[BSD-RP] Human World: Naruki City




Blinded by the incandescent light of the redheaded woman's volatile reiatsu, the man is left unable to properly perceive the the distance, speed, and power of the blast of spiritual pressure, prior to him triggering the ability of his unique fullbring. Left defenseless, he takes the full brunt of damage directly. His bones crack from the impact, with blood spurting from his mouth, painting the tiles of the Director's office red.

"My new partners, no, mis primos. You are bringing attention to yourselves, so to ensure you don’t meet an early end due to these silly Shinigami I will take the attention off of you. Consider discussions over for today, no need to worry about my Gigai, I will collect it upon my return to Hueco Mundo, although… You may lose another window. My apologies for that in advance. And now… Time for me to have some fun."

The Seamstress's golden eyes shift between the red liquid dripping from the corner of the intruding fullbringer's mouth, to the growing puddle below him, then to the Arrancar as he begins to make his way towards the window. Raising her free hand, she combs her red locks of hair back with her fingers, exposing her forehead and releases a long sigh of contempt. Having felt secure in her own abode, the woman's guard was down, allowing herself to react violently to the intruder.

"I think it’d be best to keep Kimura alive. At least for now, but. You and I know you’ll do what you need to do anyway. But we are going to need figureheads at some point or another. Be it faux or intentional."


"I had no plan. However, I believe that I can be of service and show that I am more than capable of helping you with whatever you are planning. I am not the peasant you see me as, but a foot soldier willing to do your bidding. If you give me a chance."

So willing to die. Eager one might say. She contemplates for a few seconds after Han'ei's words of advice. He is brought to his knees before her as he speaks, pleading his case. In reality, he is not the only person she deems so unworthy, or rather, lesser than. It was through no fault of their own but her own complexes and irrationality. Everyone was a stepping stone, useful in some way, and if they served no purpose to her desires, they had no use for their life.


A dainty hand inches closer on his face, the threads around her hand shift and reposition themselves around her fingers, reinforcing and elongating the tips of these gloves as long, sharp claws. Piercing golden eyes look down on the injured man as she takes his face in her hand and sin doing so, intertwines the man's string of fate between her fingers. She gazes deeper, further into his life, into his past. His connections, woes, and joys. The loss of his family and the emptiness he is left with. Something entirely unfamiliar to her. The love between parent and a child. There is no hatred from her to her own mother, no resentment. Quite the opposite. She feels gratitude towards the woman, thankful for surviving the attack all those years ago, for going through the pregnancy, even the absent parenting.

Stephania sees the memories of this man's past, his short time with his child and can't help but sneer at a memory of his child being held lovingly by the mother. This memory of his unlocks one of her own, a single instance of being held by her mother. There was no warmth, no motherly love, as she held up an infant Stephania in disgust with the very gloves Stephania wears, unable to bear any sort of skin to skin contact with the child she bore. Once the child equated the gloves with being held by her mother, something any child longs for, her attachment to the fabric manifested, awakening her latent powers and claiming the Seamstress's first victim.

In a similar fashion as she once did her mother, and she often does to the willing victims that come through her company, Stephania rips out the man's string of fate with one hand, while her other pierces the man's abdomen. Like needles into his flesh, there is no blood seeping from his wounds, instead, the man can feel the squirming of the threads inside him as they sew and repair him from the inside, repositioning the dislocated and broken bones, and mending the ruptured organs, leaving only his blood as evidence of his damage. But this does not come without a toll, as her other hand brings up the stolen string of fate and weaves it into her tie, merging it with her very own. This forced transaction shortens the man's natural lifespan, while equally elongating hers. Although not her usual choice in donor, the years added into her life work all the same. It is visible on her skin, as the thin fine lines of her age vanish, as if they were never there in the first place.

Her judgement has taken place, and she is ready to give her verdict.

"You have one year to prove yourself."

She leaves him with the memories than haunt him, they were dead and it serves her absolutely no purpose to alleviate the man's suffering and self-loathing. In fact, she finds it quite amusing. Unlike Tsukune, who's attachments to his loved ones made the man a liability. Stephania had no choice but to remove them from his life. Entertained by the guest, she either fails to notice, or deliberately ignores the elongating shadow behind her. Silent as the very shadows he commands, Hansha emerges from the dark and begins to update her and relay newly formed expansion plans thanks to the growing destruction of the city.

"Our tower, along with neighboring assets have been encased in shadow, no harm shall come to them. Furthermore, provided we put on our humanitarian faces, we can buy up any and all destroyed land from that battle outside. Could build our own campus of sorts, maybe even start our own university, we’ll have to see how much land we can get at the end of the fighting."

"I see. Distribute acquisitions through shell companies. This will keep the provincial and federal governments away."

