his free hand and activates the kido that he has prepared. Around the beast’s head, a large blue cube forms, coupled with similar barriers around its back and body. At first, these barriers appear harmless, though they catch the beast off guard.
“WHat IS THIS yOu TatSTy LITtle SHiT!?”

It roars, as Eizoku uses his same hand to push off of the barrier’s blue surface. Devoid of legs, he is forced to use the muscle of his arm to continue his momentum, further spraying his blood throughout the air. The delicious crimson of his body splatters in dark contrast against the soft blue glow of the barrier, hiding the Shinigami from sight. Then, as though initiated by this blood contact, every barrier surrounding the hollow turns a matching red. These once harmless barriers now solidify, severing the creature’s head, tendrils, and limbs, from its body. Utterly dismembered, the hollow’s flesh falls limp within these translucent red cages, which fill with the creature’s blood. Similarly, the tendrils that held Eizoku, as well as the mouth that had formed to consume him, fall to the floor, where they wiggle and writhe, literally screaming in pain, before being consumed by the ooze of the Kōryū.
Eizoku now lays alone, suspended in the air by a golden barrier of his own making. This golden light serves as the only illumination within the dark tunnels of the Precipice World, which has now returned to silence. It would seem that he is successful, both in defeating the hollow and preventing any further contact with the Kōryū. This victory does not come without a cost though, losing both of his legs, and a hundred years of his life. The young soul reaper now sits in a barrier that is filling with his own blood, lost and alone in an infinite maze of time. In grave need of medical attention, it is only a matter of time before he bleeds out, and with a hundred years past, it is uncertain that anyone will be looking for him. Additionally, if this Hollow was truly the source of the Kōtotsu incident, then there is nothing left to redirect the precipice guardians. Staying still is not an option, lest he bleed out or be thrown through time, but moving was just as dangerous, and difficult without the use of his legs. Wrestling Surge, or Wrestling Flow, contact with either now seems inevitable, with the clock ticking, and his legs missing, what will be the Time Traveller’s next step?
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Despite the well thought out and strategically executed counter in an attempt to make the best out of a situation that was completely stacked against his odds from the beginning, the young shinigami hadn't anticipated the full capacity and capabilities that his opponent had been truly capable of. His ignorant disregarding of just how infinite and nearly uncontrollable the time distorting properties of the dangai indeed were, brought about by his own hubris stemming from his own time manipulation abilities after miraculously going against the realities of the situation prior. To even believe that at his current state such a thing would even be remotely possible was an fatal mistake in its own right, and the wages ignorance pays is discipline or death - something he would undoubtedly and quickly come to learn. Bolstering the majority of his pre-conceived actions at the time upon the general effects of his reiatsu had been his biggest mistake. As both the dangai and the hollow before him had seemingly been immune to its effects.
His heated blade carrying an edge of sure dismemberment within his mind, easily countered by something as simple and unexpected as the voluntary releasing and purposeful altering of the tentacles that once bound him. The force, speed, and direction he was thrown in as a result of his own intentional striking of his Seki orb, leaving him at the mercy of the general laws of physics, unable to alter or halt his course of action in the slightest. A sharp pain sending a shock throughout his entire body, seemingly not registering in full until the man attempted to carry the momentum from his previous attack towards his legs in hopes of release, only to discover…their absence.
The man's eyes bulging from his head in sheer disbelief as he instinctively continues to carry out his actions in creating a multitude of barriers that would serve to eventually dismember the hollow itself - although it seemed as if he had been beaten in his own game. The palm of his hand coming into contact with the barrier holding what remained of his body upward, as the sound of his own bones being shattered and devoured by what appeared to be mouths stemming from the tentacles which once bound him. The white of his eyes turning a piercing scarlet that resembled the rain of his own blood that splurged from the opened wound of his own bisected body. The barrier of his own making being licked red before he even commenced the attack, and as if in reaction to his own blood which decorated the walls of the dangai and generously poured from him, the barriers themselves turned a piercing scarlet. The result, being the decapitation and dismemberment of the hollow which had equally underestimated him just as Eizoku had done to it. Both of their bodies writhing in sheer agony, both letting out an outcry of pain which sounded as something far more demented than even the hollow itself.
No, no, no, No. NO. NO! This…this can't be happe-"