While her vision to the outside is obscured by the shades protecting the tower, the threads flowing beyond these allow her to sense the altercation on the other side. Stephania can feel the spikes and fluctuations of power happening rapidly as the fight between their new cousin and several shinigami happens in a matter of minutes. The news about Tsukune hardly surprise the woman, as a matter of fact, she welcomes them. He had something most of them didn't. Morals and values. He genuinely cared for those around him, something Stephania and Hansha seem incapable of. This is his best chance of survival.

"Life through darkness, I can fix any injuries we sustain easily. I have Yayoi testing out a new idea I had, a veil of darkness that protects and heals. Good timing too considering this new venture you recently closed. Hard to trust something you can’t pay off with money. Means they don’t have much to lose or just don’t care."

"Perfect. With all the commotion outside, we'll find out sooner rather than later. As for you..."

Stephania finally returns her gaze back on Mikoto, releasing him from her hold. The strings loosen, but the evidence of their hold is evident as the scratches and indents in his skin will remain for days to come. They will serve the man as a reminder of this newly formed "contract".

"You will accompany Han'ei on his excursion, serve as additional protection and back up to him. He may have his own security, but they are still only human."

The woman turns away to once again stare beyond the shadows that protect their home, concluding her business with the Kimura. Her golden eyes shift around all directions, following the multitudes of strings of fate as they sway, appear, lengthen, shorten, and vanish. A single one of these stays consistent, vibrant, and full of life. Never wavering, shortening nor dimming during this life or death exchange. It was clear this battle would change the fate of Naruki forever. The massive destruction of the city and the massacre of humans at the reckless hands of these shinigami, wantonly releasing their attacks, and the indiscriminate might of their newest business partner, who only seeks to retaliate the assault.

Left alone with her trusted confidant, her shoulders tremble. Is this anxiety? Perhaps fear? Has she made a mistake by making a deal with the devil? That is yet to be seen. It isn't until he inches closer that he is able to see the crazed excitement plastered on her face. The city is literally being leveled to their benefit. Any survivors of this onslaught simply believe to be experiencing tremors unlike any other in their history, and as the newest build in the city, their tower is easily explained to have the latest earthquake resistant technology, when the reality of what is happening today is far more terrifying. Not only that, but these same survivors are becoming tainted by the rampant, stifling hollow spiritual energy in the very air they breathe, and in time, they will create progeny that will inherit these residual fragments of spiritual energy, birthing a new generation of fullbringers.


"Do you see it, Hansha? It's perfect. The shinigami have lost so much trying to eliminate a single arrancar. They grossly miscalculated and have destroyed the very city they vowed to protect. I just have to find a way to push them aside and take full control of the operations here."


Staff member


Reflecting on how nice the day has been, the things he witnessed, the things he fought against, the things he killed, it was all splendid. He gained much needed knowledge about the Shinigami and furthermore he wonders how his little experiment went. But before that he takes a moment to vocalize how good of a day it is.

”This has been an enjo-“

Seriousness of Maximiliano

He is kicked in the side, but this time he feels it. He turns his head towards Shizuka, sporting a Hollow mask, his Reiatsu teetering on duality between Shinigami and Hollow. He is not met with laughter or sarcasm he is met by a face overcast by shadow, his blood red eyes glowing from the depths of this shadow. If Shizuka locked eyes with him in this moment then he would feel as if the totality of the universe is gazing down upon him. He finally did it, he has the full undivided attention of the God King.

He is sent flying back by the kick, tumbling through the air and before he makes contact with the oncoming building he stabilizes himself allowing his hand to gently tap the building behind him causing it to instantly shatter and turn to dust. A technique was used here, one that has been used only against those who could bring serious harm to the God-King, Redirección de Hélice (Lit. Helix Redirection). Where Hierro fails his Spirals shall prevail, when struck by an attack the force of the impact is transferred into a spiral that moves along his body until it exits his hands or feet in the form of a concussive blast or in this case being redirected into a building. But the bigger question is, how did Shizuka get this strong so fast? How has he become a Vizard?

The answer to this question rests within the core of Maximiliano himself, more specifically the Cristal Sangriento (血の結晶 [Rom. Chi no kesshō] Lit. "Bloody Crystal"). It is a gem composed of concentrated Hollow energy that has gestated for many years, many years longer than the Shinigami’s Fermenting Pot. This gem can turn Hollows into Arrancar and given its recent boost in strength by way of adding the Blood of the Soul King it can breakdown that barrier between Shinigami and Hollow just enough to create Vizards. Just like its former owner Max keeps it safe inside of him, little by little he unravels its power and today was the first time he used it on something other than a Hollow. It was to test a theory, a theory to see if Shinigami too can evolve and he was correct in this assumption. Now he is face to face with a Hybrid of his own making, a creature that boasts enough strength to gain his full attention.

”How did that monster do it again?”

He thinks to himself, referencing a monster of sorts. Could it be that he views Shizuka as a monster now? Is he curious about how he struck him in such a way? No, not even remotely close, the monster he speaks of is the one known as Kassius, though Max still has not learned his name. He speaks about the monster's muscles, how compact and dense they are, how they can produce explosive force from such a short distance. He hones in on how and uses his spirals to compact the muscles in his legs, condensing them tighter, and tighter. The mass of them rapidly shrinks and before the Hollowfied Shinigami realizes it, he is gone only to have relocated behind him. Back to back with the Vizard Max reflects on how amature the technique is.

”Hmm, I moved too fast for my own good it seems. I wanted to stop in front of you but I ended up missing the mark. That technique needs more work.”

Once again he shows how he learns from those that serve under him, combining the constricting force of his Spirals on his legs with his Sonido granted him access to speeds he ordinarily doesn’t have access to. A trick he picked up from Kassius when their fists first collided. Like a spiral dwindling down into infinity the possibilities of what Max can do seem endless, from his strength to his speed all enhanced and propelled by a single simple shape. A shape that now drifts past Shizuka’s Hollowfied eyes mere moments after Max’s arrival.

Like little galaxies made up of Reiatsu they spin and drift before him, pulling in more and more reiatsu and air at an alarming rate. Max remains idle at his back, he would be the first being that isn’t a Hollow who- No, this statement would be false as it seems only Hollow or those linked to Hollow kind can ever hope to stand this close to the man without dying. Now Shizuka must wonder to himself, should he attack this man at his back or should he get as far away as possible? That sadistic air of playfulness is long gone, replaced only by Tension. The Gates of Infinity are beginning to open and it is up to Shizuka to use his new found power to resist its crushing force.



Second Chances

Unbridled power, new beginnings. The young Lieutenant possesses a newfound strength which rejuvenates his body and spirit. Harnessing this power, he does not lament the loss of his bankai, but charges forth headstrong with a kick to the God King’s side. For a moment, it seems that the 10th Lieutenant has done the impossible, surpassing the power of his allies, and even going above and beyond his own physical limitations. Yes, for just a moment, Shizuka possesses enough strength to actually harm the God King. From the sky, he would watch through the holes in his ivory mask, as the white-skinned God King goes flying through the air right towards a nearby building. Anticipating the impact, there is no doubt pride smirking beneath the lion-jaw of his vizard mask. This pride however, is immediately cut short, as the God King simply stabilizes himself, otherwise unharmed.

“Woooooow you are garbage!”

A voice rings out from the back of Shizuka’s head, echoing throughout the confines of his skull. It is not the calling of his Zanpakuto spirit, nor a memory of his Mentor’s lessons. It is a stranger, and yet someone entirely too familiar to the Shinigami. Regardless, he would have no time to respond, nor even process this strange event, as Max disappears before his very eyes. Replacing the visage of the God King is instead a vision of numerous miniature galaxies spiraling in the air before Shizuka. While the devastating weight of the Arrancar’s Reiatsu pours down from behind him.

“You really are trash. I can’t believe it.”

Inner Workings

Suddenly, Shizuka is no longer in the damaged streets of the human world. The destruction and debris of his district are nowhere to be seen. Like the voice in his head, this new location is both strange yet familiar. He stands in the middle of a desert, in the dead of night. Dry sand below his feet, Shizuka cannot help but feel he has been to this place before, but it doesn’t make any sense. That is, until he notices the dilapidated lighthouse behind him. How many times had he taken shelter in that lighthouse from the storm? Only here…there is no storm. There is no rain, nor waves, and yet undeniably…this is Shizuka’s inner world.

“What did you just say welp?!”


Hirameku-Hitouchi shouts out from Shizuka’s side, visibly irritated to the point that he pays no attention towards his master's arrival into this place. His rebuttal is directed toward a pale skin stranger, who stands shrouded in the darkness of the night. Above, storm clouds flash with electricity, a bolt striking down near the zanpakuto spirit in anger. Yet unlike a normal lightning bolt, it is not gone in a flash, but instead lingers, an arc of energy, a spear of power. His hand reaches out, grasping the bolt of lightning, as it shutters in his grip. Tendrils of electricity flail about, and yet remain bound to the hand of the Zanpakuto spirit, as he welds his power in the form of a weapon before his foe.

“I suppose I’ll have to teach you a lesson in strength.”



Suddenly, the neon blue iridescence of the harnessed lightning corrupts into a new form. Coating itself not in the natural hues of energy, but rather in darkness, as the embodiment of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s power becomes an abyssal black. The once confident expression of the Zanpakuto spirit is shattered as his eyes open wide in shock. Crackling, the black lightning suddenly explodes, launching the Spirit backwards into the lighthouse.