His own sentence cut short by a splurge of blood and vomit forcing itself through his mouth adding itself to the pooling of blood that had been quickly filling up his own barrier as he struggled to regain his breath.
"I finally made it back, I was so close..I was so close! Captain…I was so close…please…"
Disregarding his own situation the only thing which flashed continuously through his mind being the man he so greatly revered, the one individual he would rather choose death over disappointment - Tenzen Oda. The consistent languishing thought of his name being marked over as a failure for an entire century but from his perspective, in only a matter of minutes. It brung him more agony than his own bisection had.
His dreads now dyed a crimson red on the tips, as tears actively flowed from the man's eyes in pure anguish. Both his consciousness and his vision seemingly wavering in and out, as his body began processing exactly what had occurred. Within his mind, he was more than aware that he had to both stop his own bleeding and manage to somehow get out before he died along with the beast that caused this entire situation. Pushing beyond his own capabilities once again, the man straining both his physical and mental parameters in his last desperate attempt to survive. The drive to kneel before his captain once more pushing him forward. Taking a deep breath, and mustering up the remainder of his strength, the man created a hexagonal shaped barrier which served to seal and restrict any further blood flow from being expelled from the remaining bottom portion of his body, whilst forcefully rotating his pre-created barrier 180 degrees, resulting in him being flipped right side up as the pooling of blood splashed against what remained of his body.
His blood soaked hands being relieved of the weight of supporting his body as they fell down, the index and middle fingers of both of his hands gliding down his arms in partial incomplete rectangular patterns as he struggled to verbalize the spell. One typically he would have been able to forego the incantation, but in his severely weakened state, he mustered up what he could out of nothing more than drive and desperation.
"Silken net of black and white! Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six...crowning sash; footprints...distant thunder, pointed peaks....revolving...grounds, nightly prostrations, sea of clouds...the pale ranks of troops, complete the grand circle and...surpass the....heavens.

A bright rectangular box illuminating before him, although seemingly struggling to remain constant as the glow of it faded in and out due to his obvious nearly completely debilitating circumstances as he struggled to get a message through to anyone, his primary targets being fifth division and his own captain. The result however, despite his desperation, being only an extremely broken response as the hollow beneath him finally gave way and relinquished the powers of the Dangai it once held, also giving rise to the wresting flow to become active once more.
"Eizo...ku. Dan...gai. H...elp. Op...en."
It had been nearly all that remained of his physical strength, his head dropping still struggling to remain conscious above the now active walls of the Dangai. The massage reaching a partial few of those stationed near the senkaimon, and miraculously in some manor reaching his captain despite the ongoing circumstances he had actively been dealing with his own self. Had he given out now, the only thing sustaining him from contact and death from making contact with the active walls of the Dangai would give out, yet he knew he had been too far in to be immediately retrieved, to far from the entrance. He couldn't walk, or move by any means of his own, yet he knew, if he hadn't somehow managed to get closer to the opening near the Senkaimon, the lesson he would learn over the course of this apparent 100 years...would be death.
However, working in his favor, had been the barrier he had established with a further strategy before misfortune befell him. The man's contingency plan he had in place had been the utilization of the very barrier which he secured himself within whilst above the hollow, the one currently filled with his own blood. He had planned to safely navigate the dangai while fighting by means of this kido barrier to transport himself out of harms way should he deem it necessary. He, however on his part never thought it would serve as the very thing which helped him preserve what could truthfully labeled as the the final possible moments of his life. With that, the man lifted his head upright, only for it to fall backwards from exhaustion, however this seemingly activated the effects of the barrier on his behalf, transporting him directly in front of the very entrance he had entered from. He knew that should the Kototsu become active again, it would originate at the opposite end, but by maintaining the barrier after his teleportation, he remained free of contact from everything within the Dangai, resting his final hopes upon his division members and his captain.
Likely in his benefit, the moment the hollow passed on and surrendered it's control of the Dangai up once more, it would likely result in an immediate clearing and functioning of the monitoring within the space. Revealing both Eizoku, and the fading presence of the hollow which once occupied the area. Should the men be still analyzing the area attempting to receive a re-established connection, they would certainly witness the presence of the beast that once held its domain there, clearing Eizoku of any potential crimes of blame that could potentially be created from his sudden re-appearance after a century of absence.
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