As his body collides against the stone of the only structure in this inner world, Hirameku-Hitouchi humanoid form begins to crack. Coming loose from the structure’s wall, the zanpakuto spirit falls to the floor, not on two feet, but on all fours.

“Shizuka! We must banish this creature at once!”


The beast growls out towards its wielder, forced into its more primitive form. It wastes no time, and immediately goes to leap forward towards its enemy, not shy of aggression. However, the moment it begins its lurch, the wolf-like lightning creature is caught mid air, one of its two tails seized within the ivory hand of the stranger. But when had he moved? After all, the beast was attempting to close the gap between them. It seems then, that the gap in distance was nothing compared to the gap in power, as the stranger instantaneously appeared to catch the Zanpakuto spirit.


Before the beast can fall, the white skinned stranger utilizes the creature’s momentum, spinning as he swings the panther-like beast by the tail. At the height of this velocity, he lets go, sending the zanpakuto spirit flying at near sonic speeds, his trajectory continuing on for miles. Soon, the Spirit becomes a mere blip in the night sky, before disappearing into the darkness such distance away. All is silent and dark for but a moment…

“...Get cooked kid.”

…before the Spirit finally collides against something, his electric arcs exploding in a flashing display of light. They serve to illuminate the black brackish waters of a Tsunami wave, held still, that surrounds this deserts entire radius, easily a hundred miles away. It becomes clear now that the raging ocean Shizuka was accustomed to in this world, as well as the endless torrent of rainfall, were both being held back by the power of this mental invader. Standing in the desert where once waves ravaged, the electric water of the tsunami waves illuminates the entire battlefield now like a strobe light. This display of electric light reveals the appearance of the foe Shizuka now faces, or rather, of the foe that now faces Shizuka.

In appearance, he is a perfect reflection of the Lieutenant in every way but color. A psychotic inversion of all that he is, the creature he sees can be none other than an inner hollow. His expression is twisted, intense, yet full of humor and pleasure. It is clear that this creature is delighted at the chaos of this scenario, and thrilled to see the arrival of his host.

“You actually think you’re nice? That’s tough.”


A bolt of black lightning strikes down from the sky, engulfing the Lieutenant completely. The force of the blast hurdles his body a hundred feet into the air. His system is completely shocked, unable to move or respond, as he is utterly ragdolled. Yet even in this moment he would be deprived of any semblance of peace. Once again, just as he had with the Zanpakuto Spirit, this Inner Hollow instantaneously appears at the pinnacle of Shizuka’s ascension, his leg lifted into the air, catching him at the peak of his arc, moments before he begins to fall downward.

“Like let’s be real here. You’re really not shit at this point.”

Dropping his leg, he collides the bottom of his heel against Shizuka’s face, causing him to spiral downwards at neck-breaking speeds back into the ground a hundred feet below. The Shinigami’s limp body would crater into the sand, while the Hollow remained standing in the air, delighted to smile upon his devilish face.

“Can’t all be GOATED like me, one.”

He snaps his fingers, and a large rumbling could suddenly be heard. In the distance, the tsunami wave held at bay is motionless no more, but instead begins to rush inward towards the center of the inner world from all sides.

“Two, you genuinely suck. Ask Kuro, ask Jinno. You ain’t ever actually saved anyone from anything. Boy you can’t even save yourself right now.”

The massive flood finally collides against itself, with Shizuka’s broken body at the epicenter. The impact crushes the Lieutenant from all sides, possessing enough force to devastate a city, facing no resistance but itself. Ragdolled once more, he is helpless against the strength of the tides which whirl and lash him about, spinning him like debris through the currents of the raging ocean. Even the light house, his sanctuary, is flooded by this tide, and offers no handhold from which he could support himself.

“Why you think Higen left you behind? Why they keep sending you out here? To get your ass beat over and over. Pause.”

Though the inner Hollow has not moved from his position, he is no longer standing in the sky, but instead on the ocean’s surface, the inner world having been flooded with a hundred feet of water. As he poses questions and offers solutions with a smile on his face, he raises his open hand into the air above his head, looking down upon the mangled Shizuka with wicked eyes.

“Not me though.”

Clenching his fist, the inner Hollow summons forth a legion of lightning, which strikes down from the blackened sky and clashes against the ocean waves. The entire ocean, or at this point, the entire inner world, quickly becomes electrified, literally cooking the submerged Shizuka. His flesh becomes fried, his nerves shot, his brain waves rendered useless, as he tedders on the edge of consciousness. This Inner Hollow possesses an unprecedented level of control over Hyouzoku’s inner world, a reflection of the gap in power between himself and his literal inner demon. There is no longer darkness on this dreadful stormy night, as all becomes flashing, blinding, white light, a byproduct of the plethora of electricity that courses through the ocean, sky, and Shizuka himself.

“I’m built different.”

The Difference

Within the World of the Living, the God King Max laments his lack of refinement, having appeared behind Shizuka rather than in front. The outcome of his preordained attack however would not be visible, as Shizuka suddenly lurches forward onto all fours. The jaw of his mask opens up, and the lieutenant begins to hurl a white substance. Vomiting up this bile of bone, his body seems incapable of escaping the substance, as it spreads outward from his mouth and coats him. The bones of his legs snap and twist, developing joints and bends that were not physically possible before. While his spine stretches, extending as it pierces through the flesh of his back, and continues to grow, forming into some sort of tendril, some sort of tail. Sea green fur begins to sprout from his shoulders, as blue markings ink themselves across his chest and back.

From behind, Max sees the Shinigami’s body break and transform, huddled over in pain and agony as his human screams give way to something far more…terrifying.

Then just as quickly, the night returns to silence. The Creature in front of max stands up straight, unbothered. The God King is given only a moment to ponder the former Shinigami’s strange new circumstance, before the creature suddenly appears facing him, a newfound confidence, a newfound strength.




New member



The Hollowfied Shinigami, felt nothing but absolute rage coursing through his veins. Landing a strike on the God-King felt so satisfying to his already blanked out mind. He embraced the flowing of this corrupted lightning around his body, amplifying his physical strikes to a unrealistic degree. Watching as Max’s body was flung away at ridiculous speeds, his body instinctively was going to aggress further for a follow-up. Suddenly though, the Vice-Captain just stopped moving. On the outside, looking at him, it was just as if he was frozen in time. Nothing moving on his person except the tattered remains of his shihakusho blowing in the wind. On the inside, the shinigami was only hearing one thing.

“Woooooow you are garbage!”

Shizuka couldn’t comprehend this voice at all. Through the unparalleled rage that struck his body, he felt like it was warping his thoughts. Creating phrases out of the pure frustration he was feeling. Sadly, none of these were the case, for these thoughts had resonance. It was like somebody was really talking to him through a microphone directly placed in his ear.

“You really are trash. I can’t believe it.”

Shizuka was still blanked out, not even noticing that God-King had recovered already. Using an advanced version of Sonido, to return right to where Shizuka was, but appearing behind him now. The weight of his reiatsu becoming prominent once more as more spirals began emanating from his body. Shizuka’s body would be slightly subjected to this force once again, but sadly it didn’t matter. There wasn’t anybody actively controlling the body of this shinigami. In this small portion of time, the body was simply an empty shell.

What was going on with Shizuka?

Midnight Desert


Shizuka’s eyes awakened once more, but this time he wasn’t in the ravaged city of Naruki City. His shihakusho was fully restored to pristine condition, but now, he was just stranded in the middle of a desert. The night sky filled with thousands of stars, cascading over the entire lands giving it a chilled atmosphere. As Shizuka looked around at the dunes of sands around him, he could only recall of how familiar this place felt. Only to not have an idea of any time he visited in the past.

“This area, this world feels so familiar. Why the hell can’t I remember where it is.”

It was frustrating to the shinigami, but the only thing he could do to progress. Was to trek forward, find out the inner workings of the dimension. That is until he took one more glance behind him, them suddenly, everything made sense. His mind flashes back towards a tower, a tower he had been all too familiar with.


It didn’t make sense though. The entire landscape was different, but he knew what Hirameku-Hitouchi’s tower looked like. Why would this tower now be located in the middle of a desert. What on earth has happened to his Zanpakuto? Was it a result of his Bankai breaking? Why was the door absolutely wide-open when it is normally shut? So many questions ran through the shinigami’s mind. All he could do was progress on forward and enter the sacred sanctuary of his Zanpakuto Spirit.

Upon entering Shizuka was welcomed into the pitch black bottom floor of the tower. Only lit by stoked torches on the wall, Shizuka could see 2 figures. One who he knew all too well.

“What did you just say welp?!”

Shizuka was surprised to see Hirameku-Hitouchi in this state, but the Vice Captain was confused. Who the hell was this person he was talking to, who could have his Zan Spirit this disgruntled?

“I suppose I’ll have to teach you a lesson in strength.”


Obviously whoever this person was that was invading, was going to begin to suffer the consequences of angering the true embodiment of lightning. Hirameku-Hitouchi invoked a destructive lightning spear to land near him, it’s volatility could be felt around the entire room. Shizuka still confused as to what was transpiring watched on.


The visitor seemed unimpressed by this display from Hirameku-Hitouchi in Bankai. It gave Shizuka eery chills just at the shrill in the stranger’s voice, but all of his feelings were going to be justified all too soon. The javelin of lightning his Zanpakuto spirit invoked, was soon becoming corrupted. The lightning that once shined a iridescent blue color, changed once more to a darker variation. Going further and further into the abyss until it was a destructive array of black lightning spreading across the room like an infection. Until it exploded violently


Hirameko-Hitouchi and Shizuka are launched back into the stone confines of the tower. It’s base shaking wildly in awe of the explosion. Shizuka struggling to get back up, looked towards the location of impact slightly. His Zanpakuto Spirit slowly began to morph back into his original form in Shikai. Now resembling his more panther-like form.


“Shizuka! We must banish this creature at once!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice”

Shizuka watched as his angry Zanpakuto spirit charged in after the invader. His efforts thwarted once again, the silhouette grabs the beast by his multiple tails and begins swinging him around like a ragdoll. Increasing his speed, he then launches the beast straight through the tower. Sent all the way into the depths of his own world.

“Get cooked kid”

Shizuka’s fear began to rise, he needed answers now

“Who the hell are you!”

Just as Shizuka exclaimed his question at the stranger. A powerful light struck the entire world, arcs of energy shifting throughout the world illuminated the dark confines of the tower. The now silhouetted figure, had a figure…… and it was the worse thing Shizuka could have ever imagined.


“You actually think you’re nice? That’s tough!”

Shizuka was absolutely speechless at what he was witnessing at the moment. The strange figure that invaded his inner world, was none other than himself. Albeit this being was majorly corrupted. His appearance was the biggest giveaway. His blackened sclera accented by his golden pupils. The inverse colored shihakusho he supported. Along with the pale white skin and hair he sported. It was almost as if he looking at a nightmarish version of himself. His smiles, mannerisms, demeanor, almost every single thing about this creature was twisted. It was the most unsettling thing the Vice-Captain could think of. Sadly his fear was going to have to wait, the stranger didn’t care for abrupt surprises. At a whim a streak of black lightning tore through the hole his Zanpakuto spirit just flew out of. Striking the REAL Shizuka endlessly with a deadly voltaic bolt of energy. The force was unrealistic, so strong that it launched Shizuka a hundred feet in the sky right through the lighthouse. The destructive effects of the lightning attacking every single cell in the Vice Captain’s body. He was completely immobilized from the initial attack, but the torture didn’t stop there. All Shizuka could do was look up into the sky at the peak of his ascent and only saw the heel of sandal as it collided with his face.

“Like let’s be real here. You’re really not shit at this point.”

The heel of seemingly his own body being used against him. Sending the Raiken back into a grave of sand, creating a massive crater on the impact.

“Can’t all be GOATED like me, one.”

Shizuka was now profusely bleeding from his head and nose, he couldn’t withstand the quick onslaught from this demonic version of himself. It seemed like he was the ropes before the fight even started. There was no time to even respond to his ridiculously snarky comments. It was just a continuous ass-beating of vocal and physical assaults.

“Two, you genuinely suck. Ask Kuro, ask Jinno. You ain’t ever actually saved anyone from anything. Boy you can’t even save yourself right now.”

Those words actually struck Shizuka this time. So much so that he ignored the oncoming sound of a held back storm honong in on him. He sat in the crater, still distraught. How does this being know about Kuro? How does he know about Jinnosuke? Shizuka could only surmise this monster version of him was just a manifestation of his own bad thoughts to corrupt him. I mean….. there was truth to these words.


The endless ocean that once took precedent over this realm returned once more. Not at the control of Hirameku-Hitouchi though, or even Shizuka himself. No, this strange visitor now controlled these waves that whirl-pooled around Shizuka. Drowning everything in sight, even the lighthouse that once served as a beacon, a safe house if you must. Shizuka was at the complete mercy of this visitor, and this was no where near the end.

“Why you think Higen left you behind? Why they keep sending you out here? To get your ass beat over and over. Pause.”

Oh…. That’s right I am still in Naruki City…. Is Shoumetsu okay? Is the City safe?

His thoughts began to come back to him shortly, only to be interrupted by the constant remarks of this invader.

“Not meeee though”

At the intruders whim, a flurry of black lightning bolts strike from the sky. The repeated lightning strikes generating a unnaturally loud sound of rolling thunder with each strike. Shizukas body couldn’t even be seen in this spectacle, just nothing but cataclysmic lightning strikes electrifying the ocean in which he laid in. If it weren’t for the sheer volume of water that plagued the inner world, it would’ve all evaporated with those consecutive strike. As the smoke was rising from the assualt, a keen eye would see Shizuka in the epicenter of the blast. Still caressed in the ocean, but charred and fried beyond existence. His entire shihakusho destroyed and disintegrated from beyond existence. This monster was just too much for Shizuka to even attempt to overcome…..

“I’m built different”

Deathly Hallows

”Hmm, I moved too fast for my own good it seems. I wanted to stop in front of you but I ended up missing the mark. That technique needs more work.”

Maximilliano would be confused once again. His adversary was just moving perfectly fine just seconds ago. The Arrancar just wanted to continue on his “walk”, but now he realizes he may have accidentally ruined his last remnant of fun in this realm. Leaving this shinigami in a catatonic state to the point where he couldn’t respond to his banter. But this wasn’t the case…..

Shizuka in his losing battle against his own Inner Hollow, began to subjugate his body in the real world to his own demonic form. The jaws within the lion masked opened up wide as they could possibly be. Shizuka would then keel over in pain, his hollowfied shrill would sting the ears of Maximiliano as his body began to transform even further. Vomiting up this bile of bone, his body seems incapable of escaping the substance, as it spreads outward from his mouth and coats him. The bones of his legs snap and twist, developing joints and bends that were not physically possible before. While his spine stretches, extending as it pierces through the flesh of his back, and continues to grow, forming into some sort of tendril, some sort of tail. Sea green fur begins to sprout from his shoulders, as blue markings ink themselves across his chest and back. At this point, Shizuka Hyouzoku, Lieutenant of Tenth Division no longer existed. All that remained in the area was the God-King of Hueco Mundo and…..


a Vasto Lordes


Maximiliano’s reaction to this new form of the hollowfied shinigami, wouldn’t be known. Sadly he’d would have zero time to adjust, react, or even analyze this phenomenon. As the Vasto stood in front of him with his fingers pointed towards in a finger gun position. Max would witness two iridescent blue Cero’s charge into the tip of the Vasto’s fingers. Each one of them size of Max’s entire torso, overshadowing his sturdy 6”8’ frame. In the mere fraction of a millisecond they were charged, the Vasto would’ve launched both of these Ceros simultaneously at the God King. The sheer amount of power and destruction these Cero’s would have caused would be nothing short of a unmitigated calamity. The spirals around his body would only be able to absorb so much until the rest of the explosion destroys his entire being leaving absolutely nothing in it’s wake. While being completely vaporized, the beam would push forward and spread all the way into Stephania’s tower. On just the slight impact an insurmountable explosion would occur. One of outstanding prominence that would cascade all over the streets of Naruki City, destroying not only Stephania’s building, but every single building in a five hundred meter radius of the impact. Sending Max’s ashes along with all of the other Fullbringers in attendance straight to hell.



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Naruki City and its people have, for centuries been the victims of forces beyond their ability to cope with or contend with, beyond their ability to perceive. Victims of Hollows who look upon the human as mere cattle, livestock to be consumed for both nourishment and strength, and victims to their would be heroes, those charged with protecting them from these monsters. They were victims of the bount who had perverted the human holiday meant to be one of happiness, joy, love and cheer, and again by those damned to hell for their sins, and now...once again city and inhabitants both stand charged as victims to the whim of a Godking. Buildings lay crumbled, still collapsing from the aftermath of the battle no...the confrontation between Shinigami and the sole arrancar couldn't even be labeled as a battle. The decimation of the Soul Reapers, the keepers of balance once more face their powerlessness as they fail to prevent the loss of life for those who are incapable of defending themselves. One Soul Reaper, a Lieutenant to boot has lost his life to the cause, two others face a new battle, not one against the Arrancar they had faced, but against the very throes of death. This battle like the one prior to it, is one not in their favor...yet it is still a battle worth fighting, and so fight they do. Feebly..desperately, Shoumetsu and Izanagi struggle to hold on, to prevent the flickering ember of life from being extinguished, knowing once it is gone it would be impossible to reignite.

The fragile city continues to be abused under the weight of the Godking and the transformed Shizuka, who lashes out like a wild animal, a frenzied beast corrupted by power. While his comrades face a battle for life, Shizuka is faced with a battle for control.

Shoji gates begin to part within the city, the light inside blinding to the eyes. A platoon of shinigami pour out from the other side, appearing as mere silhouettes at first before escaping the brilliance of the light that hides their form. Though in the city, they remain distanced from the actual clash between Arrancar and Vasto, they look around at the rubble of what use to be buildings, skyscrapers, scrap that was once vehicles, limbs scattered forever lost from the bodies they were once attached to, and blood decorating the ground and the city's ruins. It is like gazing upon the apocalypse, a vision of hopelessness.

"W-what happened here? Didn't Lieutenant release his limiter? Didn't Hashidearu say he had released is bankai?! So how could-"

Shizuka's reputation amongst the members of his squad was anything but poor. While Fuyuko was Higen's Lieutenant, Shizuka was his protégé. Having trained under their current Commander, his strength was both proven and vouched for, in fact the now Lieutenant had aided many in honing and developing their own strength and skill. If Shizuka was fighting an enemy at full power with his Bankai activated, and was doing so with other powerful seated officers, it was impossible for them to lose! Yet, why then was Naruki City in such terrible shape and more importantly, why couldn't they sense Shizuka? He couldn't be...dead could he?



Stepping from behind the crowd was a man of tall stature and firm build. The people begin to part making way for the man. His expression stoic, face and body striped with scars, a silent testimony to his experience as not only a shinigami, but one who has stood against many foes that would threaten the living souls of those within Naruki City. He stands at the forefront of those who have gathered.


They shout out in unison, voices reverberating through the ruins of Naruki, or at the very least that portion of the city.



He calls out again, stoking the flames within their hearts that had wavered at the sight of destruction, wavered in their faith in their Lieutenant. They stomp and shout in unison, hands immediately moving to grip the handles of their respective Zanpakuto. The souls of the Living Task Force are united in mind, body, spirit...and purpose.


With their orders given to them they disperse, every man, every woman, every soul spreading out as commanded, setting up a perimeter around the ruined Naruki city. Half of the forces begin prepping their Kidō to set up a barrier, reinforced by their combined spiritual pressures. Another portion of the LTF search the city, while the bodies of the humans, victims in their own right, collateral damage to the clash between the powerful were left still, mangled, ruined beyond recognition, their souls lingered now able to perceive what was once imperceptible to them. As souls they are able to now see the hollows that once hunted them like prey, and though their status as prey has not lifted, they now have hope to evade, hide run for their survival...no matter how futile it seemed.

Behind the Living Task Force a final soul exits, several minutes after their touch down. With reiatsu still fluctuating Tōsu Shuhei emerges in Naruki. He stands next to the man who had inspired the others and stares into the horizon, into the unknown.

"The Lieutenant is still alive. While you may not be the greatest combatant, you have a knack for hiding and evading. Time to do something for someone other than yourself...find him."

He does not spare Tōsu a second glance, marching forward becoming a blur as he steps out into a shunpo. Tōsu simply stares, lips still sealed as he closes his eyes. He inhales...then exhales, inhales...exhales. As he repeats this process his spiritual senses webbing out, stretching further out into the city. He perceives his colleagues, scattered about pressing the hilts of their zanpakuto against the Plus's heads, a bright glow emanating from the point of contact as they are sent to start their lives anew within the Soul Society. Elsewhere he watches as aggrieved Pluses begin their violent transformation into Jibakurei, the aura of the Godking, even at a distance enough to provoke and accelerate their transformation. If things continued as is, they'd eventually morph into Demi-Hollows.


Tōsu cracks a smile, sensing that two of the LTF's proudest were already on the case, confronting the Earth Bound Spirits, the feint rattling of chains catches their ears and draws their attention. They needed to move to console this spirit and pass it on...not just it...but as many of the aggrieved that they could before they crossed the threshold.

He shifts his head to the right, the clashing of reiatsu echoing all the way towards his location. Two powerful hollows clashing against one another? Was it dissent amongst the ranks within Hueco Mundo? One, he could tell was an Arrancar but the sheer magnitude and weight of its reiatsu was enough to cause the Six seat to break into a cold sweat, clenching his teeth with eyes still closed, growing more nauseous as he perceived it. The other...it was Hollow and was barely trailing behind, its reiatsu appearing to continuously rise and spike but-

'Wait...wha-what is that?'

There was something else there, small...barely noticeable. It was fleeting, appearing as little more than a blip then vanishing altogether...only to remerge again. There was a sense of familiarity in this but..this..it didn't make any sense. His eyes clenched shut tighter, he strained his mind, his spirit as he focused. Fingers curled into fists as he attempted to delve further struggling to perceive between the clashing of reiatsu. Blood began trickling down from his right nostril, he was almost there, almost-


Eyes spring open as he utters a single name. This, it couldn't be. Maybe he'd gotten himself somehow...absorbed into this hollow, and was fighting to prevent himself from being consumed. There have been hollows in the past who have held similar abilities, some...amorphous monsters that swallowed anything they passed over or made contact with them. Yea...that had to be it. This hollow, maybe it was a Vasto and somehow got the drop on the boss during his fight, exploited his attention being diverted, his body weakened and was using him as a battery and supplement while trying to battle this Arrancar..hoping to do the same.

This is what reason told Tōsu, even when instincts told him it was something else, gnawing at the back of his mind, at the roots of his thoughts and consciousness. He Lifted his arm, wiping the blood from it, staring at his hand. It was shaking. Was it fear? Pain? Perhaps a little of both. He takes a deep breath, thoughts growing silent for but a moment as his voice begins to fill his mind as if chanting a mantra that only he could hear, reiatsu shifting and reacting accordingly.. He propels himself into the air. Hand gripping the handle of Natagumo.

'Don't worry boss...I'm coming'


He calls out, his voice lost the further out he travels while removing Natagumo from its scabbard. He needed to save Shizuka...whatever the cost. He believes his Lieutenant was being consumed by a hollow and fighting to resist...

he didn't know how right he was, just not the way he had expected.